Windows 8.x-10.x Detail Installation




WARNING 1: On Windows 8.x-10.x, you must install this software as user with administrator privileges. info20
This user name must have only English letters and without spaces.

WARNING 2: Only for the first time of CodeTyphon installation in your Computer, you must install some System Libraries. info20


1. Step : Preparation

a) Install System Libraries. info20



2. Step : Download

Download       to any drive.

zwin39 win8


Extract all content (extract here).

zwin40 win8



3. Step : Install

You must run install.bat "as Administrator"

zwin50 win10



You can must start install.bat in an "Administrator Command Prompt", not in a simple "Command Prompt".

Open an "Administrator Command Prompt" to CodeTyphonIns directory

zwin52 win10



Right mouse click to "Start" desktop icon

(If you have a keyboard on your Windows 8.x-10.x,
you can press Win+X to bring the Win+X )

and choose Command Prompt (Admin).

zwin53 win10

Go to "c:\CodeTyphonIns\”  folder and  Run install.bat
in Administrator Command Prompt type:

   cd c:\codetyphonIns                (go to CodeTyphonIns folder)
   install                                          (execute install.bat)  .


From "Install Script" select option number (0) "Install CodeTyphon Studio"
(2-5 minutes procedure)

zwin41 win8



4. Step : Setup and Build

From "Setup Script" info20 select option (8) "Remove and Build ALL" to Build Freepascal and Typhon IDE from source.
(10-20 minutes procedure)

zwin42 win8

Notes: After installation you can remove "CodeTyphonIns”  folder



5. Use CodeTyphon Center

If you want to use Codetyphon Center you must run it "as Administrator".

zwin58 win10



Set to desktop "CodeTyphon" icon link "Run this program as an administrator" Property

  1. right click to your desktop "CodeTyphon" icon
  2. select "Properties"
  3. select "Compatibility page"
  4. and Checked "Run this program as an administrator"

zwin64 win10


zwin67 win10



Set to the files:

C:\codetyphon\binCenter\i386-win32-win32\CodeTyphon.exe for Windows32 bits
C:\codetyphon\binCenter\x86_64-win64-win32\CodeTyphon.exe for Windows64 bits

"Run this program as an administrator" Property as above.



6. Windows 10 Problems

Rebuild Typhon IDE problem

If you want to rebuild the Typhon IDE and the compiling process ends with an error message saying "Fatal: No memory left"


Set to

"Compatibility Mode" property to
"Windows 7" or "Windows 8"


 zwin80 win10




On all Windows 64Bits CodeTyphon has Multi-Architecture ability,

so you can run both 32bit and 64bit Typhon IDE.