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29-1-2020 8:40:59 Frederik De Kegel: I start to see a recursive thing: If I create a new component based on a (for that package) new object, then adLCL is added a second time. At that point, it crashes.
31-1-2020 3:32:54 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir post to our Forum
31-1-2020 3:34:14 Sternas Stefanos: Oh, this chat has multi line ability :)
shift + enter
4-2-2020 19:28:05 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 7.10 revision 007020
please test and suggest...
18-2-2020 20:11:28 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 7.10 Rev 007030
please test, suggest and
have fun
9-3-2020 5:17:59 Matis A.: We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 7.10 revision 007050
have fun...
17-3-2020 16:37:49 Denis D: Hi dear Dev Team, I have a strange behavior using CT 7.0 Cocoa with OS X Catalina regarding the TListBox sorted function: set as true in IDE or during execution, the listbox items are not sorted ; I tried setting false then true, without success. Any Idea ?
24-3-2020 18:14:24 Matis A.: We release LAB CodeTyphon Ver 7.10 Revision 007060
Update, build, test, report, suggest and always have fun .... :)
5-4-2020 7:42:56 ArtuR: file:///C:/Users/J%C4%99drych%20Artur/OneDrive/Obrazy/BREAK%20WISION%20by%20%20Rzeka.html?first=1&cw=1920&ch=926&q=tapety+na+pulpit
5-4-2020 7:43:08 ArtuR: hiii
6-4-2020 6:44:18 Joao Barbosa: Hello there, I upgraded to 7.0 and now the zeosdbo cannot connect. How do remove the current zeosdbo package and install ver 6,9.
6-4-2020 6:44:24 Joao Barbosa: Thank you
8-4-2020 18:15:33 Sternas Stefanos: Start tests on NetBSD 64 ver 9.0
13-4-2020 15:47:39 Matis A.: We release Final CodeTyphon ver 7.10,
Have Fun
16-4-2020 11:04:38 Matis A.: We release Ultra Web Server Ver 3.2
have fun
4-5-2020 17:44:45 fredvs: Hello Sternas.
4-5-2020 17:45:22 fredvs: How to sent personal message?
4-5-2020 20:08:11 Sternas Stefanos: Send Mail to:
8-5-2020 18:43:50 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 7.20 Revision 007120
please, test, report and suggest...
26-5-2020 17:12:51 Matis A.: We release
LAB CodeTyphon Ver 7.20 Revision 007130
with the latest pascal sources.

Please, update, test, report and suggest.
And always have fun
17-6-2020 19:52:23 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB news]
-ADD pl_InternetTools package to Typhon IDE Components System
-ADD pl_mORMot package to Typhon IDE Components System
18-6-2020 1:37:53 Javier: "CyStaticText" and "CyPanels" have a problem showing text on Mac
19-6-2020 15:54:14 Sternas Stefanos: thanks Sir
19-6-2020 19:23:27 Louis Eksteen: Hi - I found a bug in the KControls latest release files. Where / how must I send information to allow the team to correct it? It looks like a copy/paste error that interferes with the setting of printer pages. If I look at earlier versions (that work as expected), it looks as if a few lines were moved into an incorrect space. It forces the page to always print in portrait. If I load the older files into my project, it works 100%
20-6-2020 9:39:31 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir, post to our forum
20-6-2020 15:57:57 Matis A.: We release LAB CodeTyphon Ver 7.20 Revision 007140
Please, update, test, report and suggest.
And always have fun
11-7-2020 8:21:28 Jeanie: hi Guys..does anybody know how to make the design window to float loosely on the screen so the code window can be next to it in CodeTyphon 7.10 ?
14-7-2020 5:58:48 Matis A.: We release Ultra Web Server Ver 3.3
Have Fun
18-7-2020 18:50:35 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 7.20 revision 007150
Please test, report and always
have fun....
27-7-2020 21:00:47 Matis A.: We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 7.20 Revision 007160 .
Please test, report and have fun...
9-8-2020 2:50:48 Sternas Stefanos: We release UltraWebServer ver 3.4
14-8-2020 1:54:21 cemo: Hello, I am a student studying Pascal language. I'd like to make an Android apk file using a code typhon. Project1 file was created through https://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/93-wiki/ct-tutorials/222-cross-build-for-android.html. But I have no idea what's next. If anyone knows the solution, please help me.:_(
14-8-2020 5:03:40 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir, post to our forum
20-8-2020 20:49:35 Matis A.: We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 7.20 Revision 007180
have fun...
2-9-2020 15:01:25 Sternas Stefanos: We release CodeTyphon Studio Ver 7.20 Final
have fun
9-9-2020 16:23:38 Eduardo Peña Parede: Hellooooo, pleaaaaseeeee someone help meeee
9-9-2020 16:24:21 Eduardo Peña Parede: i live in Mexico and install typhon on macos catalina but a can´t rebuild to windows
12-9-2020 9:10:29 Sternas Stefanos: Sir please, post to our Forum
15-9-2020 18:53:48 Eduardo Peña Parede: hellloooo
15-9-2020 18:54:17 Eduardo Peña Parede: somebody can showme where is te DATASET component for use in database, pleaaaseeee
16-9-2020 6:36:43 Matis A.: Sir please, post to our Forum
20-9-2020 15:50:09 Sternas Stefanos: We release UltraWebServer ver 3.5
have fun
29-9-2020 23:02:27 IVAN GERARDO TORRES : Good day:
I have typhon 64 ver installed. 5.6 in Linux Centos 7 and I have developed an application.
How do I compile it for 32-bit Linux?
6-10-2020 10:43:18 Sternas Stefanos: Sir please, post to our forum
7-10-2020 13:34:21 fredvs: Hello Sternas.
7-10-2020 13:34:58 fredvs: Huh, in you nice grid of component:
7-10-2020 13:35:44 fredvs: I see for uos that it is not Mac OS compatible.
7-10-2020 13:36:22 fredvs: Ha, strange because there are some Mac users that use it.
7-10-2020 13:37:10 fredvs: Do you have problems to make work uos for Mac?
7-10-2020 13:39:29 fredvs: Last thing, I dont have any Mac to test so it is possible that it dont work of new Mac.
7-10-2020 17:34:49 J. M. Dias Costa: Hello.
7-10-2020 17:40:04 J. M. Dias Costa: How can I use a port 12970 instead of the usual 5432 in Database Desktop?
Thanks in advance.
Dias Costa
12-10-2020 4:59:18 Matis A.: Yes Sir
12-10-2020 4:59:47 Matis A.: @fredvs we will test and update
12-10-2020 5:00:21 Matis A.: Post to our forum guys
12-10-2020 17:17:12 J. M. Dias Costa: Than you
12-10-2020 17:17:24 J. M. Dias Costa: Dias Costa
28-10-2020 20:49:30 saulo: 171/5000
Hello, I implemented a visual improvement on the embedformeditor, I would like to post it for analysis, if you think it is feasible, put it in the project! Where can I send the screen shot?
29-10-2020 15:43:18 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir post to our forum
10-11-2020 19:54:53 Sternas Stefanos: We finally release LAB CodeTyphon Studio ver 7.3 Revision 007250
Please test, report
and have fun...
13-11-2020 8:29:17 Matis A.: We release UltraWebServer ver 3.6
Have fun...
22-11-2020 17:38:30 Matis A.: We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 7.3 Revision 007260
have fun
13-12-2020 14:46:25 Mauricio Abreu: Hi Guys,
CT acept save file name with . ? eInterface.Model.People ?
20-12-2020 12:21:22 Peter: Hello there !Error: Compilation raised exception internally
20-12-2020 12:22:18 Peter: i get this error Error: Compile package adFCL 7.2.1: Exit code 1, Errors: 1
dbf_prsdef.pas(11,71) Error: Compilation raised exception internally
20-12-2020 12:22:26 Peter: Out of the blue it appeared ..
20-12-2020 12:22:49 Peter: Anyone has an idea what causes that ?
20-12-2020 12:23:22 Peter: Version 7.2
23-12-2020 16:44:04 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CodeTyphon 7.30 Revision 007270
Please test and report
27-12-2020 11:21:28 Mr Game Bear encrypt: what create helo word aplication android sample 1
12-1-2021 17:56:56 Matis A.: Working on CodeTyphon 7.30 Final release...
13-1-2021 5:09:19 Matis A.: We release Final CodeTyphon Version 7.30
have fun...
5-2-2021 15:01:27 Chad Adams: hi
9-2-2021 9:37:01 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CT Ver 7.40 Revision 007310
have fun..
26-2-2021 7:29:54 Jesse Soronen: Awesome release thank you PilotLogic team!
2-3-2021 10:59:56 Matis A.: Thanks Sir, have fun
9-3-2021 9:55:51 Vital: My zone - Moscow (+3), but function GetLocalTimeOffset return 0/ Why?
10-3-2021 17:34:35 vossart: How Can I download Chipmunk package ?
12-3-2021 10:10:02 Matis A.: We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio ver 7.40, Revision 007340
please, test, report ,suggest,
and Have fun...
17-3-2021 15:41:50 Ozz Nixon: @Matis Is possible to ask for a feature? I author two different pascal compilers, Modern Pascal (cross platform) and Turbo Pascal 32bit Clone (still produces 16bit binaries - to stay backward compatible with 7.01). I would like to have a drop down in the Settings -> Options -> Environment (so FPC settings are stored, MPC settings are stored separately, and TPC32 settings are stored separately). TPC32.EXE is 99% same as TPC.EXE, I did not implement $D and $L, everything else is there... along with support for \\ comment, \* comment *\ and supports quotation strings too "this" = 'this'; It is a 32bit app so it supports long filenames and paths, along with loading larger segments of source in RAM during compilation, still adhering to 64kb RAM. (I can supply licensed binaries if that will help in any way). (?)
20-3-2021 23:04:02 Kode Zwerg: hello
20-3-2021 23:04:26 Kode Zwerg: can some one help me please?
20-3-2021 23:04:39 Kode Zwerg: i like to switch IDE language
20-3-2021 23:04:46 Kode Zwerg: and dont know how
20-3-2021 23:05:05 Kode Zwerg: i do use windows
20-3-2021 23:05:19 Kode Zwerg: install.bat never asked for a language
20-3-2021 23:05:36 Kode Zwerg: english is what i want to have
20-3-2021 23:05:57 Kode Zwerg: (installed codetyphon latest release)
22-3-2021 12:26:03 Matis A.: Please post to our forum
22-3-2021 16:20:43 Kode Zwerg: sorry, i am kinda lost here somehow
22-3-2021 16:21:16 Kode Zwerg: i will apply to forum as you said
22-3-2021 19:25:03 Matis A.: ..
22-3-2021 19:25:16 Matis A.: OK
22-3-2021 20:18:39 Kode Zwerg: hello
22-3-2021 20:29:09 Matis A.: hello
22-3-2021 20:29:30 Matis A.: how I can help you?
22-3-2021 20:30:20 Kode Zwerg: i do search for a switch
22-3-2021 20:30:52 Kode Zwerg: to be able that pchar can be automatic both
22-3-2021 20:30:59 Kode Zwerg: pansichar or pwidechar
22-3-2021 20:31:11 Kode Zwerg: depend on used method
22-3-2021 20:31:20 Kode Zwerg: is that understandable?
22-3-2021 20:32:00 Matis A.: ?
22-3-2021 20:33:05 Kode Zwerg: like i do "var x: pchar" and method header is "procedure test(value: pansichar):"
22-3-2021 20:33:27 Kode Zwerg: i get error that pwidechar is not pansichar
22-3-2021 20:33:56 Matis A.: Yes this is correct, pwidechar is not pansichar for CT
22-3-2021 20:34:20 Kode Zwerg: does a switch exist where CT automatic choose what match?
22-3-2021 20:35:30 Kode Zwerg: i try convert my delphi sources to CT and this is my #1 error
22-3-2021 20:36:07 Matis A.: Try with {$MODE DELPHI} to your project file, CT default is {$mode objfpc}{$H+}
22-3-2021 20:36:46 Kode Zwerg: will do like you suggest
22-3-2021 20:36:54 Kode Zwerg: thank you for advice!
22-3-2021 20:37:17 Matis A.: CT FreePascal has many Pascal dialects {$mode objfpc},{$MODE DELPHI} etc
22-3-2021 20:38:55 Kode Zwerg: error: mode switch not allowed here
22-3-2021 20:39:31 Matis A.: You can find these Pascal "dialects" or "Syntax modes" in Project Options => Parsing =>"Syntax mode"
22-3-2021 20:39:41 Kode Zwerg: i put under my other {$mode delphiunicode}
22-3-2021 20:39:55 Kode Zwerg: ahh okay will read
22-3-2021 20:39:57 Kode Zwerg: thanks
22-3-2021 20:40:11 Matis A.: OK
22-3-2021 20:40:48 Matis A.: post to our forum, chat is only for quick support
22-3-2021 20:41:01 Kode Zwerg: ok i leave
22-3-2021 20:41:21 Matis A.: I can put code samples or file or photo to our chat :_(
22-3-2021 20:41:50 Kode Zwerg: you mean "cant" :P
22-3-2021 20:42:10 Matis A.: Sorry Yes
22-3-2021 20:42:42 Kode Zwerg: wishing you best, stay healthy, goodbye
22-3-2021 20:43:37 Matis A.: I wish the Same and for you good night.
22-3-2021 20:44:55 Kode Zwerg: (ha! found out i can just use one {$mode}, reading help hehe)
26-3-2021 17:23:00 Matis A.: We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio Version 7.40 Revision 007350
please, test and report.
26-3-2021 19:44:06 ?????: 007340 = opening project did not open files. is that normal behavior?
26-3-2021 19:44:21 ?????: (on windows 10 pro)
26-3-2021 19:45:10 ?????: (currently updating to new version)
26-3-2021 19:46:29 ?????: alBottom Alignment somehow bugged aswell when creating dynamic formulars
26-3-2021 19:46:52 ?????: it become unpredictable
26-3-2021 19:47:46 ?????: (dynamic formulars = formulars that are generated by code at runtime, not premade with designer)
26-3-2021 19:48:35 ?????: when install.bat is done, i will re-test and if needed i can upload demo project
26-3-2021 19:48:59 ?????: i just need to know whrere to upload
26-3-2021 19:49:12 ?????: thank you sir for reading
27-3-2021 10:45:58 Sternas Stefanos: Please post to our forum
14-4-2021 18:23:42 Matis A.: We finish update LAB PCs to FreeBSD 13.0
16-4-2021 10:24:46 Matis A.: Preparing new LAB release... ETA 1-2 Days if all are OK
16-4-2021 19:20:12 Matis A.: We release LAB CT Ver 7.40 Revision 007370
Please test, report,
and always Have Fun
22-4-2021 18:15:58 Matis A.: Ubuntu 21.04 in our LAB for tests...
23-4-2021 15:08:57 Matis A.: We release Ultra Web Server (UWS) version 3.8
Please test and report
27-4-2021 17:56:49 Matis A.: Fedora 34 in our LAB for tests...
28-4-2021 15:26:40 Inferno: Hi all, When do you plan to implement support for macOS Big Sur and ARM64 architecture?
28-4-2021 15:59:01 Matis A.: We don't have the hardware Sir
you can "donate" for this task
28-4-2021 17:26:35 Inferno: Apple hardware is not cheap... I mean CT running on Intel/Big Sur with target compilation for ARM64. So you should not need M1 hardware hardware to do that :)
28-4-2021 19:02:17 Matis A.: This is cross- build and it's possible
But I was write for Arm64 MacOS as Host OS.
Anyway, we think here, that Apple's big step to ARM64 it's a big "Titanic". :)
29-4-2021 2:01:35 walter leonardo iñi: hola
29-4-2021 2:02:04 walter leonardo iñi: la descarga de codetyphon esta muy lenta y no termina de descargar.
29-4-2021 2:02:54 walter leonardo iñi: the download of codetyphon is very slow and does not finish downloading.
29-4-2021 7:36:18 Matis A.: Please try again
29-4-2021 18:46:38 Inferno: Hi Matis! I woudn't be so sure about this Titanic. I think they know what they do. How about CT comaptblity with Big Sur? Will v7.4 work (on Intel of course)?
30-4-2021 2:42:25 Matis A.: Yes Sir, CT full support Big Sur
4-5-2021 0:40:39 walter leonardo iñi: The installation of cdetyphom is very slow.
4-5-2021 7:10:40 Matis A.: We ADD/Update Support for OpenBSD ver 6.9
4-5-2021 18:26:06 Matis A.: We ADD/Update Support for OpenIndiana 2021.04
7-5-2021 9:37:43 Sternas Stefanos: We Release CodeTyphon Studio Version 7.40 FINAL
Have fun...
10-5-2021 8:28:43 Javor: How to fix "Fatal: (10022) Can't find unit system used by fcllaz" while trying to build IDE?
10-5-2021 8:29:59 Javor: OS: Windows 10
CT Version: 7.40
new installation
21-5-2021 23:07:43 Javier: Hi, it looks like Tchart is not longer available in 7.40 versión
21-5-2021 23:09:34 Javier: Ir looks TChar is not longer available in versión 7.40, am I right?
22-5-2021 7:23:19 Sternas Stefanos: No Sir, please post to our forum for help
23-5-2021 12:56:01 Marco Pinero: I was using PascalScada very much. It's a shame to get it out. I'll continue using older CT versions.
23-5-2021 17:01:10 Sternas Stefanos: Sir
we make our decision, after big brain-storming here in our LAB.
The last LAB “picture” of PascalScada pkg it was so bad.
We call it “No Proper Development Quality” in our LAB.
Why don't you send an email to PascalScada developer to support and CT?
6-6-2021 5:40:58 Sternas Stefanos: We release CodeTyphon Studio LAB ver 7.50 Revision 007440
Please test, report, suggest
and always have fun
6-6-2021 16:40:20 Sternas Stefanos: We release Ultra Web Server (UWS) version 3.9
Please test and report
11-6-2021 14:42:27 Inferno: Hi all! After installing v7.4 each time I modify anyting in GUI (add/remove any componnet on form) I get Access Violation error. Any idea?
12-6-2021 9:54:20 Inferno: OK I found the cause and it is not related to CT version.
17-6-2021 7:00:13 Matis A.: We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio ver 7.50 Revision 007450
Please, test, report and suggest.
1-7-2021 18:06:57 Sternas Stefanos: We release CodeTyphon 7.50 Final
Have fun....
19-7-2021 9:11:27 Bogdan Tsimbalyuk: Hi! You can link to the old version of codetyphon 5.80. We urgently need to work. You are welcome.
19-7-2021 20:02:03 Sternas Stefanos: Sorry Sir, we don't have so old CT versions in our Servers.
9-8-2021 6:47:42 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CT ver 7.6 Revision 7520
Have fun
16-8-2021 10:06:02 Sternas Stefanos: Debian 11 in our LAB for Tests....
22-8-2021 6:51:33 Sternas Stefanos: Manjaro Linux 21.1.0 in our LAB for Tests....
3-9-2021 13:01:45 Konstantinos Papadou: Happy Birthday Sternas!!!
7-9-2021 16:27:10 Sternas Stefanos: Thanks Kostas
7-9-2021 17:19:41 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CodeTyphon Ver 7.60 Revision 007540
have fun...
17-9-2021 17:15:58 Sternas Stefanos: We release Ultra Web Server (UWS) version 4.0
Please test and report
26-9-2021 16:47:58 Vladimir Bazović: I have updated from 7.3 to 7.5 and there is no PascalScada and I read that it was thrown out because of non compatible coding with CT? What can be done? What to ask PascalScada author to change? Or if there is tool to convert lpk to ctpkg?
27-9-2021 9:27:45 Matis A.: Simple ask to PascalScada author to support and CodeTyphon.
27-9-2021 9:48:38 Vladimir Bazović: Ok I asked him, and I will post (if any) answer.
27-9-2021 14:37:08 Matis A.: OK
28-9-2021 15:12:16 Matis A.: We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 7.60 revision 007550
Have Fun
5-10-2021 10:19:20 Sternas Stefanos: @Vladimir we will try to fix and add pl_PascalScada pkg to the next CodeTyphon LAB Release for test...
15-10-2021 18:05:33 Sternas Stefanos: OpenBSD 7.0 in our LAB for test...
15-10-2021 18:05:59 Sternas Stefanos: Ubuntu 21.10 in our LAB for test...
30-10-2021 1:44:28 Sternas Stefanos: MacOS ver 12 Monterey in our LAB for test....
2-11-2021 3:15:47 Sternas Stefanos: We release Final CodeTyphon Studio ver 7.60
Have fun
2-11-2021 18:01:12 Sternas Stefanos: Fedora 35 in our LAB for tests...
3-11-2021 5:50:11 Seagate BP: Dear Sir...
3-11-2021 20:08:17 Sternas Stefanos: Yes
4-11-2021 11:27:02 Premysl Beran: Hi, does CT7.6 support macOS 10.xx (Catalina) or this version was dropped since CT7.5? Thanks for info.
4-11-2021 15:46:35 Sternas Stefanos: No Sir
19-11-2021 0:43:49 Horst Noecker: Hello!
19-11-2021 1:03:41 Horst Noecker: Why do you need Superuser rights for installing Codetyphon at Linux?
20-11-2021 4:43:55 Sternas Stefanos: Because, CT is a Native, multi user Programming Studio
20-11-2021 4:44:07 Sternas Stefanos: On Linux
28-11-2021 15:27:47 Sternas Stefanos: We release Ultra Web Server (UWS) version 4.1
Please test and report
3-12-2021 18:57:39 Javier: Hi, just reporting for CT 7.70 on Windows 10, Spreadsheet does not support xlsx files, xls it's ok

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