It's a fork of Asphyre Sphinx for CodeTyphon Studio.

Asphyre Sphinx is a cross-platform framework for developing 2D/3D video games and interactive business applications. It aids the developer with resource management, displaying real-time graphics and text, handle keyboard, mouse and joystick input, and multiplayer capabilities.

The applications powered by Asphyre Sphinx on Windows platform can use many providers including DirectX 7, DirectX 9, DirectX 10 and DirectX 11  for displaying real-time graphics.
In addition, all platforms including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris can take advantage of OpenGL provider.


2D Features

  • Image transformation including rotation, skew, mirroring and so on.
  • Multiple blending effects including add, subtract, multiply, shadow among others.
  • Buffered drawing calls deliver extremely high rendering performance in real-time.
  • Many different drawing primitives such as rectangles, ellipses, arcs, ribbons and holes.
  • Multiple image pixel formats to maximize quality and minimize video memory consumption.
  • Images can be loaded from compressed Asphyre archives, external files and streams.
  • Patterns (small sub-images) can be distributed among different textures to reduce memory footprint.
  • Dynamic textures allow fast pixel access for effects such as plasma and destructible terrain.
  • Rendering targets allow dazzling visual effects such as motion blur, glows and other effects.
  • Proper handling of lost focus, surviving Alt+Tab, Win+L, screen resolution change, laptop undocking and other rare events.
  • Bitmap text drawing with Unicode support, color gradient tags and alignment options.
  • Multiple display support showing full-screen graphics on all monitors.
  • Shader effects for blazing visuals that are easy to use and optimized for performance.
  • Support of different image formats including PNG, TGA, JPEG, BMP and so on.
  • Native GUI support with WYSIWYG GUI designer to display fully featured interfaces with forms, buttons, edit boxes, lists and so on.

3D Features

  • Easy to use 3D mesh drawing even for inexperienced developers.
  • Mesh instancing for improved performance when many small meshes are drawn.
  • Illumination models including Phong, Blinn-Phong, Minneart, Cook-Torrance, Oren-Nayer, Isotropic and Anisotropic Ward.
  • Optimized 3D pipeline with hidden surface removal and triangle sorting.
  • Transparent support for different providers across multiple platforms.
  • Billboard rendering for particle effects, explosions and smoke.
  • Load meshes from 3D Studio Max using the conversion tool, which can read 3DS and ASE formats.
  • Mesh generation code for 3D planes, spheres, round boxes, torus, torus knots and super ellipsoids.

Other Features

  • Cross-platform Networking and Multiplayer support using UDP protocol that works transparently.
  • Capture the state of all keyboard keys, read multiple joysticks and mouse displacement (Windows only, other platforms are under development).
  • Store all images, sounds and other files using ZIP-like compression in a single Asphyre archive for easier deployment. In fact, you can even store this file inside application's executable to distribute only one single file!
  • Set password for Asphyre archive to encrypt the contents using XTEA 128-bit cipher to protect your copyrighted artwork and confidential content.
  • Complete set of mathematical types and functions with operator overloading for 2D and 3D vectors and matrices.
  • High-precision timer for independent graphics rendering and object movement.



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