Quick Installation Procedure

ct install quick


Download => Unzip => Install => Build ALL


1) Download from our web site (or from any mirror server).

2) Install CodeTyphon

     a) On MS Windows: unzip to any directory/drive and run install.bat (as administrator)


         - open an administrator terminal      

              cd CodeTyphonIns     


     b) On Linux-FreeBSD-Solaris-OpenIndiana-MacOS: unzip to your /home directory and run
(as "normal" user with "sudo" root privileges)


         - open a terminal as "normal" user with "sudo" root privileges

              cd CodeTyphonIns     
              sh ./                   


3) From "Install Script" select option number (0) "Install CodeTyphon Studio" .

4) From "Setup Script" select option number (0) "Install System Libraries" , only the first time of CT installation.

5) From "Setup Script" select option number (8) "Remove and Build  ALL"  to Build ALL from source .

6) Run Typhon IDE and start programming...


WARNING: For MS Windows, you must install this software as user with administrator privileges .
WARNING: For Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and MacOS this installation requires sudo root privileges.