LAMW First Android Project



1. Create New Android Project

LAMW use "Workspace" projects folder practice,

so before a new LAMW android project, create a "root" directory for your Android projects.

In this tutorial the name of "root" folder is "zzzAndroid".

Start "New" from Typhon V-IDE.



 Select LAMW [GUI] Android Module.



To "New Project" LAMW dialog, give the "Workspace" projects folder, for this tutorial "zzzAndroid",

and all other Project settings.

WARNING: Give the same "Architecture/Instructions" with your Android Studio Device Emulators.

Press "OK" button to start Android Project Construction...



Save and Reload this new web project.

Start Visual Android Project Programming ...

WARNING: Use Components only from Android Components Palettes.



2. CodeOcean Android Samples

CodeOcean has about 195 LAMW Android samples for study.