LAMW Setup Typhon V-IDE





1. Install LAMW packages

Open Typhon64 V-IDE


Go to Package => "Install/Uninstall Packages"


1) Add the last 2 packages from Available List

  • pw_AndroidWizard
  • pw_AndroidWizard_IDE

2) Press "Rebuild IDE" button,
to rebuild TyphonIDE with 2 LAMW packages.



2. Setup LAMW

After Typhon V-IDE rebuild, with the 2 above packages installed,

Go to Tools => [LAMW] Android Module Wizard => "Path Settings[jdk, Sdk, Ndk, ...]"



 Show to the "Paths/Settings dialog" the locations of:

  • Java JDK
  • Apache Ant bin
  • Gradle
  • Android NDK
  • Android SDK



Pess "OK" button to save LAMW settings to

Typhon User settings directory: