It's a CodeTyphon Port of QRCodeGenLib4Pascal.
QRCodeGenLib4Pascal is a native pascal Port of Fast-QR-Code-generator written by Nayuki.
It provides an easy to use interface for generating QR Codes.



Core features:

  • Supports encoding all 40 versions (sizes) and all 4 error correction levels, as per the QR Code Model 2 standard
  • Output formats: Raw modules/pixels of the QR symbol, SVG XML string/file, ImageObject(bmp, jpg and png).
  • Encodes numeric and special-alphanumeric text in less space than general text
  • Ability to change the backgound and foreground colors of the generated QRCode.
  • Open source code under the permissive MIT License

Manual parameters:

  • User can specify minimum and maximum version numbers allowed, then library will automatically choose smallest version in the range that fits the data
  • User can specify mask pattern manually, otherwise library will automatically evaluate all 8 masks and select the optimal one
  • User can specify absolute error correction level, or allow the library to boost it if it doesn't increase the version number
  • User can create a list of data segments manually and add ECI segments



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