it's a collection of cryptographic components for CodeTyphon Studio.

The idea behind pl_DCP is that it should be possible to "drop in" any algorithm implementation to replace another with minimum or no code changes. To aid in this goal all cryptographic components are descended from one of several base classes, TDCP_cipher for encryption algorithms and TDCP_hash for message digest algorithms.


Ciphers Algorithms

Name Block Size Max Key Size*
Blowfish 64 bits 448 bits
Cast-128 64 bits 128 bits
Cast-256 128 bits 256 bits
DES 64 bits** 64 bits
3DES 64 bits 192 bits
Ice 64 bits 64 bits
Thin Ice 64 bits 64 bits
Ice 2 64 bits 128 bits
IDEA 64 bits 128 bits
MARS 128 bits 1248 bits
Misty1 64 bits 128 bits
RC2 64 bits 1024 bits
RC4 N/A 2048 bits
RC5 64 bits 2048 bits
RC6 128 bits 2048 bits
Rijndael (AES) 128 bits 256 bits
Serpent 128 bits 256 bits
TEA 64 bits 128 bits
Twofish 128 bits 256 bits

 *  although the quoted maximum key size may extremely large it doen't mean that the algorithm is secure to the same level.
** a 64bit key is used for DES then every 8th bit is discarded (parity) so the effective size is 56 bits.  


Hash Algorithms

Name Digest Size
Haval 128, 160, 192, 224, 256 bits*
MD4 128 bits
MD5 128 bits
RipeMD-128 128 bits
RipeMD-160 160 bits
SHA-1 160 bits
SHA-256 256 bits
SHA-384 384 bits
SHA-512 512 bits
Tiger 192 bits


 * The different digest sizes of Haval can be accessed by uncommenting the $defines at the start of DCPhaval.pas.  


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