Desktops Backup/Restore



Typhon IDE has the ability to export and restore working Desktops


1. Desktop(s) Backup


Open Desktop Manager


Or if you use default Typhon IDE icons


 Select "Export all" or "Export selected"

Give a name to the xml file and save.
Saved xml files has "All" or "selected" desktop(s) now.




2. Desktop(s) Restore

You can restore Desktop(s) from a valid desktop xml file to any
Typhon IDE host CPU-OS-Platform configuration.
For sample
from Windows 64 to Linux 32 QT5,
from Solaris 64 GTK2 to FreeBSD 64 QT4


Open Desktop Manager, hit "Import" button and give a valid desktop xml file

Desktop Manager will ask you to import or not
for every desktop exists in desktop xml back file.

Hit "Close" to start using the new default loaded desktop(s)