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ACS I/O components - need example 12 years 1 month ago #1942

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Hello everyone!

At first I should mention, that Delphi7 works great with these components and Delphi examples are somewhat useless here.

Let me explain.
In Delphi I could place some Input and Output components, bind them and run the very last one to hear or just convert some sound file. There're several types of Input components each corresponding to some filetype (wave_in, ogg_in, mp3_in, etc.) as well as several types of Otput components (as it would be expected: wave_out, ogg_out, mp3_out, etc.). Also there're ACSAudioOut component which allow one to play other components' data.

So, basicaly in Delphi I want to have ACSOggInput and ACSAudioOut, set ACSAudioOut.Input to ACSAudioOut, set ACSOggInput.Filename to some *.ogg file, and execute the following code: ACSAudioOut.Run.

That's in Delphi...

Now for Lazarus:
- there's NO such thing as separate components for filetypes, so I'm using ACSFileIn component;
- I set ACSFileIn as Input for ACSAudioOut and did like I've done in Delphi: ACSAudioOut.Run.

But here is where I'm struck: the ACSFileIn asked for ogg.dll. Okay, found that one and placed to project's folder. But it still couldn't load the ogg.dll, crying for msvcr70.dll... Okay, got that too along with VC++ redist. But I still could not load my sound file.

Basicaly I need this:
Any way to play ogg file with ability to pause, stop and loop. I took ACS cause get used to it in Delphi, but if anyone could suggest another way as simple as ACS provides - please, post here :blush:

Oh, I'm too can't get new components installed in CT 2.6, so please, suggest preinstaled ones ;)

Well, I'm managed to open an mp3 file, but sound is all choppy and crappy and with pauses and slowed down... It sounds as if my file was converted form CD into mp3 using windows media player in win XP.
And ogg still complains about dll - now it's looking for vorbisfile.dll :pinch:
Anyway, I'd prefer using ogg rather then mp3. Any suggestions?

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ACS I/O components - need example 11 years 2 months ago #3537

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I'm also trying to get the ACS lib to work but I get about the same results as yours.
Main problem is I'm also missing all the convert MPEG/OGG/FLAC/WAVE in/out components. I tried to recompile BigIDE but they are still absent.

Also, if I place a TACSFileIn component and connect it to a TALSAAudioOut component and do ALSAAudioOut1.Run I get an Access Violation ( RunError(216) ).

Has anyone been able to have these components working ?

I'm on Ubuntu 12.10/amd64 (Maybe these components do not work on 64bit architecture ? If so, are there any replacements ?)

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