Cross Elements Engine


gnu fpc element engine 


FPC Cross Elements Engine, can build freepascal cross elements info20 from
FreePascal sources.


Procedure diagram

1. GNU cross-build Toolchains Engine.    
2. GNU cross-build Toolchain.
3. GNU cross-build Toolchains Library.
4. FPC cross-build Elements Engine
5. FPC cross-build Element.

A. Enabled/Disabled switch for Toolchains Engine.
B. Enabled/Disabled switch for FPC Elements Engine.

CodeTyphon use 5 main steps to build FreePascal cross elements.

Step1 : GNU cross-build Toolchains Engine try to build Toolchain for specific CPU-OS.
Step2 : If  all OK, Toolchains Engine copy the new Toolchain to Toolchains Library.
Step3 : FPC Elements Engine try to use Toolchain for specific CPU-OS from Toolchains Library.
Step4 : FPC Elements Engine try to build FreePascal cross-build Element for specific CPU-OS.
Step5 : If all OK, FreePascal and Typhon IDE are ready to build for specific CPU-OS.

By default CodeTyphon Studio use steps 3-4-5 (green arrows), the Toolchains Engine is disabled.

NOTE: You can  enable/disable  Toolchains Engine and FPC Elements Engine by CTCenter-Settings dialog.