Solaris - Detail Installation


solaris      install-home

WARNING: On Solaris this installation request a user with sudo root privileges. info20
User name must have only English letters and without spaces.



1. Step : Preparation

a) Give to installation user sudo root privileges. info20


2. Step : Download

Download       to your /home directory



Extract contents


3. Step : Install

Go to CodeTyphonIns directory and execute the "" (as "normal" user with "sudo" root privileges)

To execute from terminal script

   cd CodeTyphonIns                (go to CodeTyphonIns folder)  
   sh ./                        (execute  


4. Step : Setup and Build


Only for the first time of CodeTyphon installation in your Computer,
From "Setup Script" Select option (0) "Install System Libraries", to install some System Libraries

(2-5 minutes procedure)

From "Setup Script" info20 select option (8) "Remove and Build ALL" to Build Freepascal and Typhon IDE from source.
(10-20 minutes procedure)


5. Step : Use CT

Run Typhon IDE or CodeTyphon Center

Notes: After installation you can remove "CodeTyphonIns”  folder