1. What is CodeTyphon Platform

Platform (widget toolkit, widget library, or GUI toolkit) is a set of widgets for use in designing applications with graphical user interfaces (GUIs).
The platform itself is a piece of software which is usually built on the top of an operating system, windowing system, or window manager and provides programs with an application programming interface (API), allowing them to make use of widgets.
Each platform facilitates a specific user-computer interaction, and appears as a visible part of the computer's GUI.


2. Supported Target-Platforms

CodeTyphon Studio (*) support many Target-Platforms.
You can build native applications for these platforms :


  Name Desktops
platform windows 20 Win32/64
Win10, Win11, WINE
platform gtk2 20 GTK2
Gnome2, LXDE
Gnome3, Cinnamon, Budgie, MATE, Xfce
GTK4 Gnome4
platform qt4 20 QT4   KDE4
platform qt5 20 QT5
KDE5, Ubuntu Unity, LXQt
Carbon MacOS
platform cocoa 20 Cocoa MacOS
platform customdraw 20 CustomDraw Windows, X11, Android
platform fpgui 20 fpGUI Windows, X11
  WinCE Windows Mobile 6.5.x
  NoGUI Anywhere




3. Typhon IDE Host-Platforms

You can build Typhon V-IDE (*) for these Host-Platforms :


  Platform Windows Linux FreeBSD NetBSD DragonFly OpenBSD Solaris OpenIndiana MacOS
platform windows 20 Win32/64 ok-16                
platform gtk2 20 GTK2   ok-16 ok-16 ok-16 ok-16 ok-16 ok-16 ok-16 ok 16(64bits)
platform qt4 20 QT4   ok-16              
platform qt5 20 QT5   ok-16 ok-16          
platform cocoa 20 Cocoa                 ok 16(64bits)


 (*) Ref to CodeTyphon 8.00