is the port of Pascal Script library to CodeTyphon Studio.

Pascal Script is a scripting engine that allows you to use most of the Object Pascal language within your CodeTyphon Studio projects at runtime. Written completely in Pascal, it is composed of a set of units that can be compiled into your executable, eliminating the need to distribute any external files.
Pascal Script started out as a need for a good working script, when there were none available at the time.


  • Variables, Constants
  • Standard language constructs:
    • Begin/End
    • If/Then/Else
    • For/To/Downto/Do
    • Case x Of
    • Repeat/Until
    • While
    • Uses
    • Exit
    • Continue
    • Break
  • Functions inside the script
  • Calling any external DLL function (no special function headers required)
  • Calling registered external methods
  • All common types like Byte, Shortint, Char, Word, SmallInt, Cardinal, Longint, Integer, String, Real, Double, Single, Extended, Boolean, Array, Record, Enumerations, Variants
  • Allows the importing and use of classes, with events, properties, methods and constructors
  • Allows the importing and use of interfaces and their members
  • Allows IDispatch dynamic method invocation through Variant
  • Assignment of script functions to Delphi events
  • Uses byte code as an intermediate format and allows the storing and reloading of compiled scripts
  • Easy to use component version
  • Support for include files
  • Support for compiler defines
  • Includes a tool to create headers for importing classes and interfaces


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You can explore Units, Functions, Procedures, Classes, etc in our
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