Free Spider is an object oriented web development package for CodeTyphon Studio.


  • You can build web applications and deploy it in Linux, and Windows, and Mac.
  • You will get the benefits of Pascal rich OOP features and database components to connect to FireBird, MySql, or PostgreSQL.
  • Your web application will be cross-platform.
  • It is easy to deploy CodeTyphon CGI web application executable or Apache Module library which are native to all platforms and need no additional libraries in deployment.
  • You will get a secure binary executable file/Library that you deploy in the server, and no one in server side could corrupt your code.
  • Built-in Automatic multipart/form-data decoder for uploading/downloading files
  • Smart Module Loading design enables you to split the design of your web applicaiton into many logical parts, This will facilitate team work, make your application readable and easy for maintinace.


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