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Question FPReport Bugs - CT6.9

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3 weeks 4 days ago #13843 by Jose Ceravolo
FPReport Bugs - CT6.9 was created by Jose Ceravolo
After a couple of weeks of banging my head against the wall, I was able to get my first report running with the help of Sternas Stefanos.

But, even though I got it to work, there's too many things broken.
A lot of the options do not work.
1. Memo VisibleExpr: I think this should have an expression that would have to return true to show the memo. It does not work.
2. Variables List: It displays an error every time you use it, if you click the wrong button, everything closes and you loose any unsaved changes.
3. Fonts: This is a big issue, I was able to make the report find the Windows Fonts, but even thought it find the fonts, it can't display them accurately. I am using just Arial for now, but even if I select Bold or Underline, it does not work, but it does not raise any errors.
4. The report designer seems to be a draft. It does not work properly, most times you can't drag things without causing it to crash.
5. FPJSONReport does not work to design the report, you have to use FPReport, design the report, save it as JSON and use the FPJSONReport to render it.
6. The report designer says FPReport Designer Demo on the title.

These are just a few of the issues I found while creating the first simple report.
I hope this helps the developers.



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