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Create apk FPC JVM project 6 years 10 months ago #10717

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Open /usr/local/pandroid/example/Demo*

Check this:

1 Tools
2 Pandroid
3 Send apk

Set value =1

If you have a tablet connected with a USB cable. apk start automatically

if you want to compile apk.

1 Run
2 Build

The basic idea JVM project is in Pascal uses all the visual Java class.
like calling functions and procedures in pascals.

This way no restrictions, use everything you can do java and more.

lib can do in arm Pascal.

And this call with pandroid.

Also you can use
through pandroida PASCALL script.

The basic problem

It is that Java provides much more visual functions, and the phone, camera, etc.

So classic programming than you started with form and graphic Component will know slow and with very limited options.
Here is pandroid stronger.
There are no limits. and you can do your own lib and drivers.
In principle works on Android pascal everything does not contain graphics.

In pandroid shows the way how to use all the capabilities of Android.

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