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Implements a panel used to maintain and manage tool bars and tool buttons on a form.


Source position: extctrls.pp line 1508

type TCustomControlBar = class(TCustomPanel)



  cBandBorderH = SmallInt; = 4


Space reserved for the horizontal border in a control bar.

  cBandBorderV = SmallInt; = 2


Space reserved for the vertical border in a control bar

  cGrabWidth = SmallInt; = 3


Space reserved as the width of the grabber in a control bar.


  cFullGrabber: SmallInt;


Space needed for the width of the grabber including the control bar and its border.

  FBands: TCtrlBands;


Member with the list of TCtrlBand instances for the control bar.

  FBandMove: TBandMove;


Member with the band move status flag for the control bar.

  FCursorLock: Boolean;


Member with the cursor lock flag set when ChangeCursor is called.

  FDefCursor: TCursor;


Member with the default cursor shape for the control bar.

  FHoveredBand: TCtrlBand;


Member with the band under the mouse cursor during a drag operation.

  FInitDrag: TPoint;


Member with the initial coordinates for the band being dragged on the control bar.

  FInnerBevelWidth: SmallInt;


Member with the width for inner bevels following a CM_BORDERCHANGED control message.

  FLockResize: Boolean;


Member with a flag set to prevent resizing while the row size is updated for the control bar.

  FPrevWidth: Integer;


Member with the Width for the control bar after its Handle is created.

  FVisiBands: array of TCtrlBand;


Member with the visible bands for the control bar.

  FVisiBandsEx: array of TCtrlBand;


Member with the visible bands on the control bar excluding a band being dragged.

  procedure AlignControlToBand();


Aligns the control for the specified band and updates its coordinates for use in subsequent resize operations.

  procedure AlignControlsToBands;


Aligns visible control bands in the container.

  function CalcBandHeight();


Calculates the vertical space needed for a band the control bar.

  function CalcBandHeightSnapped();


Calculates the vertical space needed for a band on the control bar when RowSnap is enabled.

  function CalcInnerBevelWidth;


Calculates the cumulative width for all borders and bevels used on the control bar.

  function CalcLowestBandBottomPx;


Gets the largest value in the Bottom property for visible bands on the control bar.

  procedure CalculatePreferredSize(); override;


Calculates the preferred height and width used during auto-sizing.

  procedure ChangeCursor();


Changes the cursor to the specified shape.

  procedure CheckBandsSizeAndVisibility;


Updates the size and visibility for TCtrlBand instances defined in the control bar.

  procedure CMBiDiModeChanged(); message;


Handles the CM_BIDIMODECHANGED message.

  procedure CMBorderChanged(); message;


Handles the CM_BORDERCHANGED message.

  procedure CreateWnd; override;


Ensures the default values taken from Cursor and Width are assigned when the window handle is created.

  procedure DoBandMove(); virtual;


Signals the OnBandMove event handler for the specified control and drawing rectangle.

  procedure DoBandPaint(); virtual;


Signals the OnBandPaint event handler using the specified arguments.

  function DragControl(); virtual;


Signals an assigned OnBandDrag event handler and starts a drag operation.

  procedure DragOver(); override;


Called when an object is dragged over this control; Determines whether a drop is acceptable, using the OnDragOver handler.

  procedure GetControlInfo(); virtual;


Signals the OnBandInfo event handler to store control information to the arguments for the method.

  class constructor InitializeClass;


Class constructor which initializes class constants.

  procedure InitializeBand();


Configures a band and calculates its row position, order, and geometry including client decorations.

  procedure InitializeMove();


Prepares visible bands on the control bar for a drag and drop operation.

  procedure Loaded; override;


Performs actions needed when component loading has been completed.

  function IsBandOverlap();


Determines if the display rectangles for two bands overlap.

  procedure MouseDown(); override;


Handles a mouse down message in the control.

  procedure MouseMove(); override;


Handles a mouse move message including dragging a control band.

  procedure MouseUp(); override;


Handles a mouse up message that ends a drag operation for a control band.

  procedure MoveBand();


Performs actions needed when a band is moved to new position.

  procedure NormalizeRows;


Orders visible bands in the control, and removes empty rows.

  procedure Paint; override;


Draws the control with its image, decorations, and visible bands.

  procedure PictureChanged();


Redraws the control bar when the internal update counter reaches 0.

  procedure Resize; override;


Signals the OnResize event handler (when assigned) and re-aligns bands and their controls.

  procedure SetCursor(); override;


Sets the Cursor to the specified TCursor shape.

  procedure ShiftBands();


Shifts the position for the specified range of bands by the specified amount and limit.

  procedure SortVisibleBands;


Calculates the number of visible bands (and controls) and optionally sorts bands to reflect their coordinates.

  procedure WMSize(); message;


Handles the LM_SIZE message.


  FUpdateCount: SmallInt;


Member with the update counter for the control bar.

  constructor Create(); override;


Constructor for the class instance.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destructor for the class instance.

  procedure BeginUpdate;


Increments the internal counter used to track the number of active update requests.

  procedure EndUpdate;


Decrements the internal counter used to track update requests, and calls Invalidate when the counter is zero (0)

  procedure FlipChildren(); override;


Flips the horizontal display order for child controls.

  function HitTest();


Gets the visible control for a band under the specified coordinates.

  procedure InsertControl(); override;


Creates and stores a new band for the specified control.

  function MouseToBandPos();


Gets the control band at the specified mouse coordinates.

  procedure RemoveControl(); override;


Removes the band with the specified control.

  procedure StickControls; virtual;


Aligns controls to both their bands and the control bar.

  property AutoDock: Boolean; [rw]


Not used in the current LCL implementation.

  property AutoDrag: Boolean; [rw]


Indicates if the control allows a band to be dragged even when DragManager is not used.

  property AutoSize: Boolean;


Indicates if bands are automatically sized and positioned on the control bar.

  property DockSite: Boolean;


Allows drag-docking of controls onto this control.

  property DrawingStyle: TBandDrawingStyle; [rw]


Fill style used for bands on the control bar.

  property GradientDirection: TGradientDirection; [rw]


Controls the direction for a gradient drawn on the control bar.

  property GradientStartColor: TGraphicsColor; [rw]


Specifies the initial color used in a gradient drawn on the control bar.

  property GradientEndColor: TGraphicsColor; [rw]


Specifies the ending color used in a gradient drawn on the control bar.

  property Picture: TPicture; [rw]


Optional image drawn before the visible bands for the control bar.

  property RowSize: TRowSize; [rw]


Height used for a band or a row of bands displayed on the control bar.

  property RowSnap: Boolean; [rw]


Indicates if a band or row of bands snaps to the height for the control bar.

  property OnBandDrag: TBandDragEvent; [rw]


Event handler signalled when a drag operation is about to begin for a band on the control bar.

  property OnBandInfo: TBandInfoEvent; [rw]


Event handler signalled to get the insets rectangles, preferred size, and row count for the control bar.

  property OnBandMove: TBandMoveEvent; [rw]


Event handler signalled when a control band is moved on the control bar.

  property OnBandPaint: TBandPaintEvent; [rw]


Event handler signalled to render a visible band on the specified control with the specified paint options.

  property OnCanResize: TCanResizeEvent; [rw]


Not used in the current implementation of TCustomControlBar / TControlBar.

  property OnPaint: TNotifyEvent; [rw]


Event handler signalled to perform default drawing in the inherited Paint method.





Implements a panel used to maintain and manage tool bars and tool buttons on a form.




The base class for a general container which can hold other objects. It has a customizable border and a central text.




The base class for windowed controls which paint themselves.




Implements a windowed control which can contain other child controls.




The base class for visible controls.







TCustomControlBar is a TCustomPanel descendant used to maintain and manage tool bars and tool buttons added to the container.

Internally, it uses a TCtrlBands member to represent the TToolBar, TToolButton, or TCoolBar classes added to the container. Use InsertControl and RemoveControl to maintain items in the container at run-time, or use the design-time support provided in the Typhon Form Designer.

See also



The base class for a general container which can hold other objects. It has a customizable border and a central text.



Container used to store TCtrlBand instances.



Implements an application tool bar with buttons or other visual controls.



Implements a Rebar-like control with resizable bands.



TToolButton is a button control used in a TToolBar object.

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