MacOS - Give "sudo" root privileges


On MacOS X, CodeTyphon setup request sudo root privileges

What is sudo ?

Users in the sudoers list are allowed the privileges to run commands and open files as the root user.

How to add a user to the sudoers list:
Open the file “sudoers” located at /etc/sudoers using your favorite text editor.
You must have root permissions to be able to edit this file so you will want to open your editor from the command line.

 If you want to use nano you can simply enter the following into the Terminal:

sudo nano /etc/sudoers    


Once you have the sudoers file open, add as last line:


Ctrl+x to exit from nano and choose save (y/Y).
The new user has now been added to the “sudoers” file and can use the “sudo” command passwordless.



Note: You can add as last line end
user   ALL = (ALL)  ALL
sudo will request your password in every “sudo” command.
In this case you must NOT use  "Run Embedded"  icon5  in CTC CommandBox page.