Windows - Administrator Privileges


On Windows XP, Vista and Win7
CodeTyphon "Installation" and "building" procedure must start from windows user with Administrator Privileges

For windows Vista and Win7


For Windows XP



Limited Admin Privileges user

WARNING: this procedure may not work in all cases.


Windows users with "Limited Admin Privileges" can follow procedure:
To "build" CodeTyphon with CodeTyphon Center you must give "Administrator Privileges" to CodeTyphon Center.


  1. right click to your desktop "CodeTyphon" icon
  2. select "Properties"
  3. select "Compatibility page"
  4. and Checked "Run this program as an administrator"


make the same with desktop "CodeTyphon" icon link files

C:\codetyphon\binCenter\CodeTyphon_win32.exe for Windows32 bits
C:\codetyphon\binCenter\CodeTyphon_win64.exe for Windows64 bits

Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista