Install/Unistall packages


With this dialog you can install or uninstall packages to Typhon IDE



Remove  or add packages to "Install list" (left)  from "Available for installation list" (right)

Add selected package(s) to Typhon IDE

Remove selected package(s) from Typhon IDE

Import components list from file (*.xml)

Export selected components list to File (*.xml)

Install "Minimum Big IDE" packages, only 4 extra packages


 Install "Medium Big IDE"  packages, about 63 extra packages.


 Install "Maximum Big IDE",  it's the same packages list as "Setup" BigIDE build 



Hit "Save and rebuild IDE" to rebuild Typhon IDE with the new packages list.
Hit "Save and exit" to save the changes without rebuild IDE and exit from dialog.
hit "Cancel" to close dialog and cancel the changes you make.


Ref to LAB Codetyphon 7.4 or later