Unit 'EditBtn' Package
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Reference for unit 'EditBtn'

Implements specialized edit controls with attached speed buttons.





















Contains types, constants, classes, and routines used to implement visual controls.



Implements Forms which are the basis for the LCL Graphical User Interface.





Standard controls used in the Typhon Component Library (adLCL).











Implements a pop-up form with a TCalendar control for TDateEdit.







Contains forms, types, and routines used to display a pop-up for TTimeEdit.



Contains classes and types used in TCalculatorForm.




editbtn.pas contains specialized edit controls with an attached speed button used to perform an action when it is clicked. The following components are added to the Typhon IDE Component Palette:

Misc tab

editbtn.pas is part of the LCL (Typhon Component Library).

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