Is a Geographic Information System (GIS) visual library.
Displays a Globe of the Earth which can be rotated, panned and zoomed in realtime.
The globe contains map data in the form of Point, Lines and Polygons.
GaiaGIS organises map data into Layers. These layers can be nested together to build up a hierachy of related layers.
GaiaGIS can switch between the 3D spherical view of the earth and Cartesian, Mercator or user defined projections.


  • The Graticule displays grid lines on the globe.
  • The Projection is used to convert between lat, long data and screen coordinates.
  • The Renderer is the final stage in the screen output.
  • The Presenter controls how the object is displayed, e.g. colors, patterns icons etc.
  • The Label Renderer is used to display the text lables associated with the map objects.
  • Can plot points to a resolution of 3000th of a second of Arc, or approximately half inch in the real world.
  • Image files can be georeferenced to the surface of the globe.
  • The following Industry standard data interchange formats are supported: MapInfo .MIF, ESRI .SHP and ArcInfo .E00 plus GaiaGIS formats.