Quick Installation Procedure


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ct install quick


Download => Unzip => Install => Build ALL


1) Download from our web site (or from any mirror server).

2) Install CodeTyphon

     a) On MS Windows: unzip to any directory/drive and run install.bat (as administrator)

         - open a terminal       

              cd CodeTyphonIns     

     b) On Linux-FreeBSD-Solaris-OpenIndiana-MacOS: unzip to your /home directory and run
(as "normal" user with "sudo" root privileges)

         - open a terminal

              cd CodeTyphonIns     
              sh ./                   


3) From "Install Script" select option number (0) "Install CodeTyphon Studio" .

4) From "Setup Script" select option number (0) "Install System Libraries" (Only the first time of CT installation).

5) From "Setup Script" select option number (8) "Remove and Build  ALL"  to Build ALL from source .

6) Run Typhon IDE and start programming...


WARNING: For MS Windows, you must install this software as user with administrator privileges .
WARNING: For Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and MacOS this installation requires sudo root privileges.