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9-17 17:41:55 Matis A. OK
9-16 6:45:17 Mont Blanc next week i send you
9-14 7:03:50 Sternas Stefanos we don't have personal emails...:_(
9-14 7:02:52 Sternas Stefanos Yes to
Our lab has Security level 5 (Mil-5000)
9-14 6:41:58 Mont Blanc I have permission to send you photos
9-14 6:41:25 Mont Blanc you have a personal mail
9-14 6:35:35 Sternas Stefanos Yes Yes
9-14 6:35:21 Sternas Stefanos I think It's a good choice
9-14 6:35:16 Mont Blanc you want some photos of the product?
9-14 6:34:46 Mont Blanc all production management is done with lazarus on raspberry, where I work
9-14 6:34:43 Sternas Stefanos Real programming
9-14 6:34:30 Sternas Stefanos Programming need years...
9-14 6:34:04 Sternas Stefanos We have the same problem with new programmers here
9-14 6:33:29 Mont Blanc It does a lot, but new users find it difficult to understand philosophy
9-14 6:33:28 Sternas Stefanos We know that
Many companies use CT, but we have limited feedback :S
9-14 6:32:46 Mont Blanc I believe that codetyphon with caution is an extremely powerful product
9-14 6:31:29 Sternas Stefanos Thanks
9-14 6:31:07 Sternas Stefanos For sample, pl_SynapseVS is limited to Linux
we must write new code
9-14 6:31:01 Mont Blanc I use for my company codetyphon and lazarus for a long time
9-14 6:29:19 Sternas Stefanos we can't test all in our lab
9-14 6:28:56 Sternas Stefanos We need a lot of help with some comp
9-14 6:27:36 Sternas Stefanos Yes Sir
9-14 6:27:11 Mont Blanc good morning Stefanos,
how can i help you with codetyphon?
9-14 6:05:49 Sternas Stefanos Good morning Sir
9-13 10:27:17 Mont Blanc ei Stefanos good morning
9-13 2:00:27 Sternas Stefanos We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio Ver 6.30 Revision 006220
Please test, report and have fun
9-10 9:23:11 Sternas Stefanos ETA 1-2 Days
9-10 9:23:01 Sternas Stefanos [LAB NEWS] Preparing LAB CodeTyphon 6.30 revision 006220
8-18 18:32:37 Sternas Stefanos OK have fun..
8-18 17:04:38 ct_user sir,
utf8 problem solved.
have entered a hint into forum.

TStringStream was the root cause for it.
They should have changed the create-procedure.
While adding , tEncoding.UTF8 within the create procedure everythings fine again !!!!

Thanks (!)
8-18 16:01:59 Sternas Stefanos Guys, this is live from PilotLogic LAB...
8-18 16:00:57 Sternas Stefanos @ct_user please post to our forum for laz2_dom
8-18 15:59:37 Sternas Stefanos @ct_user we don't released yet
8-18 15:58:58 Sternas Stefanos No Sir
8-18 15:33:56 Eurivan Marques Cand Is there a version that supports Windows Embedded Compact 7? Thank you
8-18 15:11:14 ct_user by the way

6.30 is not loadable/instalable from CTCenter->UpdateManager.
Shows 6.20 as LAB development c´version
8-18 15:10:08 ct_user Hello sirs,
thanks for CT !!!!!

i have a problem by using laz2_dom and utf8 decoding.
Source if UTF8 enconded.
ShowMessage show the repsonse fine.
The grabbing is not the problem.
But when everything is loaded into xmldoc and get access to domnode.value
the result is not utf8-conform.

In 6.10 all fine.
In 6.20 ? comes for all chr > 255.

Any suggestion ?
8-18 5:40:57 Sternas Stefanos [LAB NEWS] ADD Support for TrueOS (FreeBSD clone)
8-15 18:46:53 Sternas Stefanos [LAB NEWS] ADD Support for OpenIndiana Hipster 2017.04
8-15 18:46:35 Sternas Stefanos [LAB NEWS] ADD Support for Solus Linux Ver 3 with Budgie Desktop
8-12 9:00:26 Sternas Stefanos We release CodeTyphon Studio Final 6.20
have fun....
8-11 9:14:05 Sternas Stefanos Preparing CodeTyphon version 6.20 Final
ETA 1-2 days if ALL ARE OK
8-11 9:12:08 Sternas Stefanos No Sir
8-10 15:24:12 Eurivan Marques Cand Does CodeTyphon 6.15 support Windows Embedded Compact 7? Thank you.
7-31 18:01:07 Sternas Stefanos LLDB ver 5.0 in our LAB for tests...
7-25 7:56:02 Sternas Stefanos Working on Vulkan API (pl_Vulcan pkg) .....
7-24 4:29:42 Edgar Rodríguez A Wish List point... It'd be very useful when you select text in the editor to know how many characters you've selected, both in decimal and in hexadecimal formats.;)
7-19 11:10:25 Carl Caulkett Hello, I've been running Lazarus for a few months and have just upgraded to v1.8.0 RC3. Can I install CodeTyphon alongside Lazarus, and is there any interaction between them? In other words, if I install CoeTyphon, is there any risk of my Lazarus setup being altered in any way? This is on the Apple Mac 10.12.5 Sierra, by the way. Thanks, Carl.
7-17 5:38:30 Sternas Stefanos Mageia-6 in our LAB for tests..
7-16 8:21:04 Sternas Stefanos GCC 7.1 in our LAB for tests
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