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21-9-2016 5:43:28 Joao Barbosa: Where can i download this version from
21-9-2016 5:45:07 Joao Barbosa: i mean version 5.9 beta
21-9-2016 6:16:26 Joao Barbosa: got it i am using ct center to update
21-9-2016 6:20:54 Sternas Stefanos: What CT ver has the problem ?
21-9-2016 6:21:38 Joao Barbosa: ver 5.81
21-9-2016 6:22:47 Sternas Stefanos: Just use CTCenter to test Lab Ver 5.90
21-9-2016 6:23:21 Sternas Stefanos: select LAB Development Version (Experimental)
21-9-2016 6:23:46 Joao Barbosa: I am now busy with update to lab development version, i went from ver 5.2 i had a small app woring for raspberry pi,
21-9-2016 6:24:58 Sternas Stefanos: Ok
21-9-2016 6:26:34 Joao Barbosa: if any problems, i will notify
21-9-2016 6:31:11 Sternas Stefanos: Ok bye..
21-9-2016 6:33:27 Joao Barbosa: ok thank yoo
21-9-2016 10:59:33 Joao Barbosa: Hello Sternas upgraded to 5.9 but still get,2) Error: Asm: Opcode fmrrd not in table errror
21-9-2016 11:01:11 Joao Barbosa: it comes from
21-9-2016 11:04:25 Joao Barbosa: in new version if i open the mainform, i can see the .pas file but when i try to view the form in the ide it crashes typhon
21-9-2016 13:06:42 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir post to our forum for more...
21-9-2016 15:12:36 Void: Sternas Stefanos please check pm or fcb, thanks
21-9-2016 15:21:25 Sternas Stefanos: Ok
21-9-2016 15:22:36 Sternas Stefanos: Here is the best place Sr
21-9-2016 15:24:31 Sternas Stefanos: Sir @Void here is the best place...
21-9-2016 15:24:36 Void: ok , is there any possibility to join OS development team ?
21-9-2016 15:25:06 Void: I cannot provide much help, but will try do my best :)
21-9-2016 15:25:10 Sternas Stefanos: What is OS development team?
21-9-2016 15:26:06 Sternas Stefanos: Our OS team ?
21-9-2016 15:26:36 Void: here mentioned
21-9-2016 15:27:06 Sternas Stefanos: Oh give 1 min to write..
21-9-2016 15:27:47 Sternas Stefanos: 1) We start an OS Exploration with Pascal
21-9-2016 15:28:18 Sternas Stefanos: 2) We test Linux core with pascal Libraries and Desktop
21-9-2016 15:28:48 Sternas Stefanos: 3) We stop this sub project now but
21-9-2016 15:29:08 Sternas Stefanos: 4) we start the same idea with FreeBSD
21-9-2016 15:29:43 Sternas Stefanos: Linux has problem with Open-Source "patents"
21-9-2016 15:30:19 Void: ok can we talk somewhere private ? i would like to join if it is possible
21-9-2016 15:31:12 Sternas Stefanos: You can send a PM
21-9-2016 15:31:46 Sternas Stefanos: or email to
21-9-2016 15:34:04 Sternas Stefanos: A "Debian Mod" with "Pascal Desktop" (with pl_ORCA2D library) exist here in our lab
22-9-2016 5:55:21 Guest_9110: Hi, i have some problem to use a program made with code typhon on macOS Sierra, program run great on El capitan
26-9-2016 6:06:33 Guest_5576: Hi!
26-9-2016 6:06:49 Guest_5576: can i use codetyphon to compile on odroid c2?
27-9-2016 15:48:50 Guest_5529: Hola que tal como estas Guest_5529 te tengo una pregunta donde puedo conseguir informacion para el diseño de ticket de venta con odeTyphon
27-9-2016 15:50:05 Guest_5529: Oh si tienes un manual para utilizAR FORTES REPORT CodeTyphon
27-9-2016 15:52:14 Guest_5529: Que tal amigo posibilidad de un manual para Fortes Report quiero hacer Tickest pero no logro entender como darle el tamaño adecuado
28-9-2016 4:19:26 Amghar: Hi everyone! I'm new in here
28-9-2016 4:20:32 Amghar: Is there some projects so I can learn using this codetyphon
28-9-2016 4:21:05 Amghar: because I want to leave delphi and use codetyphon instead
28-9-2016 6:24:59 Sternas Stefanos: Sir CodeTyphon has the CodeOean with 1300+ sample projects...
3-10-2016 2:28:02 Amghar: Thank you Sir ... I'll check it out
4-10-2016 3:47:39 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We release LAB CT 5.9.0 Revision 005840
More info here
11-10-2016 13:31:11 Amghar: I created an Sqlite database using 'DB browser for SQLite' and I protected it ... How to connect to it in CodeTyphon?
17-10-2016 0:53:02 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir, post to our forums
19-10-2016 15:10:29 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] FreeBSD 11.0 on our lab for tests ....
20-10-2016 10:59:08 Fredy Caballero: Hi Sternas, Great tutorials of CT on Parrot and Ubuntu. I also suggest other distribution in which CT looks great: Elementary :) When you get a chance you could try. :)
20-10-2016 11:02:25 Fredy Caballero: I forgot it the official page
20-10-2016 11:02:43 Fredy Caballero: Regards
20-10-2016 11:23:08 Sternas Stefanos: Thanks Sir, we will try
21-10-2016 5:30:58 Guest_6886: Hi there I am truly impressed with what you have achieved
21-10-2016 12:05:11 Sternas Stefanos: Thanks Sir
25-10-2016 17:42:43 flamer0n: How many team members are there in supporting CodeTyphon?
26-10-2016 2:30:22 Guest_6725: FASFDAFDSA
26-10-2016 2:30:30 Guest_6725: JPÑA
26-10-2016 12:52:22 Fernando Vazquez: Sir have a great day. My Name is Fernando, live in Argentina, after a lot of search, I was unable to find a solution. My Host its an Win 7 64 bits. The target machine its an ARM7L with Ubuntu, I compiled a simple application, only a button, an NOTHING AT ALL happends, this I saw:
26-10-2016 12:52:32 Fernando Vazquez: uname -l
26-10-2016 12:52:38 Fernando Vazquez: armv7l
26-10-2016 12:52:48 Fernando Vazquez: file ./project1
26-10-2016 12:53:36 Fernando Vazquez: ELF 32-bits LSB executable, ARM version 1 (SYSV), dynamicaly linked
26-10-2016 12:53:54 Fernando Vazquez: could you please give me some ligth of what I'm doing wrong?
26-10-2016 12:54:10 Fernando Vazquez: Thanks a lot, any help will be apreciates
28-10-2016 18:42:36 lqdesa: Hola Fernando Vazquez yo también soy de Argentina, :)
30-10-2016 10:47:49 Guest_2866: Is there C++ version CT, I mean can I use C++ programming language?
30-10-2016 16:24:26 Sternas Stefanos: No yet Sir,
We have plans for Cyclon IDE C/C++, but we want to Fix/finish Typhon IDE
31-10-2016 15:01:09 Guest_1138: Is there in the future an bidirektional UML editor next to the one way existing one
31-10-2016 16:12:35 Sternas Stefanos: Sir, please more info
31-10-2016 16:51:16 Guest_1138: i mean. now when you have something diagramm editor generate diagram, but will it be possible in futre to change something in diagramm and it get reflected in code
31-10-2016 17:00:09 Sternas Stefanos: We don't have plans for that Sir, but we can add your suggestion to our "future request list"
31-10-2016 17:03:26 Guest_1138: ok thanks :)
31-10-2016 17:24:41 Sternas Stefanos: Sir this guy "Jon Lennart Aasenden" has a BIG problem.... ;)
31-10-2016 17:27:30 Guest_7682: what the problem is?
31-10-2016 17:37:27 Sternas Stefanos: We send all "papers" to his country justice , we know everything for this TROLL guy
We will have serious fun with this troll... :D
31-10-2016 17:39:16 Sternas Stefanos: Oh, we have NOT "lock" his page for this reason...
1-11-2016 13:19:31 Sternas Stefanos: It's a tragic... :D
1-11-2016 23:17:21 Sternas Stefanos: {LAB NEWS] We release Lab CodeTyphon ver 5.90 revision 005850
This version has a lot of new things and many fixes/improvements
More here
7-11-2016 15:07:44 Piotr S: Hello Sternas ... are you here?
7-11-2016 16:10:03 Sternas Stefanos: Yes Sir
10-11-2016 8:31:20 Sternas Stefanos: [ANN] A small Web Server Problem, but ALL OK now
11-11-2016 3:56:01 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] Preparing THE ULTIMATE CodeTyphon Lab Test...
11-11-2016 18:08:13 wilkin Ramirez: saludo a todos.. alguien sabe como integrar el componente fastreport en codetyphon, tengo el lpk pero no se como hacerlo
16-11-2016 6:29:52 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] Preparing CT 5.90 Final... ETA 1-2 Days
16-11-2016 11:15:21 Sternas Stefanos: We release CodeTyphon ver 5.90 Final at 16-Nov-2016,
Please, test, report and suggest ...
1-12-2016 2:57:32 Sternas Stefanos: [INFO] Solve a Small Forum Problem...
1-12-2016 2:59:08 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] Working on CodeTyphon LAB ver 6.00 (GENERATION 6)
5-12-2016 20:01:05 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We release LAB CT 6.00 Revision 005910
Please, test report or suggest
9-12-2016 18:58:44 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We prepare CodeTyphon test on a "Extreme" Programming Workstation PC
- 2xZEON CPUs 36 Cores
- 64Gbytes ECC RAM
- GTX1070 with 8GB
- 950 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD
- 4K Monitor (40" 3,840x2,160 pixels)
10-12-2016 8:19:00 Sternas Stefanos: We successfully activated The account for Benedikt Magnus
19-12-2016 18:36:18 Benedikt Magnus: Thank you very much for activating my account!
27-12-2016 9:24:48 Sternas Stefanos: We successfully activated the account for Marcin Wytrzyszczewski
28-12-2016 16:33:02 Sternas Stefanos: new Password : 12345
2-1-2017 15:29:29 Sternas Stefanos: We have some problems on registration in our site
Please, send us an email to to solve any problem
11-1-2017 6:48:14 Sternas Stefanos: Preparing Lab CodeTyphon Ver 6.00 revision 5930 for release...
11-1-2017 10:48:29 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CT 6.00 Revision 005930
Please, test, report or suggest and Have Fun
17-1-2017 6:44:50 satyendra: Thank you very much for activating my userid

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