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15-8-21 9:55:03 Guest_8847: solo les digo, es mejor compilador RAD para multiplataforma que conosco hasta la fecha.
15-8-21 9:55:28 Guest_8847: Continuen por favor aportando a este maravilloso proyecto.
15-8-21 9:57:10 Guest_8847: y que VIVA las Naciones Libres, VIVA el Legado del Comandante CHAVEZ.
15-8-21 9:58:54 Guest_8847: Se les quiere, tu esfuerzo, diariamente puede cambiar el mundo para mejor, Gracias.
15-8-21 20:58:53 Guest_8407: hola
15-8-21 21:01:11 Guest_9895: hi
15-8-21 21:01:27 Guest_7461: problem install CodeTyphon
15-8-21 21:07:43 Guest_1856: please help
15-8-24 19:52:32 jose lopez: ayuda in my thread «link»
15-8-25 9:04:13 Guest_6723: Hello ! Why is blocked my username?
15-8-25 11:48:37 Hari Nair: Is it possible to download CT 5.50 for testing purpose?
15-8-25 17:48:59 Sternas Stefanos: Yes Sir, Open CTCenter=>Update=> Select "Lab Development Version"
15-8-25 18:23:08 Sternas Stefanos: Look here «link»
15-8-27 16:16:57 Guest_6021: is there a way to use different CT-Versions parallel? would be needed urgently
15-8-27 17:21:07 Sternas Stefanos: No Sir
15-8-27 18:15:55 Guest_2084: how to compile for win 8.1 mobile for Android with CT? any tutorial here?
15-8-27 18:16:36 Guest_2084: sorry, correct: how to compile for win 8.1 mobile with CT? any tutorial here?
15-8-27 18:30:02 Sternas Stefanos: Sir, CodeTyphon NOT support win 8.x mobile
15-8-28 6:03:58 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CodeTyphon (CT) 5.5 Revision 005420 «link»
Please, Test , Report or Suggest....
15-8-30 11:02:44 Guest_6227: hi
15-9-1 20:31:46 Guest_8404: 8)
15-9-1 20:33:11 Guest_8404: Viva PERON!!!
15-9-2 11:43:19 Guest_9561: hello
15-9-2 11:43:44 Guest_9561: Mr Sternas are you online?
15-9-2 13:21:52 Sternas Stefanos: Yes Sir
15-9-3 10:46:05 Reinier Romero Mir: Hello
15-9-3 10:49:08 Reinier Romero Mir: Hello Mr Sternas
15-9-3 10:50:02 Reinier Romero Mir: what control i can use to view a type GIF imagen in a form?
15-9-3 10:51:47 Reinier Romero Mir: the pkg_gifanim is very old and is not include in CT, any alternative?
15-9-6 3:27:49 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] Preparing LAB CT 5.5 revision 005530, for release
ETA 1-2 days if all are OK
15-9-6 3:28:29 Sternas Stefanos: This will be RC1 Version...
15-9-8 14:19:11 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We release LAB CodeTyphon 5.5 Revision 005431 (RC1) «link»
Please test and report or suggest....
15-9-16 3:33:05 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] Preparing CT 5.5 Final, ETA 1-2 days if all are OK
15-9-17 15:59:53 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] Release delay 2-3 day FreePascal critical updates...
15-9-18 2:08:00 Sternas Stefanos: Uploading CT 5.5 stable...
15-9-18 11:49:44 Sergio Zanoli: I'm trying to install pl_comport library on CT 5.5 (no problem on CT 5.4). No problem with Typhon64, but with Typhon32, when the system is rebuilding IDE is stopping the process with "Fatal: No memory left". Any suggestion. Seems thta can be same problem installing any external lpk library
15-9-18 12:00:51 Sergio Zanoli: System Win10 on i7 with 16 GB RAM and SSD
15-9-18 17:51:33 Sergio Zanoli: I have discovered thta on Win10x64 typhon32 IDE have no external componets !!!! See Forum on "CT 5.50 lpk Installation"
15-9-20 13:30:48 Sternas Stefanos: Set C:\codetyphon\fpc\fpc32\bin\i386-win32\FPC.exe compatibility to Win 7 or Win8
15-9-21 13:46:14 Guest_5102: Ребята? привет? кто знает? как подключить ieframe.dll? Нужно отобразить веб-страницу со скриптомю
15-9-21 13:49:10 Guest_5102: Children, hi! who knows how to connect ieframe.dll? It is necessary to display the web page with jscript script
15-9-21 13:50:22 Guest_5102: oh! the translator called you children :)
15-9-22 18:38:40 Guest_9059: Hi I have want install CT in windows PC and have bekome virus alert, Is this normal ?
15-9-22 18:41:04 Guest_9059: Hi, are you online?
15-9-23 12:29:02 Guest_5427: Mr Sternas are you online_
15-9-25 7:54:37 Guest_8318: Russian mafia online? :)
15-9-25 7:55:24 Guest_8318: CodeyTyphon has sockets components by default?
15-9-25 12:11:38 Sternas Stefanos: Yes Sir
15-9-27 9:15:25 Guest_5804: how to install CodeTyphonIns?
15-9-27 9:31:24 Guest_9566: Windows or Linux ? @Guest_5804
15-9-27 13:20:45 Sternas Stefanos: @Guest_5804 read our WIKI installation pages «link»
15-9-28 16:13:50 Guest_5590: hiya.. how do you check a downloaded codetyphon.zip file? where are the sha's or md5's to verify that it is ok?? I just dl'd 5.5..
15-9-28 17:23:46 Guest_5590: ok, well.. good nite :(
15-9-28 20:24:34 Zzzzz: Hi, any body there
15-9-28 20:29:23 Zzzzz: I am using codetyphon 5.5 on windows 7 32bit sp1. Design time vlc component is unstable. When I drop vlc component on the form it closes the idea with a message " access violation".
15-9-28 20:33:26 Zzzzz: Jvcl components don't render properly on the form.
15-9-28 20:35:26 Zzzzz: Mr. Sternas r u online?
15-9-29 0:30:03 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir, post to our forum
15-9-29 13:58:32 Guest_8535: Hello all !!
15-9-29 14:00:12 Guest_8535: CodeTyphon is good RAD but, I think the idea of embedding a form is not well worked
15-9-29 14:01:08 Guest_8535: so I suggest to do it like DELPHI RAD IDE or let it like Delphi 7/ Lazarus
15-9-30 11:08:05 Guest_2130: Hello!
15-9-30 11:11:55 Guest_2130: I can't create Freespider web application (windows 7, ct 5.5 32). It needs "pl_freefpider". Is it a bug? Maybe there should be "pl_freespider"?
15-10-1 14:41:20 Guest_4946: Hello I think what would be nice is when you use Brotli compression instead of 7zip in the future because the zip file will be bigger and bigger from version to version and Brotli has an higer compresion rate than 7zip
15-10-1 15:19:34 Sternas Stefanos: Thanks Sir we will try
15-10-2 12:39:24 Guest_3895: Hello
15-10-2 14:45:28 BSaidus: Hello
15-10-4 14:43:11 Lestroso: Hi..to everybody...is possible to deploy for web with typhoon??
15-10-4 15:19:30 Sternas Stefanos: Yes Sir
15-10-7 12:00:27 cimasim: Hello
15-10-7 12:07:28 cimasim: sorry for my bad english... i'm trying to use CT 5.30 on osx 10.11 and I managed to work up to this morning, now I have trouble building due to an error "assembling exit code 1", the only difference is that I updated XCode , I have to go back to the old version ?
15-10-7 16:01:12 Sternas Stefanos: Sir please, post to our forum MacOS session
15-10-8 20:06:53 Guest_8222: Hello mates i want to make a question about TYPHON it seems that the curent FPC version that it is using does not support the as it is explained here «link»
15-10-8 20:09:06 Spyros_Greek: STEFANE Check this out man... The current version of FPC used does not support "Class Operator" with the mode objfpc it has to switch to mode Delphi ... while older versions of FPC do use the Class Operator
15-10-8 20:12:43 Spyros_Greek: // This will not compire in Typhon if you use the mode objfpc
// while if you make it mode Delphi it will compile. How ever in Lazarus
// older version that uses FPC 2.4.1 i think it compiles with no problems with both modes.

PSizeFloat = ^SizeFloat;
SizeFloat = {$ifdef cpux64}Double{$else}Single{$endif};
TPoint2 = record
x, y: SizeFloat;
{@exclude}class operator Add(const a, b: TPoint2): TPoint2;

uses Unit2;

{$R *.lfm}
class operator TPoint2.Add(const a, b: TPoint2): TPoint2;
Result.x:= a.x + b.x;
Result.y:= a.y + b.y;
15-10-9 13:20:26 Sternas Stefanos: Sir, Object Pascal it's NOT the same with Delphi Pascal
15-10-10 14:31:18 bsaidus: hello !!
15-10-12 1:13:14 Guest_3665: i was gave a difficult task to develop a 3D scene editor like cosmos3D, I want to buy that product, but how ?
15-10-12 1:35:46 Guest_3665: Sir,please contact me by email to 1472246@qq.com,thank you very much
15-10-12 5:32:42 Sternas Stefanos: Sir, Cosmos4D (and GaiaGAD) source it's not from sell, but we can help you to build your 3D scene editor


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