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15-7-18 12:41:11 databank@abv.bg: hello
15-7-18 15:47:40 sternas: Sir, for programming questions please use our Forum
15-7-20 8:18:14 sternas: [LAB NEWS] OpenMandriva Lx 2014.2 in our lab for tests
15-7-20 10:00:44 Guest_4479: Dear Sternas,
15-7-20 10:01:46 Guest_4479: Dear Sternas, why have you removed the pl_comport component ? Is mandatory for my projects.
15-7-20 10:38:00 archi68: Dear All, on BGRA library, the led component has been removed. Now I can't switch to add nothing to the form with the error "impossibile to found library component TBGRALED". I have tryied to remove from the .pas all references but noting chamge. Can sombody hep me.
15-7-20 16:20:09 sternas: @Guest_4479: please Sir use TvsComPort from pl_SynapseVS, is MultiOS comp, pl_comport was only for windows
15-7-20 16:26:57 sternas: archi68: remove TBGRALED from lfm file and from pas file and use TuELED comp from pl_BGRAuecontrols
rename to lfm and to pas file TBGRALED => TBGRALED locate at ueled.pas unit.
The spit of pl_BGRAcontrols => pl_BGRAcontrols+pl_BGRAuecontrols it was pl_BGRAuecontrols programmer request
15-7-22 19:30:34 Guest_9837: Hello Sternas
15-7-22 19:34:30 Guest_9837: Fspreadsheet specifically to components in the columns autosize there is an error, I made the correction in my development I would like to send it to include it in the next version
15-7-22 19:35:05 Guest_9837: como procedo para enviarla corrección espero tus indicaciones
15-7-23 5:06:30 sternas: Yes Sir, please
15-7-23 5:07:11 sternas: Attach your corrections (zip first) to a post
15-7-23 16:00:31 rgarcia: Hello Sternas
15-7-23 16:05:06 rgarcia: in the post "Auto size columns Fspreadsheet" put the fraction of pl_fpspreadsheet code package must be corrected for the auto adjustment function properly columns
15-7-24 5:28:57 Guest_7587: Typhon 64 big ide fails to compile/install on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
15-7-24 9:18:30 Guest_9062: on Top of your home your write ""Generation V Plan".", but no underlying link.
15-7-24 9:18:37 Guest_9062: What does this mean?
15-7-24 13:39:19 sternas: Generation V plan it's our "Vision" for CT ver 5.x Sir,
it's the our "target road" for then end of CT ver 5.x
it's our "Programming Manifest" for then end of CT ver 5.x
15-7-24 13:39:43 sternas: for ubuntu please post to our forum
15-7-26 7:49:21 sternas: [LAB NEWS] Finally :) CT on Debian 8.x is MultiArch (GKT2, QT4, QT5),
next MultiArch Lab Bus stop is Ubuntu 15.04
15-7-28 8:32:25 sternas: [LAB NEWS] and Finally CT on Ubuntu 15.04 (Ubuntu, Ubuntu-Mate etc) is MultiArch (GKT2, QT4, QT5)...
15-7-30 3:09:08 sternas: [LAB NEWS] Updating some Win Lab HPC to Windows 10 Pro...
15-7-31 17:39:14 sternas: All Ok with your account Sir :)
15-8-8 3:42:28 sternas: We release LAB CodeTyphon (CT) 5.5 Revision 005415 info «link»
please test and report or suggest...
15-8-8 12:23:11 Guest_6858: Hello~ I download CT V5.4 and install. but i can't find CodeTyphon64 IDE.
15-8-8 12:23:42 Guest_6858: On Windows7 64.
15-8-8 12:49:58 sternas: Did you build CodeTyphon Sir
15-8-8 12:50:21 sternas: CT has only Sources
15-8-8 12:51:02 sternas: More info here «link»
15-8-8 12:55:25 Guest_6858: Yes. I clicked 'Remove and Build All' after i ran CT64. But, result is CT32.
15-8-8 12:57:03 sternas: Did you install System Libraries ? Info «link»
15-8-8 12:57:48 sternas: Did you Run Install script as Administrator?
15-8-8 13:00:09 Guest_6858: Sure. run 'install.bat' with Administrator Priv
15-8-8 13:00:26 Guest_6858: and after i used CTCente4r
15-8-8 13:01:37 Guest_6858: i already success CT5.2 this way.
15-8-8 13:08:14 sternas: My suggestion is to rebuild ALL after you install System Libraries like here «link»
please post to our forum for more help
15-8-8 13:16:50 Guest_6858: Thank you for your suggestion. I'll try.
15-8-8 13:18:36 sternas: Thanks Sir
15-8-8 18:22:07 Guest_7814: Hello. Is an admin here?
15-8-8 21:33:53 Guest_6504: Setting up crosscompiler for Raspberrry 2:
Followed steps until "Setup your Project Libraries"
15-8-8 21:34:09 Guest_6504: Then, how do I do that ?
15-8-8 21:47:50 Guest_6504: Typhon 32 is up and Project1. WHERE do I select "Setup your Project Libraries" ?
See "http://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/93-wiki/ct-tutorials/386-cross-build-for-rasberry-pi"
It's late, if someone knows how to, please mail me per.e.olsson@comhem.se
Kindly, Mr. Per Olsson
15-8-9 3:29:20 sternas: Sir Look here «link»
15-8-9 8:28:46 Guest_4572: CT 5.4.15 32/64 on Windows 7-64 runing..
15-8-9 15:53:06 sternas: Thanks Sir, have fun
15-8-9 17:20:51 obito02: hello
15-8-9 18:19:58 sternas: hello
15-8-17 15:25:29 Riad: Hello, What can install pl_ORCA on lazarus linux?
15-8-17 15:58:50 sternas: No Sir
15-8-19 6:19:35 Guest_2719: Hello, I have a problem to install CodeTyphon - I extract the ZIP - install CTC - build with the CTC the FreePascal Compiler --> Build the Typhon IDE: [ERROR]: Typhon32 Small-IDE NOT Build
15-8-19 6:20:50 Guest_2719: seem to be something with the FreePascal:
15-8-19 6:21:03 Guest_2719: =====================================================================
Build Typhon32 Small-IDE for Win32

[INFO]: FreePascal Units for Win32 NOT EXIST !!!
15-8-19 6:29:26 Guest_2719: c:\codetyphon\fpc\fpc32\units dir is missing
15-8-19 6:29:30 Guest_2719: why?
15-8-19 6:39:13 Guest_2719: -------------------------------------------------------
Copy FreePascal 32bit
Datei *.* nicht gefunden
0 Datei(en) kopiert

[FINAL INFO]: FreePascal 32 Building, finish...
15-8-19 7:24:02 Guest_8771: Goodmorning,
I need to modify the sqldb package to add a field type into the file odbcconn.pas (procedure AddFieldDefs). I've added a line of code with a syntax error to verify if this unit will be compiled.
I've opened sqldblaz.lpk and I've compile it again. The package is build without errors! I don't understand where I'm wrong. Can someone help me?
15-8-19 8:38:28 Guest_8771: Found the trick! It was necessary to re-build fpc!
15-8-19 16:13:58 Sternas Stefanos: Guest_8771 and Guest_2719: please post to our forums
15-8-21 9:53:22 Guest_8847: buen dias, para todos y todas, hola,
15-8-21 9:55:03 Guest_8847: solo les digo, es mejor compilador RAD para multiplataforma que conosco hasta la fecha.
15-8-21 9:55:28 Guest_8847: Continuen por favor aportando a este maravilloso proyecto.
15-8-21 9:57:10 Guest_8847: y que VIVA las Naciones Libres, VIVA el Legado del Comandante CHAVEZ.
15-8-21 9:58:54 Guest_8847: Se les quiere, tu esfuerzo, diariamente puede cambiar el mundo para mejor, Gracias.
15-8-21 20:58:53 Guest_8407: hola
15-8-21 21:01:11 Guest_9895: hi
15-8-21 21:01:27 Guest_7461: problem install CodeTyphon
15-8-21 21:07:43 Guest_1856: please help
15-8-24 19:52:32 jose lopez: ayuda in my thread «link»
15-8-25 9:04:13 Guest_6723: Hello ! Why is blocked my username?
15-8-25 11:48:37 Hari Nair: Is it possible to download CT 5.50 for testing purpose?
15-8-25 17:48:59 Sternas Stefanos: Yes Sir, Open CTCenter=>Update=> Select "Lab Development Version"
15-8-25 18:23:08 Sternas Stefanos: Look here «link»
15-8-27 16:16:57 Guest_6021: is there a way to use different CT-Versions parallel? would be needed urgently
15-8-27 17:21:07 Sternas Stefanos: No Sir
15-8-27 18:15:55 Guest_2084: how to compile for win 8.1 mobile for Android with CT? any tutorial here?
15-8-27 18:16:36 Guest_2084: sorry, correct: how to compile for win 8.1 mobile with CT? any tutorial here?
15-8-27 18:30:02 Sternas Stefanos: Sir, CodeTyphon NOT support win 8.x mobile
15-8-28 6:03:58 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CodeTyphon (CT) 5.5 Revision 005420 «link»
Please, Test , Report or Suggest....
15-8-30 11:02:44 Guest_6227: hi


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)