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4-8-2016 13:56:00 Sternas Stefanos: All OK we preparing Lab CT 5.90 ...
5-8-2016 3:53:11 Guest_8026: Please check the files in Virus total i get a 1/54 on the typhonstart.exe
5-8-2016 5:24:23 Sternas Stefanos: Sir CT "build' typhonstart executable in your PC with "Setup CT" procedure
NO typhonstart executable exist in CodeTyphon zip
CodeTyphon give you only the source of this executable
Please check your PC
5-8-2016 6:17:44 Guest_7796: My name is nilton live in Brazil would like to know if I have the approval of you to open a forum or a site about codetyphon? (I used google translator):)
5-8-2016 9:58:09 Guest_5166: Hello.
5-8-2016 9:58:48 Guest_5166: I need help loading an .stl file in glscene.
Is there any example of how to do it?
5-8-2016 12:24:21 Sternas Stefanos: Yes Sir @Guest_7796 NO problem with that
5-8-2016 12:24:54 Sternas Stefanos: @Guest_5166 please look at CodeOcean samples
6-8-2016 1:21:47 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We release LAB CT 5.90 Revision 005810
please test and report
here :
11-8-2016 9:29:13 Guest_6018: I see problem with sWorksheetGrid control after reading file xlsx. Not read number from text type cells which not have green triangle in top left corner. If I open Excel file in Excel displayed cells have this triangle.
11-8-2016 13:41:13 Sternas Stefanos: Sir please post to our forum
16-8-2016 21:42:36 XakeR: Hi all!
16-8-2016 21:42:48 XakeR: Any body have nativexml 4.09 or newer ?
19-8-2016 13:35:46 Guest_8863: Hi All
19-8-2016 13:40:45 Guest_8863: I just want to say thanks , i'm using you greate IDE at my work ;) this would be good if there was a commercial support for who needs
20-8-2016 15:06:59 Sternas Stefanos: Thanks Sir
20-8-2016 15:07:44 Sternas Stefanos: Commercial Support is on the way...
22-8-2016 7:43:20 Guest_2176: Hi, all!
22-8-2016 7:44:53 Guest_2176: What better use in CT for download file of FTP
22-8-2016 16:00:46 Guest_6921: hi guys
22-8-2016 16:01:49 Guest_6921: i can't install ide codetyphon in ubuntu 16.04 64bits, anybody help me?
22-8-2016 16:07:23 Guest_6921: only can run the "codetyphon center" but i have click in menu "typhon-ide" i can only press "close, typhon ide", any body know how to do?
23-8-2016 5:58:48 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir post to our forum
2-9-2016 7:23:33 Guest_1901: hello everyone..
2-9-2016 7:26:02 Guest_1901: i have a problem, i cant download (600MB) ... please, link it to =(
2-9-2016 12:51:35 Sternas Stefanos: Sir we don't use
3-9-2016 23:06:54 Gregori: Shalom
3-9-2016 23:07:01 Gregori: hola que tal
3-9-2016 23:07:29 Gregori: :(
4-9-2016 14:14:30 Sternas Stefanos: (?)
4-9-2016 20:10:10 Edgar: Mis saludos... estoy instalando el CT 5.80 y se instala bien... pero en la versión de 64 bits no trabaja bien el componente Zeos
4-9-2016 20:12:16 Edgar: El componente Zeos no enlaza con la libmysqld50.dll, en las versiones anteriores lo instalo en la versión de 32 bits y trabaja perfecto... pero en ésta versión 5.80 no puedo instalarlo pues me da un error de falta de memoria al linkear... por favor si a alguien le ha sucedido y puede ayudarme les agradecería enormemente.. gracias de antemano....
5-9-2016 0:05:14 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir post to our forum
19-9-2016 15:50:05 Joao Barbosa: cannot find fasthtmlparser used by clipbrd of package lclbase
19-9-2016 15:50:49 Joao Barbosa: This happend after ugrading to CT 5.8 on Win7
19-9-2016 17:36:02 Sternas Stefanos: Sir please try:
Typhon IDE=>Tools="Rescan FPC Source Directory"
20-9-2016 5:10:03 Sternas Stefanos: We release Lab CodeTyphon ver 5.90 revision 005830 BETA 1,
please test and report...
20-9-2016 5:57:02 Guest_6274: how do i install ALL THE PACKAGES?
20-9-2016 5:57:31 Guest_6274: also JVCL looks very cut down
20-9-2016 5:58:13 Guest_6274: and where's the single-window view?
20-9-2016 7:06:15 Sternas Stefanos: Sir
1) just build the Big-IDE
2) JVCL is only for windows, pl_JVCL is true multi-OS, multi-CPU and multi-Platform package....
3)just Typhon IDE=>Windows=>Restore default layout ALL Dockced
Welcome to our "Enterprise" programming world... :)
21-9-2016 5:37:02 Joao Barbosa:,2) Error: Asm: Opcode fmrrd not in table
21-9-2016 5:38:20 Joao Barbosa: i am getting this error on win7 after reinstall new version 5.8.1 no working for me
21-9-2016 5:43:28 Joao Barbosa: Where can i download this version from
21-9-2016 5:45:07 Joao Barbosa: i mean version 5.9 beta
21-9-2016 6:16:26 Joao Barbosa: got it i am using ct center to update
21-9-2016 6:20:54 Sternas Stefanos: What CT ver has the problem ?
21-9-2016 6:21:38 Joao Barbosa: ver 5.81
21-9-2016 6:22:47 Sternas Stefanos: Just use CTCenter to test Lab Ver 5.90
21-9-2016 6:23:21 Sternas Stefanos: select LAB Development Version (Experimental)
21-9-2016 6:23:46 Joao Barbosa: I am now busy with update to lab development version, i went from ver 5.2 i had a small app woring for raspberry pi,
21-9-2016 6:24:58 Sternas Stefanos: Ok
21-9-2016 6:26:34 Joao Barbosa: if any problems, i will notify
21-9-2016 6:31:11 Sternas Stefanos: Ok bye..
21-9-2016 6:33:27 Joao Barbosa: ok thank yoo
21-9-2016 10:59:33 Joao Barbosa: Hello Sternas upgraded to 5.9 but still get,2) Error: Asm: Opcode fmrrd not in table errror
21-9-2016 11:01:11 Joao Barbosa: it comes from
21-9-2016 11:04:25 Joao Barbosa: in new version if i open the mainform, i can see the .pas file but when i try to view the form in the ide it crashes typhon
21-9-2016 13:06:42 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir post to our forum for more...
21-9-2016 15:12:36 Void: Sternas Stefanos please check pm or fcb, thanks
21-9-2016 15:21:25 Sternas Stefanos: Ok
21-9-2016 15:22:36 Sternas Stefanos: Here is the best place Sr
21-9-2016 15:24:31 Sternas Stefanos: Sir @Void here is the best place...
21-9-2016 15:24:36 Void: ok , is there any possibility to join OS development team ?
21-9-2016 15:25:06 Void: I cannot provide much help, but will try do my best :)
21-9-2016 15:25:10 Sternas Stefanos: What is OS development team?
21-9-2016 15:26:06 Sternas Stefanos: Our OS team ?
21-9-2016 15:26:36 Void: here mentioned
21-9-2016 15:27:06 Sternas Stefanos: Oh give 1 min to write..
21-9-2016 15:27:47 Sternas Stefanos: 1) We start an OS Exploration with Pascal
21-9-2016 15:28:18 Sternas Stefanos: 2) We test Linux core with pascal Libraries and Desktop
21-9-2016 15:28:48 Sternas Stefanos: 3) We stop this sub project now but
21-9-2016 15:29:08 Sternas Stefanos: 4) we start the same idea with FreeBSD
21-9-2016 15:29:43 Sternas Stefanos: Linux has problem with Open-Source "patents"
21-9-2016 15:30:19 Void: ok can we talk somewhere private ? i would like to join if it is possible
21-9-2016 15:31:12 Sternas Stefanos: You can send a PM
21-9-2016 15:31:46 Sternas Stefanos: or email to
21-9-2016 15:34:04 Sternas Stefanos: A "Debian Mod" with "Pascal Desktop" (with pl_ORCA2D library) exist here in our lab
22-9-2016 5:55:21 Guest_9110: Hi, i have some problem to use a program made with code typhon on macOS Sierra, program run great on El capitan
26-9-2016 6:06:33 Guest_5576: Hi!
26-9-2016 6:06:49 Guest_5576: can i use codetyphon to compile on odroid c2?
27-9-2016 15:48:50 Guest_5529: Hola que tal como estas Guest_5529 te tengo una pregunta donde puedo conseguir informacion para el diseño de ticket de venta con odeTyphon
27-9-2016 15:50:05 Guest_5529: Oh si tienes un manual para utilizAR FORTES REPORT CodeTyphon
27-9-2016 15:52:14 Guest_5529: Que tal amigo posibilidad de un manual para Fortes Report quiero hacer Tickest pero no logro entender como darle el tamaño adecuado
28-9-2016 4:19:26 Amghar: Hi everyone! I'm new in here
28-9-2016 4:20:32 Amghar: Is there some projects so I can learn using this codetyphon
28-9-2016 4:21:05 Amghar: because I want to leave delphi and use codetyphon instead
28-9-2016 6:24:59 Sternas Stefanos: Sir CodeTyphon has the CodeOean with 1300+ sample projects...
3-10-2016 2:28:02 Amghar: Thank you Sir ... I'll check it out
4-10-2016 3:47:39 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We release LAB CT 5.9.0 Revision 005840
More info here
11-10-2016 13:31:11 Amghar: I created an Sqlite database using 'DB browser for SQLite' and I protected it ... How to connect to it in CodeTyphon?
17-10-2016 0:53:02 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir, post to our forums
19-10-2016 15:10:29 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] FreeBSD 11.0 on our lab for tests ....
20-10-2016 10:59:08 Fredy Caballero: Hi Sternas, Great tutorials of CT on Parrot and Ubuntu. I also suggest other distribution in which CT looks great: Elementary :) When you get a chance you could try. :)
20-10-2016 11:02:25 Fredy Caballero: I forgot it the official page
20-10-2016 11:02:43 Fredy Caballero: Regards
20-10-2016 11:23:08 Sternas Stefanos: Thanks Sir, we will try
21-10-2016 5:30:58 Guest_6886: Hi there I am truly impressed with what you have achieved
21-10-2016 12:05:11 Sternas Stefanos: Thanks Sir