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15-1-31 6:25:05 Guest_2704: «link»
15-1-31 6:25:43 Guest_4888: I am working through the wiki. It is not really designed for the first steps.
15-1-31 6:25:57 Guest_4888: I'll be right when I get going.
15-1-31 6:26:01 Guest_2704: yes I agree
15-1-31 6:26:22 Guest_2704: but it's batter than nothing
15-1-31 6:27:08 Guest_4888: It's a bit like finding the right street which connects to the road out of town. No worries when you get out of town.
15-1-31 6:28:52 Guest_2704: anyway i'll post my question again .. to let other people see it
15-1-31 6:29:10 Guest_4888: bye
15-1-31 6:29:18 Guest_2704: I have finished my high school and I'm going to university I was wondering if there is a university tech pascal or not ? .. can anyone help me plz ?
15-1-31 6:29:20 Guest_2704: bye
15-1-31 6:29:40 Guest_2704: it was nice to talk with u :)
15-1-31 6:44:39 Guest_4888: Your tip to 'look for Lazarus lessons' is the way to go. There is heaps.
15-2-1 0:47:48 sternas: @Guest_2704 "I was wondering if there is a university tech pascal or not ? .. can anyone help me plz ?"
Sir, the university I teach, started Pascal lessons before 2 years
1) Basic Pascal programming and
2) CodeTyphon Studio as universal programing platform
more info with PM...
15-2-1 1:43:11 Guest_2704: greate ..
15-2-1 1:43:21 Guest_2704: great*
15-2-1 1:47:28 Muhannad Alrusayni: Guest_2704: waiting for more info..
15-2-1 6:31:24 sternas: Sir PM = Private Message, I can't post more here, please send email to admin@pilotlogic.com
15-2-2 8:38:09 Muhannad Alrusayni: I have sent a message to admin@pilotlogic.com .. uasterday and I didn't get any replay
15-2-2 8:52:47 sternas: Sir, I don't get anything
15-2-2 8:54:23 sternas: We can send and PM from our forum
15-2-2 9:21:12 Muhannad Alrusayni: what about now ?
15-2-2 10:55:42 Muhannad Alrusayni: Hi ..
15-2-2 10:56:32 Muhannad Alrusayni: Is there a way to create video (avi,ogg,..etc) from TBitmaps ?
15-2-4 2:34:46 System: Welcome!
15-2-4 17:39:57 Muhannad Alrusayni: ..zZ
15-2-5 16:35:47 Guest_3996: hello huyzzzz
15-2-5 16:36:35 Guest_3996: any opinions wich component is the best for cross platform rich text?
15-2-5 18:18:08 Guest_9240: Too much time for next version :-(
15-2-5 18:19:04 Guest_9240: I got a problem with CT 5.20
15-2-5 18:19:18 Guest_9240: using Xubuntu 14.04
15-2-5 18:19:39 Guest_9240: It is not possible to delete a component after putting in form.
15-2-6 0:58:41 sternas: Guys, Please post to our forum
15-2-6 5:21:27 Muhannad Alrusayni: yes me too so I use the "Object Inspector" to delete the components and control them
15-2-6 11:23:28 Muhannad Alrusayni: hey guys .. I have BGRABitmap .. how can I install it in CodeTyphon ? I couldn't install it from lpk .. install option was disable
15-2-6 15:13:31 sternas: Sir BGRABitmap is in CT 2 years now
15-2-6 15:14:01 sternas: pl_BGRAbitmap and pl_BGRAcontrols
15-2-6 16:25:12 Guest_3963: hello, its possible connect to mssql with odbc using zeoslib 7.2 if server is 2008 r2 ? if yes... how? connection strings?
15-2-6 16:26:26 Guest_3963: im trying do this two hours and not working :(
15-2-6 16:46:36 sternas: Please Sir, post to our forum
15-2-9 13:02:01 Guest_7899: hello, connecting zquery->datasource->kdbgrid get error ACCESS VIOLATION ?
15-2-11 14:24:39 Guest_8624: bonjour
15-2-15 11:39:13 Muhannad Alrusayni: Hi again ..
15-2-15 11:39:54 Muhannad Alrusayni: pl_BGRABitmap is too old verion could u please upgrade it
15-2-15 11:40:52 Muhannad Alrusayni: *Version
15-2-15 11:41:31 Muhannad Alrusayni: if it's حossible in the next update 5.3
15-2-15 11:41:44 Muhannad Alrusayni: حossible = Possible
15-2-15 11:41:51 Muhannad Alrusayni: ^^"
15-2-15 14:08:20 sternas: Yes Sir
15-2-17 11:11:23 Guest_2194: dws script There are errors that do not allow to give the names of the classes, records, etc in scripts. you can fix please let.
15-2-17 14:11:38 sternas: We will try Sir
15-2-18 3:04:39 sternas: We start MEGA-Build tests for LAB CT 5.3 release revision: 005220
ETA: of LAB CT 5.3 rev 005220 (Beta 1) 1-3 Days if all test are OK
15-2-20 16:26:09 sternas: [ANN] release Lab CT 5.30 Revision: 005221 (Beta1) more here «link»
15-2-22 8:20:44 Guest_5391: Dear Sternas. Artemis V73 does not support SHA2 certificates and fails with ActiveSync, see MS «link» Do you plan update to AKU build no. 29299 release end of 2014 by MS. It does support SHA2, see e.g. ES405B rel. notes.
15-2-22 8:56:05 Guest_5391: working link «link»
15-2-22 8:56:20 Guest_5391: working link es405b «link»
15-2-22 13:23:28 sternas: Thanks Sir
Current Artemis has AKU (Build 29256). I will build a new ROM, let's go to «link»
15-2-22 14:11:12 Guest_4678: See my MS link, the MS fix was provided in Q4/2014 lately. Is AKU before Q4/2014? Does it already support SHA2 based certificates properly? SHA1 certificates have been expired and discontinued due to being unsecure. Many sites therefore replaced SHA1 by SHA2 based certificates. So without this MS fix you cannot use ActiveSync or IMAP on those sites anymore... Many thanks for continued support of Artemis.
15-2-22 14:24:02 Guest_4678: found in xD A your current Artemis "NEW build 29256 dated 18 mar 2014". This is before MS added SHA2 support...
15-2-22 14:24:49 Guest_4678: sorry for the strange smiley, it was not me.. found in X D A your current ...
15-2-22 14:31:53 sternas: No problem Sir
I have (we) Microsoft - Windows Embedded Handheld - AKU Build 29315 in our Lab from MC659B and MC45
give me time...

PS: Artemis ROM for HD2, is a Sub-Project of CodeTyphon on WinCE
15-2-22 14:33:21 Guest_4678: Sounds GREAT.
15-2-22 14:46:27 sternas: I will post to mPCplanet.com for news
15-2-22 14:47:21 Guest_4678: Cool. They'll love to see ya!
15-2-24 4:34:07 Guest_7952: Dear sternas, would you mind to clean up invalid root certificates in next Artemis build like, etc.
15-2-24 10:22:21 sternas: I will try, Sir
15-2-24 10:25:21 Guest_2082: cool. thanks
15-2-26 10:32:53 Guest_2460: I registered for an account yesterday but have not received an activation e-mail. I tried to re-register today and it says my e-mail is already in use, so I know it's correct. It suggested I contact an administrator. How?
15-2-26 18:13:04 sternas: Please Sir send your data to support@pilotlogic.com
15-2-27 13:54:15 Bob: Hi, just a quick question as I am deciding wether or not to move to CodeTyphon (currently a Lazarus user): Can I install it allong side my Lazarus 1.2.4 version without problems (running Lubuntu 14.04)
15-2-27 14:45:37 sternas: Yes Sir
15-2-27 15:08:40 sternas: And always we are here to solve any problem
15-3-2 15:26:40 Guest_6071: Any chance you could share AKU Build 29315 for my personal kitchen? Thanks!
15-3-2 15:43:07 Guest_9455: Please can not perform download the version 5.20, the total size of 531 MB and informed, and can only hold up to 271MB, I tried on two different browsers, this my internet without problems, I believe it is a problem with the server you. How can I download ?. Forgive my English
15-3-2 16:01:34 eor_reis: is user register: 15-3-2 15:43:07 Guest_9455: Please can not perform download the version 5.20, the total size of 531 MB and informed, and can only hold up to 271MB, I tried on two different browsers, this my internet without problems, I believe it is a problem with the server you. How can I download ?. Forgive my English
15-3-3 5:08:34 sternas: Sir, we test download file and all are OK
Always you can download CodeTyphon and from here «link»
CT 5.2 here «link»
15-3-3 16:49:07 Guest_4678: Great. Seems that there is more interest in getting a new Artemis build besides getting ActiveSync fixed and unsecure certificates removed (SHA1 1024 bit, RC4, etc.). Hope you will find some time for the update to get it work!
15-3-4 6:22:17 Guest_6006: Well, I have to admit I'm more interested in the bare MSXIPKernel (ROM and SYS folders) for build 29315.
15-3-4 6:22:39 Guest_6006: Can anyone share this? Thanks!
15-3-5 5:27:20 Guest_1526: «link»
15-3-5 17:40:27 sternas: Guys, Please for WinCE ROM post to mPCPlanet.com forums «link»


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