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14-9-9 10:24:08 Guest_9090: Look at:
14-9-9 10:24:15 Guest_9090: «link»
14-9-9 10:26:14 Guest_9090: :)
14-9-9 13:01:49 sternas: Thanks Sir
14-9-9 13:01:56 sternas: Have fun...
14-9-10 5:46:39 saied: hi to all
14-9-10 5:47:35 saied: is typhon supported android projects ?
14-9-10 6:11:02 sternas: Yes Sir, we try and for this
14-9-10 6:34:35 saied: thnks
14-9-10 13:58:16 werner.vogt@d56218.d: Hallo wer hatte den Lust mit mir zu chatten. Habe einige Fragen zu Typhon
14-9-10 13:59:31 werner.vogt@d56218.d: hello who it feels like to chat with me. Have some Questions to Typhon
14-9-10 14:04:05 werner.vogt@d56218.d: Suche Entwickler aus Deutschland zum Erfahrungsaustausch
14-9-10 14:18:03 sternas: Sorry Sir but NO German Programmers here in Our Lab
14-9-13 12:12:36 Guest_4442: ..
14-9-14 15:56:12 Guest_9555: Is it possible to use CodeTyphon with the latest stable FPC release (v2.6.4) instead of the latest possibly unstable trunk (v2.7.x)? I prefer to not use yet unreleased versions.
14-9-14 16:21:38 tonyp: Is it possible to use CodeTyphon with the latest stable FPC release (v2.6.4) instead of the latest possibly unstable trunk (v2.7.x)? I prefer to not use yet unreleased versions.
14-9-14 18:38:00 sternas: Sorry this is NOT possible Sir,
my suggestion is to test CT first
we test more than 500 applications (CodeOcean) on 8 OSes before every CT release...
14-9-16 16:26:02 Guest_4170: the chm help dosnt work by me. I have only a gray window without any things in it. Only the dropdown things in top are working.
14-9-16 17:12:00 Guest_4170: Are there any bugfix or workaround for that
14-9-17 4:56:57 sternas: Sir, we working on this
14-9-17 5:56:18 socger: How can i use android and typhon?
14-9-17 6:07:01 sternas: Read this «link» Sir
14-9-22 14:24:59 Guest_7772: How can I debug the IDE.
14-9-28 12:46:01 Guest_6991: bonjour
14-9-28 17:17:23 sternas: We release Lab CT 5.10 Revision: 005011 more info «link»
14-10-1 8:59:59 Guest_8311: Hello
14-10-1 9:00:28 Guest_8311: Why are some packages greyed-out in the Typhon pkgs tab?
14-10-1 10:06:23 Guest_8067: Can there be made commercial programms(apps) with all components which are included in this studio?
14-10-1 10:14:21 sternas: Yes Sir all are "free and Open source" components
14-10-1 10:44:25 Guest_8067: thanks
14-10-2 4:03:40 sternas: [LAB NEWS] CentOS 7 and Windows 10 Preview for test with Lab CT 5.10
14-10-2 5:53:52 Guest_9027: test
14-10-4 12:23:04 Guest_3200: year this codetyphone new release version number now.
14-10-6 12:53:24 Guest_5595: Excellent work - many thanks
14-10-7 3:57:18 sternas: Thanks Sir, have fun...
14-10-7 3:58:58 sternas: [LAB NEWS] We Fix pl_GlassDocking "Pages" problems after 1 year...
14-10-7 4:01:05 sternas: [LAB NEWS 2] CTCenter at Lab CT 5.10 has "Two-Way communication" with the exetute Action,
now we can write OS-Scripts with Questions and Selections for the user
14-10-8 11:00:41 Guest_4155: under which lisence are the CT Studio and the components?
14-10-8 12:05:57 sternas: Sir CT Studio is Freeware, the components are Free and Open Source
14-10-8 12:27:50 Guest_4155: but what is the license GOL BSD MIT LGPL ...
14-10-8 12:28:15 Guest_4155: but what is the license GPL BSD MIT LGPL ...
14-10-8 12:31:13 sternas: GPL, LGPL (with linking permission) and MPL
14-10-8 12:31:31 Guest_4155: thanks
14-10-8 12:32:49 Guest_4155: when will be the eta of 5.10
14-10-8 12:36:36 sternas: NO ETA for official 5.10 yet Sir,
we solve many problems, but in our list we have one critical in Form Designer
But we will release new CT 5.10 development ver in 2-3 days
14-10-8 12:37:26 Guest_4155: ok thanks again
14-10-8 12:38:47 sternas: Have fun...
14-10-8 17:31:58 Guest_4155: I have searched a bit and have found that all programms or components which are linked with gpl code or based on them or use them are automaticle oss and under gpl now I am confused
14-10-9 8:23:36 sternas: [LAB NEWS] ROSA Linux Desktop Fresh R4 on our Lab for CT test...
14-10-9 12:02:19 Guest_8911: Sternas. Why are you testing exotic Linux distributions No better concentrate on basic Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Windows, Android and good operating environment?
14-10-9 12:06:31 Guest_8911: OS X
14-10-9 15:48:23 sternas: Sir, we start MacOS support from CT 5.00, but we have many problems with LCL - Cocoa Platform
and FreePascal in Mac 64Bits
14-10-9 17:04:13 sternas: Hi guys
14-10-9 17:07:01 Guest_5250: hi
14-10-9 17:07:35 sternas: any news ?
14-10-9 17:11:13 Guest_5250: No
14-10-9 17:16:06 sternas: Uploading CT 5.10 rev 005021... ETA 30 min
14-10-10 17:36:48 Guest_5933: is it planned to support Tizenos for smartwatches for example
14-10-11 1:42:01 sternas: We want Sir, but we don't start this item yet
14-10-12 15:23:33 Guest_8627: In which version will be come the new widgetset
14-10-12 16:07:37 Guest_8627: and will this be a kind of firemonky only for Lazarus/CodeTyphon
14-10-13 1:12:13 sternas: Sir we working on new OpenGL/DirectX Platform (widgetset) but no ETA yet...
14-10-13 6:36:48 Jan: Could Not Find C:\codetyphon\fpcsrc\compiler\utils\*.exe
Could Not Find c:\codetyphon\fpcsrc\utils\*.exe

Stage 5: Copy Files and Units

A subdirectory or file ..\..\fpc\fpc32 already exists.
File not found - *.*
0 File(s) copied

[ERROR]: win32 Cross Element for x86_64-linux Param:xxxx NOT Exists
sorry, Cross Build procedure STOP
14-10-13 6:37:44 Jan: sorry for previous message without greet.. Hi, I`ve discovered following problem when crosscompiling fpc32 -> x86_64-linux.. where can be a problem ?
14-10-13 14:22:54 sternas: Please Sir, post to our forum
14-10-13 15:19:51 Jan: Pardon, I`ll make new account. Tnx for reply anyway
14-10-16 12:41:18 C++Programmer: hello is there any complex tutorial to codetyphon, and to used in it pascal?
14-10-16 14:48:03 sternas: Not in our Web Site (yet), Sir
14-10-16 14:50:31 sternas: But, we have in CodeTyphon about 900 test projects (CodeOcean), open a CT project, run and learn from code
14-10-21 9:01:02 Guest_9899: HI, on your start page win 7 is not mentioned - does ct not run on Win7???
14-10-21 9:04:58 sternas: Win7 64Bit is our base lab OS Sir
14-10-23 3:31:50 usbdoo: when will be the stable official CodeTyphon 5.10 ?
14-10-23 3:41:50 sternas: We close all Open Lab task Sir, we make the last Libraries updates etc
14-10-23 3:44:08 sternas: But we must start the MEGA-Build, test CT to all Host OSes ( about 10 days if all OK)
14-10-23 7:21:17 Guest_6833: hi i really hope ct 5.1 release soon~
14-10-23 7:24:28 sternas: I want the same Sir
14-10-23 7:50:47 Guest_1334: Hi my name is Jochenkein from Germany/Bavaria
14-10-23 11:29:41 Andrey: Great work, Sternas! With
14-10-23 11:29:54 Andrey: great respect from Russia!
14-10-23 12:27:27 sternas: Thanks Sir, have fun...


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