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15-4-22 6:18:33 Георгий: O.O
15-4-22 9:08:35 Guest_6497: Hello, is there anything wrong web server? «link» is not found
15-4-22 11:45:12 sternas: Sir, we changed our web server, with one more powerful , all will be ok in 1-3 hours :)
15-4-22 18:57:43 Guest_5629: sorry for the noise, everything is now in good shape :) ...
15-4-23 9:51:32 sternas: Thanks Sir No problem...
15-4-24 11:20:58 Guest_5366: Hi everybody,
15-4-24 11:21:29 Guest_5366: i compiled an android project
15-4-24 11:22:07 Guest_5366: after that i get a file with the filetype "file".
15-4-24 11:22:38 Guest_5366: How can i install it on a smartphone or get the *.apk?
15-4-25 5:50:04 sternas: [ANN] We release Lab CT 5.30 Revision: 005261 (RC2) for public test, more here: «link»
15-4-26 4:14:00 sternas: [LAB NEWS] Debian 8 in our lab for tests....
15-4-27 12:25:27 sternas: [LAB NEWS] Ubuntu 15.04 in our lab for tests....
15-4-27 16:04:14 Guest_8159: Where is Pilot Logic located?
15-4-28 0:09:38 sternas: Sir, for more info, send email to admin@pilotlogic.com
15-4-28 6:45:42 sternas: [LAB NEWS] We prepare the release of CodeTyphon 5.30 Final, ETA 1-2 Days.
15-4-29 5:38:03 Guest_1777: Hi sternas, can you please refresh CT to include fpc rev. 30745 ? It contains fixes fcl-web package, so when somebody is developing FCGI/CGI applications it will be helpful.
15-4-29 6:00:36 sternas: Sir tomorrow we will update FPC and if all are OK we will release LAB CT ver 5.40 OK
15-4-29 6:04:24 sternas: Trunk FPC has many many problems...
15-4-29 9:10:31 Guest_8015: Allright, I think it will be sufficient to include commits 30743, 30744, 30745
15-4-30 13:48:30 archi68: Hi Sternas, can you insert the CportLaz component on CT ? I can give yiu the modified soutce that wotks on CT 5.2 x86, but not on x64. Is very usefull and complete serial comm component
15-4-30 14:13:32 sternas: We can try Sir,
PS: CT has TvsComPort in pl_SynapseVS pkg with the same functionality
15-4-30 14:19:19 archi68: Thanks Sternas, but Synapse component have less functionalities. Give me a shout how send you the source code and when you believe will be inserted on CT (actually I need to reinstall the component every time and is not working under x64)
15-4-30 14:30:06 sternas: If pkg is smaller than 2Mbytes zip file post to our forum and attach the zip file
15-5-3 4:46:08 Thomas R. Babiel: Hello!
15-5-3 4:46:42 Thomas R. Babiel: Why is it impossible for me, to register to the forum?
15-5-3 7:13:49 sternas: I don't know Sir
15-5-3 7:16:10 sternas: Send an email to support@pilotlogic.com with your site registration data (email, user name) and we will fix-it
15-5-3 7:40:13 sternas: Sir you email has problem, Elena (Our web team) sent you an email but we get this:
SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection:
host mx00.xxx ------------------- Nemesis ESMTP Service not available
554-No SMTP service
554 invalid DNS PTR resource record
15-5-3 7:41:19 sternas: My suggestion is to change you email and try to register again to our web site
15-5-3 7:43:18 sternas: Registration procedure in our site is automatic and controlled only from our Content management system (CMS)
15-5-5 13:13:48 shariful2015: in version 5.30 pl_brook still not working, when it will solve?
15-5-6 13:25:16 Guest_4903: Hi dear all. I really like CT !!!
Is there improvements in CT530 for WinCE?
I used it for WinCe. on some WinCe it worked, on some not.
Does it need some special frameworks for apps compiled with CT to work on WinCe ? :)
15-5-6 13:52:16 Guest_4903: Anyone ? :)
15-5-6 16:07:17 sternas: Sir and we use CT for our WinCe applications, NO CT don't need any special frameworks to build WinCE applications
We test the current CT ver 5.30 on Windows Embedded Handheld (WEH) 6.5 AKU 5.3.12. 37 (Build 29315) «link»
15-5-7 11:09:13 Guest_1009: I have got problem with ver. 5.30. I rebuild my project from ver. 5.20 to 5.30 and now on SQLQuery.ApplyUpdates i received error "Cannot open a non-select statement". On ver. 5.20 it was working fine. before SQLQuery.ApplyUpdates I use SQLQuery.Open and SQLQuery.Edit. Database - firebird.
15-5-7 16:40:04 sternas: Please Sir, post to our forum
15-5-8 2:37:01 sternas: [LAB NEWS] We start working on the new FreePascal (trunk) big library "Google APIs"
15-5-8 17:53:11 Guest_4084: hi! why i have not LAZARUS into archive codetyphon 5.3;
15-5-8 17:53:51 Guest_4084: how made to intall lazarus ! THANKS
15-5-9 5:57:21 sternas: Sir for lazarus pascal IDE, please look here «link»
CT don't has the lazarus
15-5-9 10:07:06 Guest_7484: Thank, i know. BUt No i want used LAZARUS included into codetyphon there have not
15-5-9 10:25:31 Guest_7484: ok i have understand ! CT use not LAZARUS but typhon IDE as LAZARUS, THANKS
15-5-9 10:41:35 Guest_7484: i have a french boy, Bravo pour le travail des développeurs de CT, congratulations for the work of team pilotlogic....
15-5-10 9:21:57 Guest_3731: hi
15-5-10 9:22:09 Guest_3731: i want to cross compile arm-linux
15-5-10 9:22:34 Guest_3731: it is werid as I face Exit code 1, Error 1
15-5-10 9:22:45 Guest_3731: with no error
15-5-10 9:52:50 Guest_3731: i get "The Makefile doesn't support target arm-linux-gnueabihf, please run fpcmake first." error while trying build this embedded element
15-5-10 9:53:13 Guest_3731: what is the work-around?
15-5-10 13:16:54 sternas: Please Sir, post to our forum
15-5-10 15:04:55 Guest_1633: Hi! CT seems to work as expeted,but howto get a .so file created? the compiling seems to works fine but the file is without extension
15-5-10 15:11:46 sternas: Sir .so extension is only for Libraries, on Unix executable don't have extension
15-5-10 15:13:06 Guest_1633: ok,thanks
15-5-10 15:13:15 sternas: The OS execute the file without extension with permissions
15-5-10 15:13:40 Guest_1633: I see
15-5-10 16:44:52 obito02: hello
15-5-11 6:29:36 Guest_7646: Everybody know 'how to create an apk from native code?' thanks !
15-5-12 15:27:55 sternas: We release Lab CT 5.40 Revision: 005311, more info here «link»
15-5-18 18:15:36 Guest_1269: build 29326
15-5-18 18:16:36 Guest_1269: build 29326 «link»
15-5-18 18:16:58 Guest_1269: new build 29326
15-5-25 23:10:31 dmarinescu: «link» has a typo: "this installation request sudo root privileges" should be "this installation requires sudo root privileges"
15-5-25 23:11:17 dmarinescu: also, confirmed full regression on 10.10.4
15-5-26 0:55:54 sternas: Thanks Sir, we fix typo
15-5-26 13:36:01 dmarinescu: thank You!
15-5-26 13:36:17 dmarinescu: there is another one (not a typo, just an usual use of words)
15-5-26 13:36:19 dmarinescu: «link»
15-5-26 13:36:53 dmarinescu: "Programming PC" should be "Development Machine"
15-5-26 13:36:56 dmarinescu: thanks
15-5-26 22:09:12 Guest_5739: hi
15-5-26 22:10:21 Guest_5739: i need a litle help
15-5-27 11:06:27 Samuel: hello
15-5-27 11:08:00 Samuel: How Consuming REST API from codetyphon ??
15-5-27 11:08:23 Samuel: i need get the json data from django server from codetyphon
15-5-27 12:56:35 Guest_3665: i have installed CT 5.3, why when i want build raspberry toolchain, the build stop because there are two errors:
15-5-27 12:58:34 Guest_3665: ../fpcsrc/*.exe not found and ../fpcsrc/utils/*.exe not found !!!
15-5-27 13:01:04 Guest_3665: i have verified. there's not *.exe in this repertory... how to repair this problems... THANKS !
15-5-27 14:00:43 Guest_3665: sorry i have verified in this directory (not repertory) there aren't *.exe . WHY WHY WHY ?
15-5-27 14:06:40 sternas: Please Sir, post to our forum
15-5-28 1:03:49 sternas: [LAB NEWS]Fedora 22 in our lab for test


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