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14-7-14 8:25:59 Guest_8779: I have the update KB2962872 and InstallShield apparently works normally
14-7-14 8:28:02 viking: www.installaware.com/brokenshield.asp
14-7-14 8:28:14 viking: «link»
14-7-14 8:28:32 sternas: We ask to Ms support, but no clear answer, we will waiting for Ms free-back...
14-7-14 8:30:47 sternas: Lab CT 5.00 is in our server...
14-7-14 8:31:54 sternas: Anyone can test and this ver CTCenter->update select "Development version"
14-7-14 8:31:58 Duran: Download "LAB Development Version 4910" in progress
14-7-14 8:32:10 sternas: OK
14-7-14 8:41:11 Duran: Download complete what should I do ?
14-7-14 8:49:52 sternas: Please wait ..
14-7-14 9:19:19 sternas: please try to update again we upload new ver 5.00
14-7-14 9:19:33 sternas: server error
14-7-14 9:19:47 sternas: but we solved
14-7-14 9:21:14 Guest_4554: I also have problems running 4.9. full build is successful. perhaps we should look towards what localization is installed in the system? I have installed Russian. because if after utsanovki select "reset all settings", the first swears to the wrong index, and only then access violation.
14-7-14 9:22:53 sternas: Guys test ver 5.00 from CTCenter - > update
14-7-14 9:25:02 Guest_4554: already. in this momemt rebuild all.
14-7-14 9:25:14 sternas: OK
14-7-14 9:40:45 sternas: any report ?
14-7-14 9:46:29 Guest_4554: my system will require 20-30 minutes
14-7-14 9:46:40 sternas: OK
14-7-14 10:27:45 Guest_4554: ензргт
14-7-14 10:27:49 Guest_4554: 5.00
14-7-14 10:28:18 Guest_4554: typhon32 - acces violation
14-7-14 10:29:06 Guest_4554: typhon64 - access violation
14-7-14 10:29:57 sternas: Ok, We must make more tests...
14-7-14 10:36:23 Guest_6100: Typhon Ide no access violation after setting localizzation to english(usa) in windows XP-32
14-7-14 10:45:13 Guest_4554: Guest_6100: you switch system regianal setting ?
14-7-14 10:46:01 Guest_6100: Yes
14-7-14 10:47:26 sternas: So we found the problem IDE localizations, give us time to fix this...
14-7-14 10:47:52 Guest_6100: with german setting Typhon 32 gives access violation ; changing to english(usa) regional setting works fine
14-7-14 10:59:54 sternas: OK
14-7-14 11:01:08 sternas: CT 4.90 use auto-localization and this is the problem, we will solve and this problem...
14-7-14 11:01:15 sternas: give us time
14-7-14 11:04:34 Guest_4554: option "Show compile process .." is dead in version IDE 5.0?
14-7-14 12:48:18 oxygene: bonjour
14-7-14 12:49:10 oxygene: /map
14-7-14 13:05:49 sternas: Guys, we find and solve the problem and we prepare new CT sub-release
14-7-14 13:41:19 Guest_7657: Hi, I'm using CT 4.8 x86_64-linux-gtk 2. My uses are PrintersDlgs, Printers, Forms and many others. Using THandle for the printer links prety fine. But FDevicMode : PDevMode; brings the error: Identifier not found "PDevMode". Which package have I forgotten to include ?? Thanks and greetings,
14-7-14 13:41:21 Guest_7657: Hans
14-7-14 18:04:30 r_garcia2010ak: I have the same problem '"Access Violation", I have a Win 7 64 bit, I have all the permissions and libraries installed
14-7-14 18:12:46 sternas: Sir, Please download or update to CT 4.92
14-7-14 18:19:29 r_garcia2010ak: thank you my friend
14-7-14 18:20:42 r_garcia2010ak: It is my working tool, and I have two systems in production developed in codetyphon
14-7-14 22:53:11 trashtong: i love typhon!
14-7-15 2:10:44 Guest_1418: Hi so does code typhoon replace lazarus? As in it's a different IDE?
14-7-15 2:11:12 Guest_1418: still pascal based?
14-7-15 2:32:25 trashtong: yeah lazarus has a converting tool to lazproject from delphi project
14-7-15 2:47:01 sternas: Typhon IDE is a folk of Lazarus, yes full native pascal
14-7-15 3:02:57 Guest_1418: ok thx
14-7-15 3:08:23 Guest_1418: Ok so I installed it and ran it but it looks like a typhoon centre, I don't see any IDE? (Under Windows.
14-7-15 4:18:55 sternas: Did you build All
14-7-15 4:21:24 sternas: CT has Full Source, we use install and build methodology, only CTCenter is pre-build
14-7-15 6:56:33 Guest_5774: I have CT4.92 downloaded and installed, works on Win-XP 32. But when I select a word in the sourcecode and press the F1 key, I get the message 'Stream read error' and the dialogue lhelp is empty.
14-7-15 7:32:20 sternas: We know for this problem and we try to fix it...it's not so simple read chm files to Win, Solaris, FreeBSD and linux...
14-7-15 11:19:59 r_garcia2010ak: CT worksheetgrid present problems, also this "Access Violation" which will be no way to fix it
14-7-15 12:51:41 r_garcia2010ak: Hello friend
14-7-15 17:05:29 VirtUX: I have problem where I compiling big-IDE: Can't call the resource compiler "/usr/lib/codetyphon/fpc/bin/x86_64-linux/fpcres", switching to external
on openSUSE 13.1 (CT 4.90, 4.92, 4.93)
What I do wrong?
14-7-15 19:23:43 Guest_1418: can I import my lazarus project into CT?
14-7-15 20:18:26 sternas: Yes Sir
14-7-15 20:18:48 sternas: just open project
14-7-16 1:32:50 Guest_1418: When I compile my windows project i am getting "The RollBack Transaction request has no corresponding Begin Transaction". What does that mean?
14-7-16 1:48:21 Guest_1418: the project is a simple one, with a grid which displays results based on a simple query to a single table in a MS SQL DB, and a DB Combo box which displays a list of users from another table in the same DB
14-7-16 1:48:41 Guest_1418: Eventually I want to filter the grid by the selection made in the combobox but that is next step
14-7-16 4:05:40 sternas: Please post to our Forum, Sir
14-7-17 22:28:16 Guest_2272: sadly none of the kgrids work - access violation?????
14-7-18 12:02:50 Guest_7536: click word in the sourcecode and press the F1 key, message 'Stream read error',win7 x64
14-7-18 12:04:09 Guest_7536: need help please.
14-7-18 13:44:55 sternas: We know this problem Sir, we try to solve it.. give us time
14-7-22 14:34:27 Guest_5435: Phantastic slide show on home, really!! will you set up something like Matis bug tracker?
14-7-22 14:39:52 Guest_5435: what is ment with your "tool chanin", pleas can you add one sentence of explanation to this theme on your tool chain page? thx
14-7-23 16:15:44 sternas: No bug tracker for the moment Sir
14-7-25 20:15:18 Guest_9851: Hello
14-7-26 17:38:12 Guest_9267: ;)
14-7-26 19:12:02 Guest_4807: hi
14-7-26 20:40:09 Guest_samy: Hello every one
14-7-26 20:41:16 Guest_samy: I'm coming from ms visual studio c#
14-7-26 20:52:34 Guest_samy: i want the IDE in one window like ms visual studio,where the form and code are in tabs , but i can't , I docked every window but the form of my program won't , also I tried KZDesktop it shows errors when setup ,but after some modificatiions it works but the IDE looks so wrong , any help please (sorry for my english)
14-7-27 6:15:05 sternas: Sir MS Visual Studio is for Windows Only,
CodeTyphon is for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris
the Form API is NOT the same in all these Host OSes.
KZDesktop use dummy forms and this is not good...
so, for the moment no solution
14-7-27 12:25:23 Guest_samy: thank you for reply
14-7-27 12:26:12 Guest_samy: now i understand


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)