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15-7-2 9:57:46 lposantos: Hello, sorry to submit a so simple question, but:
15-7-2 9:57:57 lposantos: I need to install RAUDUS in Typhon.
15-7-2 9:58:02 lposantos: How can I to procede?
15-7-2 9:59:02 lposantos: My typhon is updated.
15-7-2 10:00:29 lposantos: :_(
15-7-2 12:51:01 sternas: Please Sir, send this question to RAUDUS web site
15-7-2 12:51:50 sternas: We test and support only Free and Open Source libraries
15-7-2 22:43:42 emiliano: hi, i'd like to know if there is a "user control" component for CT? (something like this: «link» ), thanks!
15-7-2 23:12:05 sternas: No yet Sir
15-7-3 4:51:20 emiliano: Hi, is it possible to include the "user control component" in the version ? thanks.
15-7-3 4:54:51 emiliano: Hi, is it possible to include the "user control component" in the next version ? thanks.
15-7-3 13:54:49 sternas: We will try Sir, but this library is for win32 only
15-7-4 12:32:53 hsn: When will CT/Lazarus support component packages like Delphi rather than building the source in to the ide?
15-7-4 14:37:12 sternas: Sir, It's FreePascal subject
15-7-5 6:14:38 Guest_6515: Hi there, i need help urgently i get the following error
15-7-5 6:14:44 Guest_6515: c:\codetyphon\fpc\fpc32\bin\i386-win32\arm-linux-ld.exe: BFD (GNU Binutils) 2.24 assertion fail elf32-arm.c:12387
15-7-5 6:15:59 Guest_6515: when linking my version of typhoon is 5.1 is this the latest ver
15-7-5 16:54:09 sternas: Please Sir, update to CT ver 5.30
15-7-5 16:54:28 sternas: or to Lab CT ver 5.40
15-7-6 11:18:17 fpasqueto: bom dia todos, alguem aqui fala portugues
15-7-6 14:49:15 sternas: Only with translator Sir
15-7-6 14:50:00 sternas: Somente com Sir tradutor
15-7-10 14:27:23 hsn: Is it possible to download 5.40 installer?
15-7-10 16:18:05 sternas: No Sir, it's DEV LAB version, you can only test CT 5.40 as Update of CT 5.30,
so you can:
-Download CT 5.3 just install NOT build anything.
-Open CT Center and do Update to CT 5.40
-Install System Libraries and Build ALL.
15-7-10 16:22:26 sternas: We are working for Final release of CT 5.40,
I hope soon, if all are OK in "Mega-build LAB release procedure"
Until now we finish Windows and Linux tests without problems
15-7-14 9:55:16 Guest_6129: Hello to everybody, especially to pilots :)
Sirs, i am looking for a solution of how to copy large file under windows.
what i am needing is a function where ican handover source and destination filenames and a callback procedure to grab the progress.
i have started to implement with tfilestream tfilestreamutf8 is have used windows native functions ( without the callback for pb )
tFilestraem with buffer to slow
windows native no poss. to grabb progress

Do you have a tipp for me where to looking for a stable solution ?

You have to know further that want to copy large files > 2GB

Thanks for help !
15-7-14 15:14:29 sternas: Please Sir, post to our forum
15-7-14 15:26:29 Guest_2848: help regular expressions with code typhon
15-7-16 16:44:21 Guest_7597: When will be come the next CT Lab or release version?
15-7-16 17:00:39 sternas: Today Sir, Final CT 5.40
15-7-16 17:09:59 Guest_7597: Thanks
15-7-16 18:12:57 sternas: [ANN] We release Final CodeTyphon (CT) ver 5.40, with so many new things...
15-7-17 15:10:57 jund: HI, Looks like there's a bug or problem on ToolChains Builder on Mac OS X Yosemite.
15-7-17 15:11:40 jund: If ever I select another Target, the FPC Cross Executable becomes ????????
15-7-17 15:12:36 jund: and even if I click the default the ??????? still stays, also hitting the Build will just produce error in the end.. Please help.
15-7-17 15:23:49 sternas: Sir ToolChains Builder on MacOs don't work yet
15-7-17 15:26:35 sternas: MacOS is a close DEV OS
15-7-17 15:30:42 jund: ahh, oks, what is a close DEV OS ?
15-7-17 15:36:15 sternas: XCode is not open source software and don't support GNU binutils
15-7-17 15:37:12 sternas: to work CT ToolChains Builder, you must install gcc ver 4.8 on MacOS
15-7-17 15:37:41 sternas: with MacPorts this is about 3 hours building
15-7-17 15:41:45 sternas: did you try the new CT on MAC ability,
to build Typhon IDE for KDE4 ?
15-7-17 15:42:13 jund: I have a running CT on MAC 5.3
15-7-17 15:42:56 jund: so if I gcc 4.8 and macports the Toolchains builder will work ?
15-7-17 15:43:30 jund: *install gcc
15-7-17 15:46:55 jund: hmm I already have xcode,macports,gcc 4.8 installed .. but the CT Toolchains builder still behaves as it is..
15-7-17 15:49:10 sternas: give us time to check this
15-7-17 15:49:18 sternas: or help us
15-7-17 15:49:21 jund: thanks
15-7-17 15:49:35 jund: just tell me what to do
15-7-17 15:49:44 jund: glad to be of service
15-7-17 15:51:20 sternas: I don't know, tomorrow in our daily lab briefing I will ask my Mac programmers
15-7-17 15:52:21 jund: oks, just throw me an email , if you need help .. thanks
15-7-17 15:52:23 sternas: I will add this to CT Lab task List
15-7-17 15:52:36 sternas: Ok
15-7-18 12:38:28 databank@abv.bg: hello!
15-7-18 12:40:32 databank@abv.bg: Can I ask simple question?
15-7-18 12:40:53 databank@abv.bg: Any one willing to help me?
15-7-18 12:41:11 databank@abv.bg: hello
15-7-18 15:47:40 sternas: Sir, for programming questions please use our Forum
15-7-20 8:18:14 sternas: [LAB NEWS] OpenMandriva Lx 2014.2 in our lab for tests
15-7-20 10:00:44 Guest_4479: Dear Sternas,
15-7-20 10:01:46 Guest_4479: Dear Sternas, why have you removed the pl_comport component ? Is mandatory for my projects.
15-7-20 10:38:00 archi68: Dear All, on BGRA library, the led component has been removed. Now I can't switch to add nothing to the form with the error "impossibile to found library component TBGRALED". I have tryied to remove from the .pas all references but noting chamge. Can sombody hep me.
15-7-20 16:20:09 sternas: @Guest_4479: please Sir use TvsComPort from pl_SynapseVS, is MultiOS comp, pl_comport was only for windows
15-7-20 16:26:57 sternas: archi68: remove TBGRALED from lfm file and from pas file and use TuELED comp from pl_BGRAuecontrols
rename to lfm and to pas file TBGRALED => TBGRALED locate at ueled.pas unit.
The spit of pl_BGRAcontrols => pl_BGRAcontrols+pl_BGRAuecontrols it was pl_BGRAuecontrols programmer request
15-7-22 19:30:34 Guest_9837: Hello Sternas
15-7-22 19:34:30 Guest_9837: Fspreadsheet specifically to components in the columns autosize there is an error, I made the correction in my development I would like to send it to include it in the next version
15-7-22 19:35:05 Guest_9837: como procedo para enviarla corrección espero tus indicaciones
15-7-23 5:06:30 sternas: Yes Sir, please
15-7-23 5:07:11 sternas: Attach your corrections (zip first) to a post
15-7-23 16:00:31 rgarcia: Hello Sternas
15-7-23 16:05:06 rgarcia: in the post "Auto size columns Fspreadsheet" put the fraction of pl_fpspreadsheet code package must be corrected for the auto adjustment function properly columns
15-7-24 5:28:57 Guest_7587: Typhon 64 big ide fails to compile/install on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
15-7-24 9:18:30 Guest_9062: on Top of your home your write ""Generation V Plan".", but no underlying link.
15-7-24 9:18:37 Guest_9062: What does this mean?
15-7-24 13:39:19 sternas: Generation V plan it's our "Vision" for CT ver 5.x Sir,
it's the our "target road" for then end of CT ver 5.x
it's our "Programming Manifest" for then end of CT ver 5.x
15-7-24 13:39:43 sternas: for ubuntu please post to our forum
15-7-26 7:49:21 sternas: [LAB NEWS] Finally :) CT on Debian 8.x is MultiArch (GKT2, QT4, QT5),
next MultiArch Lab Bus stop is Ubuntu 15.04
15-7-28 8:32:25 sternas: [LAB NEWS] and Finally CT on Ubuntu 15.04 (Ubuntu, Ubuntu-Mate etc) is MultiArch (GKT2, QT4, QT5)...


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