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19-10-2016 15:10:29 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] FreeBSD 11.0 on our lab for tests ....
20-10-2016 10:59:08 Fredy Caballero: Hi Sternas, Great tutorials of CT on Parrot and Ubuntu. I also suggest other distribution in which CT looks great: Elementary :) When you get a chance you could try. :)
20-10-2016 11:02:25 Fredy Caballero: I forgot it the official page
20-10-2016 11:02:43 Fredy Caballero: Regards
20-10-2016 11:23:08 Sternas Stefanos: Thanks Sir, we will try
21-10-2016 5:30:58 Guest_6886: Hi there I am truly impressed with what you have achieved
21-10-2016 12:05:11 Sternas Stefanos: Thanks Sir
25-10-2016 17:42:43 flamer0n: How many team members are there in supporting CodeTyphon?
26-10-2016 2:30:22 Guest_6725: FASFDAFDSA
26-10-2016 2:30:30 Guest_6725: JPÑA
26-10-2016 12:52:22 Fernando Vazquez: Sir have a great day. My Name is Fernando, live in Argentina, after a lot of search, I was unable to find a solution. My Host its an Win 7 64 bits. The target machine its an ARM7L with Ubuntu, I compiled a simple application, only a button, an NOTHING AT ALL happends, this I saw:
26-10-2016 12:52:32 Fernando Vazquez: uname -l
26-10-2016 12:52:38 Fernando Vazquez: armv7l
26-10-2016 12:52:48 Fernando Vazquez: file ./project1
26-10-2016 12:53:36 Fernando Vazquez: ELF 32-bits LSB executable, ARM version 1 (SYSV), dynamicaly linked
26-10-2016 12:53:54 Fernando Vazquez: could you please give me some ligth of what I'm doing wrong?
26-10-2016 12:54:10 Fernando Vazquez: Thanks a lot, any help will be apreciates
28-10-2016 18:42:36 lqdesa: Hola Fernando Vazquez yo también soy de Argentina, :)
30-10-2016 10:47:49 Guest_2866: Is there C++ version CT, I mean can I use C++ programming language?
30-10-2016 16:24:26 Sternas Stefanos: No yet Sir,
We have plans for Cyclon IDE C/C++, but we want to Fix/finish Typhon IDE
31-10-2016 15:01:09 Guest_1138: Is there in the future an bidirektional UML editor next to the one way existing one
31-10-2016 16:12:35 Sternas Stefanos: Sir, please more info
31-10-2016 16:51:16 Guest_1138: i mean. now when you have something diagramm editor generate diagram, but will it be possible in futre to change something in diagramm and it get reflected in code
31-10-2016 17:00:09 Sternas Stefanos: We don't have plans for that Sir, but we can add your suggestion to our "future request list"
31-10-2016 17:03:26 Guest_1138: ok thanks :)
31-10-2016 17:24:41 Sternas Stefanos: Sir this guy "Jon Lennart Aasenden" has a BIG problem.... ;)
31-10-2016 17:27:30 Guest_7682: what the problem is?
31-10-2016 17:37:27 Sternas Stefanos: We send all "papers" to his country justice , we know everything for this TROLL guy
We will have serious fun with this troll... :D
31-10-2016 17:39:16 Sternas Stefanos: Oh, we have NOT "lock" his page for this reason...
1-11-2016 13:19:31 Sternas Stefanos: It's a tragic... :D
1-11-2016 23:17:21 Sternas Stefanos: {LAB NEWS] We release Lab CodeTyphon ver 5.90 revision 005850
This version has a lot of new things and many fixes/improvements
More here
7-11-2016 15:07:44 Piotr S: Hello Sternas ... are you here?
7-11-2016 16:10:03 Sternas Stefanos: Yes Sir
10-11-2016 8:31:20 Sternas Stefanos: [ANN] A small Web Server Problem, but ALL OK now
11-11-2016 3:56:01 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] Preparing THE ULTIMATE CodeTyphon Lab Test...
11-11-2016 18:08:13 wilkin Ramirez: saludo a todos.. alguien sabe como integrar el componente fastreport en codetyphon, tengo el lpk pero no se como hacerlo
16-11-2016 6:29:52 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] Preparing CT 5.90 Final... ETA 1-2 Days
16-11-2016 11:15:21 Sternas Stefanos: We release CodeTyphon ver 5.90 Final at 16-Nov-2016,
Please, test, report and suggest ...
1-12-2016 2:57:32 Sternas Stefanos: [INFO] Solve a Small Forum Problem...
1-12-2016 2:59:08 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] Working on CodeTyphon LAB ver 6.00 (GENERATION 6)
5-12-2016 20:01:05 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We release LAB CT 6.00 Revision 005910
Please, test report or suggest
9-12-2016 18:58:44 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We prepare CodeTyphon test on a "Extreme" Programming Workstation PC
- 2xZEON CPUs 36 Cores
- 64Gbytes ECC RAM
- GTX1070 with 8GB
- 950 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD
- 4K Monitor (40" 3,840x2,160 pixels)
10-12-2016 8:19:00 Sternas Stefanos: We successfully activated The account for Benedikt Magnus
19-12-2016 18:36:18 Benedikt Magnus: Thank you very much for activating my account!
27-12-2016 9:24:48 Sternas Stefanos: We successfully activated the account for Marcin Wytrzyszczewski
28-12-2016 16:33:02 Sternas Stefanos: new Password : 12345
2-1-2017 15:29:29 Sternas Stefanos: We have some problems on registration in our site
Please, send us an email to to solve any problem
11-1-2017 6:48:14 Sternas Stefanos: Preparing Lab CodeTyphon Ver 6.00 revision 5930 for release...
11-1-2017 10:48:29 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CT 6.00 Revision 005930
Please, test, report or suggest and Have Fun
17-1-2017 6:44:50 satyendra: Thank you very much for activating my userid
17-1-2017 16:11:44 Sternas Stefanos: Have fun Sir
25-1-2017 6:07:34 skull auc: :)
25-1-2017 6:07:58 skull auc: thank you for activation
25-1-2017 7:50:04 skull auc: hi
25-1-2017 7:50:19 skull auc: have u tested CT with linux mint? i have problems with compilation for android, error messages:

"Compile Project, OS: android, CPU: arm, Target: project1: Exit code 256, Errors: 1
project1.lpr(22,0) Error: Error while linking"
line 22 is after "end."

i guess, maybe it can be because of user privileges? where could i look for error code descriptions?
25-1-2017 7:51:58 skull auc: its just a simple form with CDButton on it
25-1-2017 7:56:28 skull auc: TProject.DoLoadStateFile Statefile not found: .../lib/arm-android/project1.compiled
Hint: (IDE) Project needs building: No state file for Project
25-1-2017 7:56:45 skull auc: can it be the cause? that is then the state file?
25-1-2017 7:57:07 skull auc: *what is...
25-1-2017 8:26:33 skull auc: solved :D sorry it was my fault, used binToolchains dir instead of binLibraries xD DDD
26-1-2017 8:05:36 Sternas Stefanos: Have fun Sir
26-1-2017 8:14:53 Sternas Stefanos: [ANN]
Registration procedure in our site has some problems.
New, register users DON’T receive confirmation email.
Some email providers NOT accept emails from our PilotLogic Email Server
Please, send us an email to, to solve any problem
27-1-2017 15:36:13 Matis: Test
28-1-2017 9:05:43 skull auc: thanks )
28-1-2017 9:05:59 skull auc: a good question:
28-1-2017 9:52:06 skull auc: is it possible to make an overview of the Code Ocean in the wiki and in CTC ?
and an easier access, especially in linux (it took rather much time for me to found it)
28-1-2017 9:55:21 skull auc: because it is mentioned often and everywhere, but direct access is neither in menu of Typhon (like file->examples... or file->new->CodeOcean) nor in menu of CTC (there are only clean extract and delete but not open)
28-1-2017 9:55:59 skull auc: thank you for attention and your priceless efforts, Sir
28-1-2017 9:59:56 skull auc: p.s. i would even like to help if u open that part of wiki for editing )
28-1-2017 17:34:34 Fred van Stappen: Hello Sternas.
28-1-2017 17:35:16 Fred van Stappen: OK, thanks, I am log-on ;-)
28-1-2017 19:29:40 Sternas Stefanos: @Fred van Stappen I' am OK
28-1-2017 22:01:51 Matis A.: @skull auc, I think this possible ...
29-1-2017 6:02:21 skull auc: @Matis A, can we have an online conversation? here or skype or icq or irc or whatever ) please
29-1-2017 6:04:19 skull auc: @Sternas Stefanos please consider accepting help of ur fans ) :-P it could be quite great deal not only for typhon but for pascal generally
29-1-2017 16:44:32 Matis A.: [ANN]
Registration procedure in our site has some problems.
New, register users DON’T receive confirmation email.
Some email providers NOT accept emails from our PilotLogic Email Server
Please, send us an email to, to solve any problem
30-1-2017 20:49:49 Sternas Stefanos: [ANN] We release CodeTyphon ver 6.00, please, fave fun... :)
24-2-2017 17:32:06 Matis A.: We Release LAB CodeTyphon 6.10 Revision 006020, have fun...
7-3-2017 11:50:36 SunYuLiang: hi,i meet some trouble in Mac OS
7-3-2017 11:50:45 SunYuLiang: Please help me
7-3-2017 11:50:49 SunYuLiang: thank you !
7-3-2017 11:51:37 SunYuLiang: Error: The launching application "/tmp/"
does not exist or is not executable.

See Run -> Run parameters -> Local
7-3-2017 11:52:32 SunYuLiang: when i run my program in the Mac OS ,then show this error ,and the GUI program must run in shell ,why ?
7-3-2017 13:04:58 SunYuLiang: i have solute this trouble , build the mac os's program have some special that will build two execute program , one shell program ; another GUI program
8-3-2017 3:03:23 Matis A.: Please Sir, post to our forum
15-3-2017 7:51:59 Sternas Stefanos: We solve some web server problems...
15-3-2017 8:01:18 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CodeTyphon 6.10 Revision 006030 BETA1
Please test and report...
22-3-2017 15:51:28 Fer Castro: Hello all
1-4-2017 5:27:18 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] Lab CT support now and armhf, test on Pi3 with Ubuntu 16.04 MATE
2-4-2017 18:14:10 Matis A.: We start test on Pi3 with opensuse aarch64
4-4-2017 18:12:56 Fer Castro: Hello Sternas, hope You are fine. I have one qustion: Do You have plans to integrate Zeos to Typhon for Mac? or, are the components incompatible with th OS?
4-4-2017 18:13:05 Fer Castro: Thks and best regards
5-4-2017 15:14:37 Sternas Stefanos: Sir we don't test Zeos on MAC,
in the next "CT Lab building cycle" we will test and zeos on Mac, OK
5-4-2017 21:29:50 Fer Castro: Thanks Sternas, i'll be expecting for the test results.
11-4-2017 10:03:20 Sternas Stefanos: Yes, pl_ZeosDBO library work's OK on MacOS (QT4,GTK2 and Carbon Platforms)
14-4-2017 16:40:42 Matis A.: We release LAB CodeTyphon 6.10 Revision 006050 RC
Please test and report...
17-4-2017 5:56:56 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We are preparing FINAL CodeTyphon version 6.10
ETA 1-2 days
21-4-2017 17:40:42 Matis A.: We release final CodeTyphon 6.15, have fun
27-4-2017 11:30:48 LUIZ GABRIEL DEGANUT: Good morning,someone could give me a light, time to install linux mint codetyphon 32bits

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