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14-7-23 16:15:44 sternas: No bug tracker for the moment Sir
14-7-25 20:15:18 Guest_9851: Hello
14-7-26 17:38:12 Guest_9267: ;)
14-7-26 19:12:02 Guest_4807: hi
14-7-26 20:40:09 Guest_samy: Hello every one
14-7-26 20:41:16 Guest_samy: I'm coming from ms visual studio c#
14-7-26 20:52:34 Guest_samy: i want the IDE in one window like ms visual studio,where the form and code are in tabs , but i can't , I docked every window but the form of my program won't , also I tried KZDesktop it shows errors when setup ,but after some modificatiions it works but the IDE looks so wrong , any help please (sorry for my english)
14-7-27 6:15:05 sternas: Sir MS Visual Studio is for Windows Only,
CodeTyphon is for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris
the Form API is NOT the same in all these Host OSes.
KZDesktop use dummy forms and this is not good...
so, for the moment no solution
14-7-27 12:25:23 Guest_samy: thank you for reply
14-7-27 12:26:12 Guest_samy: now i understand
14-7-28 14:20:06 sternas: [LAB NEWS] Tools week, we add in Lab CT: CHM Builder, Po Builder, Image Editor and UniEditor
14-7-28 19:47:14 Guest_2208: hola}
14-7-30 8:59:22 sternas: We FIX Typhon IDE help system problem in Lab CT
14-7-30 11:35:58 Guest_8659: Is this a known behavior when moving controls? www.members.aon.at/ar_s/ForumBilder/Control_Moving.exe
14-7-30 18:32:06 sternas: We Fix Typhon IDE, localization problems [FR] in Lab CT
14-7-31 0:03:50 Guest_8095: good
14-7-31 5:22:53 Guest_3670: many thanks for your great work!
14-7-31 13:10:02 sternas: Thanks Sir
14-7-31 13:10:42 sternas: [INFO] We prepare Lab CT 5.0 rev 004940 Develop Release
14-8-1 12:32:22 Guest_7257: HI, You can use CT to compile for ARM with Linux Angstrom (BEAGLEBONE Black)?
14-8-1 13:02:40 sternas: Sir, I think this is possible
14-8-1 15:02:50 sternas: We release Lab CT rev 004941 Development Version «link»
Please, test and report here...
14-8-2 15:46:36 Guest_2323: I have tested Lab CT rev 004941 on OS Win7-64 (compiled for 32-bit) and it works without any problems. Many thanks!! :D
14-8-3 2:10:00 sternas: Thanks Sir, have fun
14-8-3 6:03:03 oxygene: bonjour
14-8-6 8:16:15 nicola.sperotto: what is pl_ECControls ?
14-8-6 14:08:53 sternas: Sir more info here «link»
14-8-7 0:00:34 adek: helo, I have problem Resource "KGRID_CURSOR_HRESIZE" not found when using KGrids and "SIGFPE" when using SmartGrid, anyone can tell me how to solve it?
14-8-7 4:02:21 sternas: Please Sir, post to our Forum
14-8-7 8:36:24 sternas: pl_Freefpider ? yes we fix-it
14-8-7 10:15:34 nicola.sperotto: ok, thank you Sir.
14-8-7 10:18:31 nicola.sperotto: I've posted a problem on the Forum -> TOPIC: Problem with BLOB stream, may someone help? I've tried many different solution (e.g. using a TMemoryStream for as a temporary "buffer", but without success)
14-8-10 18:49:53 Guest_9057: Hello, are there possibilities to develop on windows and debug on raspberry? Atm i'm lost with debugger options.
14-8-10 18:57:17 lapilesos: What i managed is to copy over ssh file to raspberry but I dont know how to start remote debug
14-8-11 14:28:24 Guest_1947: It would be great if in the next version of ct the crosscompiler for linux armhf for BeagleBone would work. Working with CT under Windows works great. Thank you so much for ct!
14-8-11 17:21:41 sternas: Thanks Sir, we will try
14-8-13 16:21:55 sternas: [ANN] We release Lab CT Revision 004950 Development Version, please test and report here «link»
14-8-14 5:45:17 Guest_5300: I have deinstal Lazarus and install CT 4.9 on my XP 32bit. Use TZConection to connect to sql database, but no success. Catalog is empty. Password,protocol,port , user are 100% OK. Library file sql path is from System32!? This connection was work from Lazarus. Any suggestion?
14-8-14 11:55:31 sternas: Please Sir, post to our forum
14-8-14 11:57:52 Guest_3040: Download and build 004950. If I want to call help with F1 then get the message: Error reading IpHtmlPanel1.PrintSettings.MarginLeft: Unknown property: "PrintSettings". Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption. Press Cancel to kill the program.
14-8-14 16:24:29 sternas: Please Sir, post to our forum...
14-8-14 17:30:23 sternas: [LAB NEWS] we start Typhon IDE "Embedded Designer" task...On windows work OK
14-8-14 20:29:11 Guest_3040: I would like to post to the forum, but unfortunately I get no access, because the creation of an account does not work. :_(
14-8-14 23:38:55 sternas: Please send your account info to support@pilotlogic.com and we will fix it
14-8-15 3:35:23 Guest_3040: I have now written an e-mail to support. Thank you.
14-8-15 6:08:03 sternas: Try to login
14-8-15 11:07:02 Guest_3040 : I do not get a confirmation e-mail
14-8-15 15:40:55 sternas: And this is the problem, your email don't work OK, use your username and for password: 12345
14-8-15 15:57:54 Guest_8163: I can't wait to see CodeTyphon in one window thanks for the work on this feature
14-8-16 7:33:25 sternas: Soon, our firsts Lab result...
14-8-16 17:04:09 Guest_8163: I have test Orca on two different linux systems on an netbook manjaro and on an normal pc ubuntu on both the libery doesn't work correktly by me the most 2dscene examples work but the most of the 3dscene examples I get an acces violation and the 2dscene style designer freeze when I try to change something in the right box but I can load styles from the ready one in the package and in the brush dialogs of the components I can't click on ok only on cancle. but I think when orca works good on all platforms it is an very great component because it is very flexible and have styleble components. sorry for my bad english
14-8-16 17:07:56 Guest_8163: The Embedded Form Designer looks great good work
14-8-17 2:41:47 ejespino1127: Hi, need help in regard to the installation. The instructions published here says, basically, unzip and and run "install.sh" (for Linux) but after unzipping the downloaded file there are 43 .sh none named "install.sh"!!!
14-8-17 2:42:47 ejespino1127: for clarification: 43 .sh scripts!
14-8-17 3:05:04 sternas: Please re-download Zip again
14-8-17 13:19:01 Guest_6989: Are anywere a roadmap to see what is all planed for CT5.00
14-8-17 14:48:47 Guest_1845: Hello i am the Extended packages developer !
14-8-17 14:49:26 Guest_1845: What is Pilot Logic ?
14-8-17 14:51:40 Guest_1845: Hello i am the Extended packages developer with my pseudo !
14-8-17 17:42:50 sternas: @Guest_6989 in our lab we plan a lot of things for CodeTyphon Generation V 5.xx. Please post to our forum here «link» for more info
14-8-17 17:49:31 sternas: @Guest_1845 PilotLogic it's a Software House,
the Owner is Ex Military Pilot (T-37, T-2, T-6 Taxan II, F-5, NF-5, F-16 Block 50 AVD etc...)
14-8-17 18:02:38 Guest_6989: I have try me to register a while ago but I haven't get an activation key , I have wrote 1 or two 2 days ago to the support mail which is in this chat some lines earlyer to but i didnt get an answer
14-8-17 18:05:30 sternas: We didn't get any email today but we fix a lot of emails yesterday, your user name?
14-8-17 18:06:39 sternas: to fixit now
14-8-17 18:07:03 Guest_6989: Dragon
14-8-17 18:11:51 Guest_6989: I dint get any email yesterday i isn'z in spam folder or in other folder
14-8-17 18:12:32 sternas: No problem logic now and change your initial password...
14-8-17 18:18:20 sternas: [LAB NEWS] Tomorrow is the Testing day of Solaris 10.2 with GCC 4.8
14-8-17 18:19:34 Guest_6989: I cn't log me in
14-8-17 18:21:15 sternas: Now is OK, try again
14-8-17 18:24:31 Guest_6989: It doesnt work
14-8-17 18:25:12 Dragon: now it works thanks
14-8-17 18:25:42 sternas: OK, have fun
14-8-17 18:26:51 Dragon: thanks again
14-8-17 18:50:24 Guest_4598: i am burning on your 5th version with android support.................
14-8-20 16:00:05 oxygene: bonjour
14-8-21 5:48:56 sternas: Good morning guys
14-8-21 17:19:05 sternas: [ANN] We release Lab CT Revision 004961 Development Version, please test and report here «link»
14-8-24 11:36:29 sternas: [LAB NEWS] Tomorrow we will start Lab CT on Mac OS 10.9 task
14-8-30 3:51:46 sternas: [ANN] 30-8-2014 We release Lab CT Revision 004970 Development Version, please test and report here «link»


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