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14-7-14 8:21:03 Guest_5920: (Win8.1 x64, tested small IDE and big IDE)
14-7-14 8:21:13 viking: hmmm
14-7-14 8:21:17 sternas: THANKS
14-7-14 8:21:18 Guest_5920: ofc IDE x64
14-7-14 8:22:18 sternas: We start check all our PC now
14-7-14 8:22:29 viking: than this probably means that problem is not caused by this update
14-7-14 8:23:01 viking: but i suggest to check if there is any difference in installed updates on pc with problems and the one where everything works fine
14-7-14 8:23:03 sternas: We will see, we want more reports...
14-7-14 8:23:54 viking: in most cases problems like this is caused by some update that is installed or not installed
14-7-14 8:25:59 Guest_8779: I have the update KB2962872 and InstallShield apparently works normally
14-7-14 8:28:02 viking: www.installaware.com/brokenshield.asp
14-7-14 8:28:14 viking: «link»
14-7-14 8:28:32 sternas: We ask to Ms support, but no clear answer, we will waiting for Ms free-back...
14-7-14 8:30:47 sternas: Lab CT 5.00 is in our server...
14-7-14 8:31:54 sternas: Anyone can test and this ver CTCenter->update select "Development version"
14-7-14 8:31:58 Duran: Download "LAB Development Version 4910" in progress
14-7-14 8:32:10 sternas: OK
14-7-14 8:41:11 Duran: Download complete what should I do ?
14-7-14 8:49:52 sternas: Please wait ..
14-7-14 9:19:19 sternas: please try to update again we upload new ver 5.00
14-7-14 9:19:33 sternas: server error
14-7-14 9:19:47 sternas: but we solved
14-7-14 9:21:14 Guest_4554: I also have problems running 4.9. full build is successful. perhaps we should look towards what localization is installed in the system? I have installed Russian. because if after utsanovki select "reset all settings", the first swears to the wrong index, and only then access violation.
14-7-14 9:22:53 sternas: Guys test ver 5.00 from CTCenter - > update
14-7-14 9:25:02 Guest_4554: already. in this momemt rebuild all.
14-7-14 9:25:14 sternas: OK
14-7-14 9:40:45 sternas: any report ?
14-7-14 9:46:29 Guest_4554: my system will require 20-30 minutes
14-7-14 9:46:40 sternas: OK
14-7-14 10:27:45 Guest_4554: ензргт
14-7-14 10:27:49 Guest_4554: 5.00
14-7-14 10:28:18 Guest_4554: typhon32 - acces violation
14-7-14 10:29:06 Guest_4554: typhon64 - access violation
14-7-14 10:29:57 sternas: Ok, We must make more tests...
14-7-14 10:36:23 Guest_6100: Typhon Ide no access violation after setting localizzation to english(usa) in windows XP-32
14-7-14 10:45:13 Guest_4554: Guest_6100: you switch system regianal setting ?
14-7-14 10:46:01 Guest_6100: Yes
14-7-14 10:47:26 sternas: So we found the problem IDE localizations, give us time to fix this...
14-7-14 10:47:52 Guest_6100: with german setting Typhon 32 gives access violation ; changing to english(usa) regional setting works fine
14-7-14 10:59:54 sternas: OK
14-7-14 11:01:08 sternas: CT 4.90 use auto-localization and this is the problem, we will solve and this problem...
14-7-14 11:01:15 sternas: give us time
14-7-14 11:04:34 Guest_4554: option "Show compile process .." is dead in version IDE 5.0?
14-7-14 12:48:18 oxygene: bonjour
14-7-14 12:49:10 oxygene: /map
14-7-14 13:05:49 sternas: Guys, we find and solve the problem and we prepare new CT sub-release
14-7-14 13:41:19 Guest_7657: Hi, I'm using CT 4.8 x86_64-linux-gtk 2. My uses are PrintersDlgs, Printers, Forms and many others. Using THandle for the printer links prety fine. But FDevicMode : PDevMode; brings the error: Identifier not found "PDevMode". Which package have I forgotten to include ?? Thanks and greetings,
14-7-14 13:41:21 Guest_7657: Hans
14-7-14 18:04:30 r_garcia2010ak: I have the same problem '"Access Violation", I have a Win 7 64 bit, I have all the permissions and libraries installed
14-7-14 18:12:46 sternas: Sir, Please download or update to CT 4.92
14-7-14 18:19:29 r_garcia2010ak: thank you my friend
14-7-14 18:20:42 r_garcia2010ak: It is my working tool, and I have two systems in production developed in codetyphon
14-7-14 22:53:11 trashtong: i love typhon!
14-7-15 2:10:44 Guest_1418: Hi so does code typhoon replace lazarus? As in it's a different IDE?
14-7-15 2:11:12 Guest_1418: still pascal based?
14-7-15 2:32:25 trashtong: yeah lazarus has a converting tool to lazproject from delphi project
14-7-15 2:47:01 sternas: Typhon IDE is a folk of Lazarus, yes full native pascal
14-7-15 3:02:57 Guest_1418: ok thx
14-7-15 3:08:23 Guest_1418: Ok so I installed it and ran it but it looks like a typhoon centre, I don't see any IDE? (Under Windows.
14-7-15 4:18:55 sternas: Did you build All
14-7-15 4:21:24 sternas: CT has Full Source, we use install and build methodology, only CTCenter is pre-build
14-7-15 6:56:33 Guest_5774: I have CT4.92 downloaded and installed, works on Win-XP 32. But when I select a word in the sourcecode and press the F1 key, I get the message 'Stream read error' and the dialogue lhelp is empty.
14-7-15 7:32:20 sternas: We know for this problem and we try to fix it...it's not so simple read chm files to Win, Solaris, FreeBSD and linux...
14-7-15 11:19:59 r_garcia2010ak: CT worksheetgrid present problems, also this "Access Violation" which will be no way to fix it
14-7-15 12:51:41 r_garcia2010ak: Hello friend
14-7-15 17:05:29 VirtUX: I have problem where I compiling big-IDE: Can't call the resource compiler "/usr/lib/codetyphon/fpc/bin/x86_64-linux/fpcres", switching to external
on openSUSE 13.1 (CT 4.90, 4.92, 4.93)
What I do wrong?
14-7-15 19:23:43 Guest_1418: can I import my lazarus project into CT?
14-7-15 20:18:26 sternas: Yes Sir
14-7-15 20:18:48 sternas: just open project
14-7-16 1:32:50 Guest_1418: When I compile my windows project i am getting "The RollBack Transaction request has no corresponding Begin Transaction". What does that mean?
14-7-16 1:48:21 Guest_1418: the project is a simple one, with a grid which displays results based on a simple query to a single table in a MS SQL DB, and a DB Combo box which displays a list of users from another table in the same DB
14-7-16 1:48:41 Guest_1418: Eventually I want to filter the grid by the selection made in the combobox but that is next step
14-7-16 4:05:40 sternas: Please post to our Forum, Sir
14-7-17 22:28:16 Guest_2272: sadly none of the kgrids work - access violation?????
14-7-18 12:02:50 Guest_7536: click word in the sourcecode and press the F1 key, message 'Stream read error',win7 x64
14-7-18 12:04:09 Guest_7536: need help please.
14-7-18 13:44:55 sternas: We know this problem Sir, we try to solve it.. give us time
14-7-22 14:34:27 Guest_5435: Phantastic slide show on home, really!! will you set up something like Matis bug tracker?
14-7-22 14:39:52 Guest_5435: what is ment with your "tool chanin", pleas can you add one sentence of explanation to this theme on your tool chain page? thx
14-7-23 16:15:44 sternas: No bug tracker for the moment Sir


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