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29-3-2016 15:25:10 Sternas Stefanos: and 20 "start level" grogramming students...
29-3-2016 15:25:52 Sternas Stefanos: The lab is like Cafe now :_( a mesh
29-3-2016 18:35:39 _13th_Dragon: "grogramming students", is it intentional mistake? :D
29-3-2016 18:36:52 _13th_Dragon: ... I like grog, by the way ...
2-4-2016 9:28:21 zxdunny: Hi all
2-4-2016 9:28:47 zxdunny: anyone any clues as to why an app will run properly from the IDE, but not from the terminal?
3-4-2016 16:05:20 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We prepering the release of LAB CT 5.8 revision 005720, ETA 1-2 days
4-4-2016 13:57:53 Sternas Stefanos: We release LAB CT 5.8.0 Revision 005720
more info here: http://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/forum/ct-lab-news/3506-ct-lab-ver-5-80?limitstart=0#9270
please try and report
5-4-2016 5:55:52 _13th_Dragon: Unfortunately 5.8.0 still not work with VirtualTrees on WinCE-arm
5-4-2016 14:36:06 Sternas Stefanos: We try to fix this Sir, give us time please
6-4-2016 15:50:37 nanotonne: hello, i bave a problem with installing last stable versin on winxp : it does'nt work after installed
6-4-2016 15:50:47 nanotonne: *i have
6-4-2016 15:58:19 nanotonne: I have WindowsXP SP3 (all updated) and i come to download CodeTyphonIns.zip 5.70 and installed, apparently all is good, i run typhon with default project( project1+unit1), i double clic on form1 (or on tbutton just added for example) to go on code editor on event onclick or onactivate (or other event), if i type 'abc".... it work by IF i TYPE/PRESS ON 'ENTER' KEY to go in nrw line (instert), thyphon freeze totally, no reaction and no new line inserted !!! the only solution is to kill typhon program. this bug is alwas reproductible systematically. Same if i retry to recompile IDE,, unable to resolve it, alwas blocked when i press 'enter' key in editor
6-4-2016 17:29:14 nanotonne: .
6-4-2016 22:46:57 Sternas Stefanos: Thanks Sir, we will test this, but WinXP is out of market...
7-4-2016 15:54:44 nanotonne: re hi
7-4-2016 15:56:09 nanotonne: i have find more detail about this bug : it's only with 3 or 4 key from keypad on my laptop , other key work
7-4-2016 16:00:14 nanotonne: example of key pressed when codetyphon editor freeze : ket 'enter' from leypad (normal 'enter' key work correctly), key '*' of keypad, key '.' of keypad. '0'..'9' from keypad work if i remember (i need to retest). Apparently it's with key not 'standard' , maybe this key a not reconized correctly by lazarus or codetyphon and it freeze it
7-4-2016 16:00:17 nanotonne: :)
7-4-2016 16:01:23 nanotonne: tomorrow i try to see exactly what key doesn't work (probleme of keycode ?) and why
8-4-2016 5:10:08 Guest_9068: Hi
8-4-2016 5:13:12 Guest_9068: sorry for my bad english i'm new in typhon, i have installed successfully for cross platform arm-android and i have compiled a new blank project for testing ... all done. Now i want know wich ui controls i must use for android and once compiled how i can make apk or what i do search in google for find tutorial. thx in advance.
8-4-2016 16:54:49 nanotonne: re-hi Sternas Stefanos
8-4-2016 16:55:04 nanotonne: stefanos : hello, sternas Stefanos: i have checked what key of keyboard freeze codetyphon, it's "UP" arrow key, "DOWN" arrow key "LEFT" and "RIGHT" arrow key, INSERT and DELETE key, "/" of numpad, "ENTER" key numpad, HOME and END and PgUP and PgDOWN key, F11 key (i don't know why only this Fxx do a bug and not others, LOCKNUM, ALT (left, ALTGr (right) "WINDOWS" key (windows symbol on the key) (behind the 'alt' key), "MENU" key (menu symbol on the key). the 0..9 numpad key work correctly but if i disable NUM by clicking numlick key, just after whe i click for example "3" numpad (= PgDOWN of numpad) it freeze typhon, same for PgUP.... of numpad. Only "ENTER" key HAVE EXCEPTION : "ENTER" key numpad freeze typhon but "ENTER" normal key (on the left of numpad area) work correctly
8-4-2016 16:55:47 nanotonne: I have tested with external keyboard (a "normal keyboard", and result is same
8-4-2016 16:57:14 nanotonne: key 'a'..'z', '0'..'9' and texte key work gread, but partial speclal key freeze typhon IDE (at any position, in edition, on windows from menu, etc......
8-4-2016 16:57:16 nanotonne: )
8-4-2016 16:59:15 nanotonne: insert, delete, enter from keypad, pgUp, PgDown... freeze IDE typhon (see what i have previously writted)
8-4-2016 16:59:55 nanotonne: (mon PC: a laptop PC core2 duo (i think) with WinXP PRO SP3
8-4-2016 17:00:02 nanotonne: (french version)
8-4-2016 17:00:31 nanotonne: laptop Acer if i remember
8-4-2016 23:10:41 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir, post to our Forum
11-4-2016 9:08:15 Guest_9377: Hi nanotonne, can u help me pls? i'm new in laz and i speak bad english :D !

I would know if pl_orca are ready for arm-android ... or if i do something of wrong on installation ...
orca_scene2d.pas(35,7) Fatal: Impossibile trovare cairo usato da orca_scene2d del pacchetto pl_orca.

11-4-2016 9:20:05 Guest_9377: ???
11-4-2016 16:57:22 Guest_8121: such a horrible process. forced install on C drive, don't respect TEMP. eat up 600 meg download because you think I must have every OS supported. rebuild all because Qt doesn't work and rebuild all better than changing an option in a cfg file. who codes like this?
11-4-2016 16:57:35 Guest_8121: really wanted to like this but you've all made it impossible
11-4-2016 16:59:49 Guest_8121: great idea having a chat feature by the way. too bad you keep telling everyone to post on the forum. why bother with the chat. it's almost comical
11-4-2016 17:01:00 Sternas Stefanos: Thanks Sir
11-4-2016 17:01:59 Sternas Stefanos: It's time to meet the new programming world :D
11-4-2016 17:03:28 Guest_8121: is that the brave new world one where you hardwire c:\codetyphon in 500 places because you can't figure out how to default to the users preference?
11-4-2016 17:04:31 Guest_8121: not to be mean, but this is not new, this is incompetent. leaving aside all the other great work it puts in a bad light
11-4-2016 17:08:18 Sternas Stefanos: Sir on windows CT use and
C:\Users\sternas\AppData\Roaming\typhon32 or
11-4-2016 17:08:36 Sternas Stefanos: C:\Users\sternas\AppData\Roaming\typhon64 for users preferences
11-4-2016 17:09:41 Sternas Stefanos: sorry
11-4-2016 17:11:33 Guest_8121: I'll admit that I haven't poked around to try and solve all the problems. when I run codetyphon, there is no option to turn off the default Qt I set at install. my only option is the rebuild. your install and start didn't set the path correct so the first time the build failed because, shocking, I have other mingw on my path.
11-4-2016 17:11:51 Guest_8121: bug report from years ago that semms like such a simple thing to fix.
11-4-2016 17:14:03 Sternas Stefanos: Sir we NOT support QT on Windows,
please look at http://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/wiki?id=400#h3-typhon-ide-host-platforms
11-4-2016 17:14:08 Guest_8121: I know things fall through the cracks. how many people you think just walked away after not being able to solve the simple problem. hidden in a thousand lines of output scrolled off the primitive batch file opening a console that only buffers so many lines.
11-4-2016 17:15:30 Guest_8121: ok now I know. if the install was a little more capable, it might have prevented me from choosing the impossible option. do you think most new users when presented the option to enable Qt would first stop to check if it was supported in windows?
11-4-2016 17:15:42 Sternas Stefanos: Open CTCenter and make anything you want with CodeTyphon
please look at
11-4-2016 17:15:55 Guest_8121: call me crazy, but, why not take a few words to say, not supported in windows.
11-4-2016 17:18:17 Sternas Stefanos: it's useless Sir QT is for unix-like OSes
11-4-2016 17:18:59 Sternas Stefanos: And You are NOT crazy ;)
11-4-2016 17:20:06 Guest_8121: Qt is well supported on windows for years. your bias is that I should suffer a several hour install and download enabling Qt because I didn't realize the tool was biased against running Qt on windows.
11-4-2016 17:20:34 Guest_8121: there must be some language barrier. that sounds more evil than just a bug that has gone unfixed
11-4-2016 17:20:54 Sternas Stefanos: It's our choice Sir
11-4-2016 17:21:55 Guest_8121: you don't have to support Qt on windows. it doesn't matter to me. but at least be honest about it and not make windows users run in circles.
11-4-2016 17:23:08 Sternas Stefanos: You don't have Host IDE Support, but you have Target application QT4 and QT5 support on windows
11-4-2016 17:24:26 Sternas Stefanos: You can build any Windows app for QT4 and QT5 on windows
You can Build Typhon IDE for QT4 and QT5 on windows
are NOT the same things...
11-4-2016 17:24:37 Guest_8121: there is no qt4pas5.dllm but this is only a small point. I realize codetyphon is packaging a bunch of things it may not have control over everything. and thanks for the response.
11-4-2016 17:25:44 Sternas Stefanos: please look at C:\codetyphon\allzips\binqt
11-4-2016 17:29:53 Guest_8121: I guess I will have to read the forum and help files rather than depend on everything just working correctly. if I have to dig around and unpack and build things the installer refuses to build? but we don't call it a bug, we call it welcome to the new world? I have alot to learn
11-4-2016 17:30:56 Guest_8121: good by, I have to go take a few aspirin and go into a coma for awhile
11-4-2016 17:31:18 Guest_8121: I will wake up in the new programming world I hope
11-4-2016 17:37:36 Sternas Stefanos: please, post to our forum for more help...
13-4-2016 8:13:27 max: how to make android apk? post a link
14-4-2016 12:58:40 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio ver 5.8.0 Revision 005730
Please, test, report and have fun...
14-4-2016 15:10:49 angelo: Hi i need help for crossBuil from win32 to Arm Linux
14-4-2016 15:12:00 angelo: I have follow all instruction but when compile have an error on "RegisterFcl" can not found Process
16-4-2016 16:49:55 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We release LAB CodeTyphon Studio ver 5.8.0 Revision 005735
Please, test and report ...
25-4-2016 6:38:52 Guest_3028: hello
25-4-2016 21:55:58 donaldshimoda: Hi, why i get this error?
25-4-2016 21:56:00 donaldshimoda: mkdir: /usr/lib/codetyphon: Operation not permitted
25-4-2016 21:56:06 donaldshimoda: at the install start
25-4-2016 21:56:15 donaldshimoda: im sudo free of password user
26-4-2016 14:22:45 German Pablo Gentile: Hi
26-4-2016 14:23:09 German Pablo Gentile: Codetyphoncenter not install as app on CAPITAN and CT 8.7 any idea?
26-4-2016 14:23:21 German Pablo Gentile: also it don't run by hand using QT
26-4-2016 14:23:45 German Pablo Gentile: ./CodeTyphon
dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/libexec/qt4/Library/Frameworks/QtWebKit.framework/Versions/4/QtWebKit
Referenced from: /Library/Frameworks/Qt4Pas.framework/Versions/5/Qt4Pas
Reason: image not found
Trace/BPT trap: 5
26-4-2016 14:32:26 German Pablo Gentile: Ok, if somebody have the same problem.... You must select first widget and then install system libraries
27-4-2016 7:44:51 Sternas Stefanos: Please Sir, post to our forum for help
30-4-2016 17:23:06 Guest_3419: Hello anyone here?
4-5-2016 7:25:17 Marco Antonio Cunha : Good morning
4-5-2016 7:27:19 Marco Antonio Cunha : gdb.exe file not foun. How can I solve this problem?
9-5-2016 0:29:14 yona: trying t o compile for arm-wince im getting a few errors uPSR_dll.pas(122,51) Error: Incompatible type for arg no. 1: Got "PChar", expected "PWideChar"
10-5-2016 12:45:44 nilton(Portugues): aguem fala portugues
10-5-2016 12:51:41 nilton(Portugues): I found an example called elisa indy component of interest to pilotlogic (I used google translator speak Portuguese)
10-5-2016 13:09:49 nilton(Portugues): I found an example called elisa indy component of interest to pilotlogic (I used google translator speak Portuguese)
11-5-2016 11:20:03 Sternas Stefanos: @Yona Sir please post to our forum
11-5-2016 11:22:17 Sternas Stefanos: @nilton: we are looking for FREE and open source componets libraries, any link to source ?
11-5-2016 13:58:48 yona: I did post on forum 2 days ago, did not get any response yet
16-5-2016 3:03:16 usbdoo: Private Messages
Welcome, usbdoo
16-5-2016 3:05:53 usbdoo: Sternad Stefanos I sent you private message.
Please check the private message.
16-5-2016 3:26:32 usbdoo: Sternad Stefanos sir please check the private message.
17-5-2016 17:27:08 Alex: punycode unit for FPC or CT !!! Anybody know?
22-5-2016 12:39:51 wtd: HI looking for large buttons? for toolbar , where can i find some?
23-5-2016 11:45:57 Guest_4091: I have heared that there will be an opengl widgetset. Which kind of is this widgetset. Will that mean that all components which are available for CT will be drawn with hardware acceleration. And is there an ETA for this widgetset.
25-5-2016 2:18:23 Sternas Stefanos: Yes Sir, No ETA yet
25-5-2016 2:24:33 Sternas Stefanos: We are working in parallel on this CodeTyphon sub-project with our “Experimental” Linux and FreeBSD Distributions...
Oh, all source code it’s Object Pascal
25-5-2016 9:31:31 Guest_4091: That sounds really nice