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14-2-26 4:54:17 sternas: Artemis ROM «link»
14-2-26 14:44:30 Guest_7490: :O
14-3-1 21:38:25 Flawgon: what is this program? (?)
14-3-1 21:38:50 Flawgon: Does it anything?
14-3-1 21:39:54 Flawgon: huuh?
14-3-2 14:51:02 sudndeath: hello
14-3-4 18:55:59 Guest_7280: Do ORCA components support db connection ?
14-3-5 16:17:38 sternas: Yes Sir, basic DB
14-3-11 4:46:02 Guest_5526: tes
14-3-12 12:58:59 Guest_3344: Hi, i'm new here, any compiled from linux to windows using CT? sorry for my english.
14-3-12 14:16:52 sternas: Yes, use the default crossbuild method
14-3-12 20:52:19 Guest_6502: Hello, are you considering a version for MAC OSX?
14-3-13 2:04:39 sternas: Yes Sir, after CT ver 5.xx (next plan)
14-3-14 8:55:31 Guest_6172: Hell!
14-3-14 8:56:08 Guest_6172: Do you have the plan to release CT ver 4.80?
14-3-14 15:01:18 sternas: Yes Sir, we working on this, but we have problems with FPC on Solaris64
14-3-14 23:08:53 Shayan: hello. can CodeTyphon work in bidimode?
14-3-14 23:09:51 Shayan: I remember each time I downloaded it (and it is really a big file) I tried to use it on Windows, but then I found that it cannot work when I use bidimode property
14-3-14 23:10:27 Shayan: while Lazarus simply has it and works nice
14-3-14 23:11:38 Shayan: anyway, I dont know about last versions of CodeTyphon and if it works in RightToLeft mode (bidimode). I know that it has a lot of nice tools for a real project
14-3-15 3:48:58 sternas: Sir, We will check this
14-3-15 12:25:06 Guest_6846: Thank you for such an excellent product :)
14-3-15 17:40:53 sternas: Have fun Sir... have fun
14-3-19 11:57:06 Derit: hi all :D
14-3-19 11:58:26 Guest_6237: I am missing the option to see the most recent posts on the forum. Was it removed?
14-3-19 14:19:52 sternas: Thanks Sir, we will check this
14-3-19 14:46:19 sternas: It's OK now ?
14-3-19 19:56:31 Guest_1043: Hello I have a question
14-3-19 19:57:17 Guest_1043: Where I may open Lazarus project in Typhon ?
14-3-20 3:28:11 Guest_6237: Thanks, recent posts is back on the forum.
14-3-20 14:45:41 sternas: OK
14-3-21 5:51:31 derit: hi all :D
14-3-21 13:45:20 sternas: Hi Sir
14-3-22 15:33:27 Guest_1605: What are the plans for ver 4.80 and when will it be released? And are there any big plans for ver 5.xx?
14-3-23 5:14:42 sternas: Sir, we prepare CT ver 4.8, but NO ETA yet, we have problems with FPC on Solaris64
Yes we have big plans for CT next generation, we will release these plans to our Forum for discussion soon...
14-3-23 8:46:32 Guest_6098: thanks sternas
14-3-27 4:58:40 sternas: [LAB NEWS]: We Preparing CT ver 4.80 ETA 29-30/3/2014 if all OK
14-3-28 11:56:49 Guest_7344: Good News!! Thanks sternas!!
14-3-29 16:25:15 ekir: We wait.
14-3-30 0:56:09 Guest_7132: Hi
14-3-30 4:35:48 usbdoo: Good News!! Thanks sternas!!
14-3-30 17:43:23 Luca: Hi,
14-3-30 17:44:46 Luca: downloaded 4.80. I saw FPC used is 2.6.4 not 2.7.1. In any case all is fine on Windows 7 64bits
14-3-30 18:33:52 ekir: Downloaded. Thanks!!! :)
14-4-2 15:26:26 sternas: We prepare LAB CT version for release...
14-4-3 3:18:45 sternas: We release LAB CT ver 4.90 Revision: 00481
14-4-6 2:40:29 sternas: We release LAB CT ver 4.90 Revision 004812 «link»
14-4-7 12:43:02 dcorning: Hi, I'm making an attempting to set code typhon to cross compile for my Galaxy Note 3.
14-4-7 12:44:58 dcorning: The following is in the status.
14-4-7 12:45:00 dcorning: Could Not Find C:\codetyphon\fpcsrc\compiler\utils\*.exe
Could Not Find c:\codetyphon\fpcsrc\utils\*.exe

[ERROR]: win32 Cross Element for arm-android NOT Exists
sorry, build STOP
14-4-7 12:45:56 dcorning: do you know what I've done wrong, or have any ideas on how I should proceed?
14-4-12 15:55:16 sternas: We release LAB CT ver 4.90 Revision: 004814 «link»
14-4-13 18:18:47 sternas: test
14-4-13 23:20:22 HowToUseDebugWatch: how can i debug caption of "Button1.Caption"?
14-4-13 23:20:40 HowToUseDebugWatch: watch window says <error: <error>> ....
14-4-14 0:07:45 sternas: Please Sir, post to our forum and give us more info
14-4-14 0:51:09 HowToUseDebugWatch: ok thanks
14-4-15 17:54:32 Guest_3180: helo all :) excuse me i have a problem to build typhon ide. sage is Can't find unit system used by fcllaz ... help me please ^^
14-4-15 17:55:20 Guest_3180: message is :)
14-4-16 2:34:55 sternas: Please Sir post to our forum
14-4-16 8:06:59 boysetsfire: Hello everybody. I have a Problem with Codetyphon on Windows 8.1. My OS User is "Günter" but in CodeTyphon Center in the Folders tab is the OS User Folder registered as "C:\Users\G?nter\". So there seem to be a problem with the character encoding. Is it possible to change the registered folder entry?
14-4-16 8:07:54 boysetsfire: Because about this issue i get a folder access error!
14-4-16 8:52:21 sternas: Yes Sir we know that
14-4-16 8:54:21 sternas: we try to solve this and we want help
14-4-16 8:56:01 boysetsfire: Is there a workaround or do I have to wait for an update?
14-4-16 8:56:57 sternas: We release the fix in the next CT 4.9 LAB release
14-4-16 9:01:30 boysetsfire: Do you know the release Date oder is there already a beta version?
14-4-16 9:02:57 sternas: Beta version is here «link»
14-4-16 9:03:04 boysetsfire: Another problem i have, a short while ago i registered to the forum but didn't get an e-mail with an activiation link.
14-4-16 9:03:07 sternas: every week
14-4-16 9:03:10 boysetsfire: thx
14-4-16 9:05:19 sternas: We can "register" if you send a email to support@pilotlogic.com
Elena is the Web Administrator this week
14-4-16 9:06:01 boysetsfire: thx again :)
14-4-16 9:06:29 sternas: Have fun Sir
14-4-16 9:07:07 boysetsfire: Happy Easter!
14-4-16 14:34:49 sternas: Thanks Sir, Happy Easter
14-4-23 19:13:52 Guest_4359: I am installing on Ubuntu 14.04, under unity. CT installed OK, but when I tried to add a package file, it reports access violation, and has to e shut down, can anyone help?
14-4-23 19:14:21 Guest_4359: By the way, already setup sudoer priviledge.
14-4-24 0:59:15 sternas: You must build CT for QT platform, Unity use QT «link»
14-4-24 6:57:23 Guest_7672: Thanks Sternas! I use default CT build in earlier version of Ubuntu, all the way up to 13.10, and there was no problem. Does this mean things changed on Ubuntu 14.04?


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