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15-11-5 1:48:43 Guest_2186: Second problem is install on El Capitan. I've done the steps for changes to shudders and still get this at install:
15-11-5 1:49:26 Guest_2186: Mac-mini:CodeTyphonIns dbaxter$ sh ./install.sh

CodeTyphon Studio
Version 5.50 (GEN V)
Installation for: Linux-Solaris-FreeBSD-MacOS

0) Install CodeTyphon Studio

9) Exit

-n >>> Select an action (press 0..9 key):


Copying new files
please wait...

mkdir: /usr/lib/codetyphon: Operation not permitted
usage: cp [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-fi | -n] [-apvX] source_file target_file
cp [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-fi | -n] [-apvX] source_file ... target_directory
chmod: /usr/lib/codetyphon/*: No such file or directory
chmod: /usr/lib/codetyphon/*.sh: No such file or directory
./install.sh: line 84: cd: /usr/lib/codetyphon: No such file or directory
bash: ./setup.sh: No such file or directory
15-11-5 1:53:47 Guest_2186: That should be 'changes to sudoers'.
15-11-5 4:08:50 Sternas Stefanos: Sir only Lab CT 5.6 support MacOS 10.11.x (El Capitan) http://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/forum/ct-lab-news/3324-ct-lab-ver-5-60#8218
after Apple lock /usr/lib/ folder on MacOS 10.11.x
15-11-5 4:25:37 Sternas Stefanos: For Registration problem please send email to support@pilotlogic.com
15-11-5 17:54:34 Sternas Stefanos: To @Guest_2186
Sir we answer to your email but we get "could not be delivered" from your email server
anyway, we activated your account with new pass: 12345
15-11-7 3:19:51 Guest_3812: hi all
15-11-7 3:20:31 Guest_3812: how big of exe file compare to XE8?
15-11-7 14:20:42 Sternas Stefanos: We don't know Sir. Please post to our forum for more
15-11-11 13:18:24 Guest_7318: Hi there,
I installed the latest verion fo CodeTyphon at my Win8.1-64Bit PC.
I would like to compile a simple "hello world" console app for my targets:
a) armv4
15-11-11 13:18:31 Guest_7318: b) armv5
15-11-11 13:19:05 Guest_7318: Is that possible from the CodeTyphon IDE?
15-11-11 13:53:51 Sternas Stefanos: Sir try this http://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/wiki?id=386
15-11-11 13:54:20 Sternas Stefanos: For more, please post to our forum
15-11-12 11:29:15 Sörnt: Thank you for guiding me through the process for cross compiling :-)
15-11-12 11:55:26 Sörnt: Is it possible to contract you to get it working for my armv4 and armv5?
15-11-13 4:18:26 Sternas Stefanos: Sir here support@pilotlogic.com
15-11-16 19:51:06 Guest_4538: Hi, can CodeTyphon make a library that I can call in IOS development?
15-11-16 19:54:16 Guest_4538: or what are the Cross Elements needed to build a library callable in IOS (swift/objective-c)
15-11-17 7:15:39 Guest_7789: Hi!
15-11-17 7:16:13 Guest_7789: Is I used CT for android development?
15-11-17 8:03:59 Sternas Stefanos: @Guest_4538 crossbuild for target MacOS is under exploration
15-11-17 8:05:05 Sternas Stefanos: @Guest_7789 Yes Sir, but read here http://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/wiki?id=222
15-11-17 13:11:38 Guest_7259: Could CT compile for work with WINDOWS MOBILE/CE ??
15-11-17 14:28:03 Sternas Stefanos: Yes Sir, CT support full WinCE programming more info here http://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/wiki?id=221
15-11-17 17:43:59 Guest_6848: Congratulations for your great job. Is possible development WINDOWS MOBILE/CE + FIREBIRD CLIENT (ODBC/DIRECT to access WINDOWS 7/8 + FIREBIRD SERVER )?
15-11-18 3:30:56 Sternas Stefanos: I think yes Sir, CT has so many libraries to do this project
15-11-19 19:04:28 Guest_1594: Good night.. Please I m try install the Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional Developer Tool but receive the message that the prerequisite is Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Development Center, Microsoft SDK 6.0. Have any tip for solve this question??
15-11-19 20:05:46 Sternas Stefanos: Sir if you want Wince Emulator you must install Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional Developer Tool and Visual Studio 2005
15-11-19 20:06:06 Sternas Stefanos: CT don't request any of above
15-11-19 20:06:43 Sternas Stefanos: you can build your project and test to your Mobile Device
15-11-19 20:07:20 Sternas Stefanos: directly
15-11-19 20:40:05 Guest_3332: Thanks
15-11-19 20:59:54 Sternas Stefanos: Good night..
15-11-20 6:09:24 Antony@Email.SU: Hi to all.
How do I become a developer? :)
15-11-20 7:50:34 Sternas Stefanos: "Developer" is very easy, "Programmer" need a lot of work and time, start with CodeTyphon Installation to a PC...
15-11-20 7:51:01 Sternas Stefanos: for all other things we are here :)
15-11-20 11:16:45 Guest_5078: Good Afternoon: We have configurate the CT for work with WINDOWS CE/ARM etc . Please what component or pallete could use in CT for connect with FIREBIRD SERVER as FIREBIRD CLIENT ? Is necessary to use the Firebird.NET Provider ?? Thanks in advance . Br Paraguay - Programmmer
15-11-20 14:12:58 Sternas Stefanos: Sir you can use lz_SQLdb or pl_UIB or pl_ZeosDBO packages
15-11-20 14:13:35 Sternas Stefanos: Please post to our forum for more
15-11-20 19:42:21 Guest_8154: thanks
15-11-21 3:15:00 Guest_8395: I've tried to register twice and never received a 'secret code'. As you suggested, both times I've sent a note to support, but neither time did I get a response. Love the program, but I need to register to get 5.6 to work with El Capitan.
15-11-21 3:23:40 David Baxter: Hang on - scrolling back I see the response with the temporary password. I think I'm in. The email address is correct. Perhaps your server does not like the two periods in rochester.rr.com. Thanks.
15-11-21 5:58:19 Sternas Stefanos: Our Web CMS problem, Sir
15-11-21 6:09:39 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] StartEX: preparing LAB CT 5.60 revision 005521 for release (if ALL ARE OK) . ETA 23-24/11/2015
15-11-24 7:31:31 Sternas Stefanos: [LAB NEWS] We release LAB CodeTyphon ver 5.60 revision 005521 more info here: http://www.pilotlogic.com/sitejoom/index.php/forum/ct-lab-news/3324-ct-lab-ver-5-60?limitstart=0#8218
15-11-25 3:30:10 zeljko: revision 005521: --07-11-2015 Update pl_Indy to ver SVN Rev 5314 and --18-11-2015 Update pl_Indy to ver SVN Rev 5315
15-11-25 3:31:24 zeljko: --07-11-2015 Update pl_WST to ver 5.6.1 SVN Rev 4383 and --18-11-2015 Update pl_WST to ver 5.6.2 SVN Rev 4393
15-11-25 16:46:50 Sternas Stefanos: helo
15-11-25 17:32:29 Sternas Stefanos: all ok ?
15-11-25 17:37:25 Sternas Stefanos: Guys all OK ?
15-11-25 17:38:39 SergGreen: slow downloading ct560.zip (~85 KB/s) from pilotlogic.com server... may be via torrent?
15-11-25 17:40:25 Sternas Stefanos: I will check this Sir
15-11-25 17:55:33 Sternas Stefanos: here our server give me 2.2Mbytes/sec
15-11-25 17:56:04 Sternas Stefanos: 5 min to download ct560.zip
15-11-25 17:58:36 SergGreen: now 150 KB/s 36 min to end of download (375 MB of 579 )
15-11-25 18:04:15 Sternas Stefanos: soon we will release final CT 5.60 and I hope to give a solution for download problems
15-11-25 18:17:58 SergGreen: download completed,thanks for new version.
15-11-26 7:26:29 Sternas Stefanos: Have fun Sir
15-11-26 10:35:30 Guest_8173: не могу создать файл на андройд при запуске на телефоне говорит что возникла проблема при анализе проекта
15-11-26 10:35:42 Guest_8173: I can not create a file on your android phone when you start to say that there is a problem in the analysis of the project
15-11-26 22:18:11 Guest_9645: Hi can you please include the user control component in the next release? (https://github.com/jbsolucoes/ucp) thanks !
15-11-27 1:09:22 Sternas Stefanos: Sir pl_UserControl packages is in the latest LAB CT 5.6 release (revision 005521), but we want help with string translations
15-11-28 6:29:39 Konstantinos Papadou: Merraaaaa
15-11-29 9:54:11 Sternas Stefanos: Good day Sir
15-11-30 7:16:13 KSV_Serge: Is there any information about or example how to capture from mic, stream over network (via UDP) sound and playback?
Like a voice chat. Who knows(?) Give a link for solution please.
15-12-1 3:49:47 Guest_5879: any articles for develope multi tier application?
15-12-1 3:51:59 Sternas Stefanos: No yet Sir
15-12-1 4:06:43 Guest_5879: i am delphi developer, whether CT has components such as Delphi DataSnap?
15-12-1 4:07:33 Sternas Stefanos: I don't Sir, we don't follow or clone Delphi, we have our road...
15-12-1 4:09:28 Sternas Stefanos: for your info, DataSnap is limited on Windows OS only
15-12-1 4:13:39 Guest_5879: any sample projects to create multi tier application with CT
15-12-1 4:16:27 Sternas Stefanos: Yes look in pl_CeosMW pkg and C:\codetyphon\CodeOcean\CeosMW sample
it's a real multi OS-CPU, n-tier library
15-12-1 4:18:33 Sternas Stefanos: Put some code for pl_ZeosDBO and you are ready for a n-tier and multi OS-CPU Database Application
15-12-1 4:20:28 Guest_5879: still downloading CT program, i'll see after install.
15-12-1 4:21:20 Sternas Stefanos: Please try Lab CT 5.6 if you can
15-12-1 4:22:13 Sternas Stefanos: it's Not a program it's Programming Studio ... :D
15-12-1 4:22:37 Sternas Stefanos: Full Open Source...
15-12-1 4:22:42 Guest_5879: oke, programming studio
15-12-1 4:24:01 Guest_5879: is Lab CT 5.6 specially for develope multi tier?
15-12-1 4:24:54 Guest_5879: soryy i really newbie and my english not well, i hope u understand what i mean
15-12-1 4:26:13 Sternas Stefanos: NO, but has bug fixes, and you can update to revision 005521, CT it's a Rolling Release
I prepare my first coffee for the day so...
15-12-1 4:35:36 Guest_5879: my knowledge of the Pascal programming is still far below
15-12-1 4:40:00 Sternas Stefanos: V-IDE with full source (IDE, compiler, tools etc) and about 1400 sample with source (CodeOcean)
you will need only time...
15-12-1 4:42:47 Sternas Stefanos: oh, and a PC with Windows or Linux or FreeBSD or Solaris or MacOS
15-12-1 4:45:40 Guest_5879: i have application developing with delphi use MIDAS or datasnap tech, if CT can do like that may be i consider to migrate to CT
15-12-1 4:50:34 Sternas Stefanos: Sir
Delphi it's a 4000 Dollars "close" source Development tool.
CodeTyphon it's a zero dollars Free and Open Source Programming Studio...
People from a referent "Solar System"... :)
15-12-1 4:54:12 Guest_5879: yes i agree with u, every update delphi for new version i have to pay, it is very burdensome me
15-12-1 4:55:37 Guest_5879: what is the difference CT and lazarus
15-12-1 5:09:13 Sternas Stefanos: To make a V-IDE (Typhon) for CodeTyphon, we start from Lazarus source before 3 years
Now the Typhon IDE distance with Lazarus IDE it's big...
Typhon and Lazarus are only IDE's, CodeTyphon it's Programming Studio
15-12-1 5:12:36 Sternas Stefanos: We have plans (in next CT Generation) and for "Cyclon" IDE, C/C++ part of CodeTyphon Studio
15-12-1 5:17:31 Guest_5879: that's a good idea and I think that this would be a very nice studio
15-12-1 5:23:04 Guest_5879: CT Finish downloaded, but where i can get installation guide?
15-12-1 5:24:23 Sternas Stefanos: your OS ?
15-12-1 5:25:45 Guest_5879: windows
15-12-1 5:26:00 Sternas Stefanos: Windows what ver ?
15-12-1 5:26:41 Guest_5879: windows 7
15-12-1 5:27:55 Sternas Stefanos: more help on our Forum...