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15-3-20 17:07:26 sternas: Ευχαριστω
15-3-22 14:31:33 mvdhoning: i love the cross build feature, but can i use it also on a Linux server without xwindows
15-3-22 14:38:01 sternas: Yes Sir
15-3-22 14:46:46 mvdhoning: does not the default install also install/build 'lazarus', gues i just have to try
15-3-22 15:07:42 sternas: No Sir, Typhon IDE is NOT the same with Lazarus
15-3-22 15:50:04 mvdhoning: ctc does not run, where does it get installed to on ubuntu 14.04
15-3-22 16:01:43 mvdhoning: ok this is no success without an gui
15-3-22 16:04:06 mvdhoning: workaround xming ...
15-3-22 17:25:42 sternas: Please Sir, post to our forum for more help
15-3-22 17:27:00 sternas: Chat is not to solve problems
15-3-23 7:01:27 Guest_6159: How to install Code in the Ubuntu Typhon, so as to realize the arm cross-compilation?
15-3-23 7:02:19 Guest_6159: How to install Code Typhon in the Ubuntu system, so as to realize the arm cross-compilation
15-3-23 7:04:27 sternas: Follow this «link» Sir
15-3-23 7:05:17 sternas: But my subjection is to use Debian 7.x
15-3-23 7:10:17 Guest_6159: ok thank you!
15-3-23 7:16:52 sternas: All Articles on this site «link» are (and) Visual Installation of CodeTyphon
15-3-23 9:02:02 Guest_8031: Hi!
15-3-25 6:00:16 sternas: [LAB NEWS] We test OpenGL 4.5 API ...:)
15-3-27 12:38:00 Guest_5957: ...
15-3-29 13:18:35 Guest_4678: Dear Sternas, do you have unsolvable problems to make a new Artemis build based on AKU Build 29315 or simply no time to work on it? I am still interested to get Active Sync fixed and unsecure certificates removed from Artemis. But maybe I am the last user of Artemis so that you can officially declare end of support / end of life of Artemis :-(
15-3-29 15:32:56 sternas: Sir, what Language do you want to test ?
15-3-29 16:11:54 Guest_4678: If you don't mind, German, pls...
15-3-29 16:27:50 sternas: Sir, tomorrow I will release this test version
15-3-29 17:21:03 Guest_4678: thanks.
15-3-30 16:36:45 sternas: Here Sir «link»
please test and report
15-3-31 0:18:26 sternas: [LAB NEWS] preparing LAB CodeTyphon Ver 5.30 revision 005241 for release. ETA 1-2 days
15-3-31 2:35:24 Guest_4678: many thanks Sternas for V74 beta. I will try asap. There are already a couple of happy users ;-)
15-4-1 13:29:19 sternas: We release Lab CT 5.30 Revision: 005241 (RC1), more info here «link»
15-4-1 14:57:03 alexanderm: hello
15-4-1 19:50:09 Guest_5590: Hi sternas, thanks for preparing new release (5241), but I think that something got wrong... WinCE applications are not running compiled with this Beta, but with lazarus 1.2.6 (even with previous CT 5.20) are working flawlessly.. even simple one with only one form and no components on it..
15-4-1 22:48:29 Guest_9597: hello there are problems also with fspreadsheet components, sfExcel8 property was reassigned otherwise or there is something wrong
15-4-1 22:55:06 rgarcia2010: hello there are problems also with fspreadsheet components, sfExcel8 property was reassigned otherwise or there is something wrong
15-4-2 2:57:41 sternas: Please Sir post to our Forum
15-4-2 10:58:36 Guest_8739: Seems like WinCE support is broken in trunk FPC... I`ve tried today FPCUP with fresh FreePascal & Lazarus (both trunk/current revisions as of today) and even simple console utility won`t run on Windows CE device... so something between 5.30 previous(5231) and current beta (5241) got broken in FPC.. I`ll try to isolate bug.
15-4-2 14:05:18 Guest_8739: FPC/WinCE thread: «link»
15-4-2 17:36:03 sternas: We will test and fix this Sir, before Final CT ver 5.30
15-4-2 17:43:04 Guest_8739: It`s fixed in FPC/trunk rev.30403. Thanks for willingness to help sternas.
15-4-2 17:44:00 sternas: FPC has a lot of changes...
15-4-2 18:22:33 Guest_8739: definitely it has, but 30403 is not solution to problem :( ...
15-4-3 4:15:21 sternas: Sir, we fix this error and we testing ALL Arm targets now... (wince it's OK) O.O
15-4-3 4:49:44 Guest_4678: thanks Sternas. Active Sync works fine again with V74 Beta !!! Still invalid and unsecure certificates are included.
15-4-3 5:02:06 sternas: Sir the names of certificates
15-4-3 5:43:22 Guest_3492: hello mr Sternas
15-4-3 5:44:57 Guest_3492: are you aware of a cross platform browser alike control? (display pages + javascript etc.)
15-4-3 5:55:53 sternas: Native No Sir, but you can use pl_CEF pkg has all the Chome web browser and its Cross platform
15-4-3 5:56:48 sternas: «link»
15-4-3 5:59:58 Guest_3492: thank you sir are aware how many MB i have to redistribute along with this control?
15-4-3 6:10:34 sternas: ?
15-4-3 6:12:55 Guest_3492: i'll just give it a try ven thought looks like there is a need for a huge lib redistribution
15-4-3 6:13:37 Guest_3492: thank you sir
15-4-3 6:29:56 sternas: Yes but has "anything" «link» it's a big big API
15-4-3 6:31:13 sternas: BSD-licensed open source and full doc «link»
15-4-3 6:31:59 Guest_4678: V74 certificates: I propose to rely on an officially supported and trusted list of root certificates only. See e.g. «link» Maybe MS provides such a list for download as well.
15-4-3 6:33:41 sternas: I will check this Sir, please post to mPCplanet.com for artemis
15-4-3 6:57:22 Guest_4678: thanks sternas. Pls. remove what's not on the list especially IP-based certificates.
15-4-3 7:00:39 sternas: OK
15-4-4 4:29:55 Guest_2819: test
15-4-6 6:47:39 sternas: [LAB NEWS] Start Mega Build/Test for CodeTyphon Studio ver 5.30 Final ...
15-4-6 7:16:21 Guest_8739: Thanks for incorporating WinCE/FPC fix that was made upstream in trunk.. KUDOZ!
15-4-6 18:40:53 sternas: Thanks and Have fun Sir
15-4-8 3:17:41 Guest_9522: Hello
15-4-8 3:18:08 Guest_9522: could you let me know how to solve this problem? The GDB command:
returned the error:
",msg="Error creating process C:\\codetyphon\\typhonTemp\\project1, (error 193).""
15-4-9 10:56:46 Guest_8292: It baset on Lazarus? Why Version of lazarus?
15-4-9 10:57:53 Guest_8292: CodeTyphon Studio It baset on Lazarus? Why Version of lazarus?
15-4-9 11:05:09 Guest_8292: 1.2.6 OR 1.4 ???
15-4-9 16:13:33 Guest_2847: Are their plans to add things like cnpack or Gexperts to this great product?
15-4-10 4:25:51 sternas: We want Sir
but Cnpack and Gexperts are Windows only libraries
it's very difficult, but not impossible...
15-4-10 5:13:49 Guest_7564: please tell me, Typhon IDE is Lazarus IDE, or not?
15-4-10 5:16:12 Guest_7564: please tell me, Typhon IDE is Lazarus IDE, or not? Typhon IDE = Lazarus IDE + additional visual components?
15-4-10 18:24:47 sternas: No Sir, Typhon start from lazarus, but now has it's own road, it's an other " Programming Vision"
15-4-11 15:49:33 Guest_6219: when will the version 5.30 be released
15-4-11 15:51:00 Guest_9110: hello all
15-4-11 16:21:48 Guest_1914: hallo everyone. Is there a tutorial for CodeTyphon IDE that one can read
15-4-13 12:07:29 sternas: @Guest_6219 Sir, we want to take FPC SVN 30500+ with Final Release,
but we have some small problems...
We working for CT 5.3 final
15-4-14 13:09:50 Guest_9712: I can't understant why if I code something and compile it in Typhon it works...
15-4-14 13:10:54 Guest_9712: when I re-compile it for WinCE I get errors in compiling other components even if they arent't used in my source... What do I do wrong?
15-4-16 16:18:54 sternas: [LAB NEWS] We finish "Mega-Build" task for CodeTyphon ver 5.30 Final on all Host OSes
Now we have
-some CodeOcean samples to fix and
-CrossBuild tests...
No ETA yet
15-4-17 13:06:48 Guest_7315: hello i'm new to codetypon and i like it. i would like to know wich version of synedit component is used in your software (1.0.x or 2.0.x?)
15-4-17 13:07:28 Guest_7315: i would also report 2 ide bugs for 5.30 development veriosn, may i report here?
15-4-17 13:35:33 sternas: NO Sir, please post to our forum


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)