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The text displayed and edited for the control.


Source position: stdctrls.pp line 878

public property TCustomEdit.Text : TCaption;


Text is a TCaption property which contains the UTF-8-encoded characters maintained as the value for the edit control. The value in Text is read and written using the RealGetText and RealSetText methods. Not only do they provide code compatibility with the Delphi VCL, they support use of emulated TextHint displays. The value in TextHint is assigned to Text when the inline hint text is displayed for the control.

The value in Text may be altered in the TextChanged method when the setting in CharCase requires case conversion for the value in the control.

See also



Uses the TextHint display status when getting the value for Text.



Updates Modified and the TextHint display when storing the new Text value.



Applies case conversion (if needed), and updates the editing cursor selection text.



Controls the character case applied to values entered in the control.



Default hint text shown when the Text property is empty and the control is not focused.



The character string associated with the control.

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