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The currently selected text in the edit box for the control.


Source position: stdctrls.pp line 874

public property TCustomEdit.SelText : string
  read GetSelText
  write SetSelText;


SelText is a String property which contains the current text selection in the control. The current text selection is the UTF-8-encoded characters in Text identified by the SelStart and SelLength properties.

The property value is derived by calling the UTF8Copy routine in lazutf8.pas. Setting a new value for the property causes the text selection in Text to be replaced with the specified value. The widgetset class is notified when a handle has been allocated for the control.

Values must assigned to the SelStart and SelLength property before accessing SelText.

SelText is updated when the ClearSelection is called to remove the text selection value from the content in Text. SelText is compared to Text to determine the value for AutoSelected when VK_RETURN key or MouseUp messages are handled.

See also



The number of currently selected UTF-8-encoded characters in the control.



The zero-based index for the first UTF-8 character in the current text selection.



The text displayed and edited for the control.



Set to True when the text selection was made automatically.



Clears the current text selection in the edit control.


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