Unit 'StdCtrls' Package
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Selects the entire text in the edit control.


Source position: stdctrls.pp line 845

public procedure TCustomEdit.SelectAll; virtual;


SelectAll is a procedure used to select all of the text content in the edit box for the control.

SelectAll checks the value in Text to ensure that content is available for the selection. No actions are performed in the method when Text is an empty string ('').

When Text is not empty, the values in SelStart and SelLength are updated to use the content in Text starting at the first UTF-8-encoded character. UTF8Length is called to get the length for Text, and the value stored in SelLength.

See also



The text displayed and edited for the control.



The zero-based index for the first UTF-8 character in the current text selection.



The number of currently selected UTF-8-encoded characters in the control.



The currently selected text in the edit box for the control.

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