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Indicates if the user is prevented from changing the value for the Text in the control.


Source position: stdctrls.pp line 872

public property TCustomEdit.ReadOnly : Boolean
  read GetReadOnly
  write SetReadOnly
  default False;


ReadOnly is a Boolean property which indicates if the user is prevented from changing the value in the control.

ReadOnly is used in the CreateParams method to determine if the ES_READONLY edit style flag is included in the creation parameters for the control. The value is also passed to the widgetset class in the InitializeWnd method, and when the value for the property is changed.

When ReadOnly is True, the EditingDone method does not signal the OnEditingDone event handler (in the ancestor).

The default value for the property is False, and indicates that the value can be edited in the control.

See also



Ensures the required creation parameters are set for handle creation.



Initializes the window handle for the control.



Enforces the setting in the ReadOnly property when editing is finished in the control.



Signals the OnEditingDone event handler.



Event handler signalled when editing is done.

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