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Status for the emulated TextHint in the control.


Source position: stdctrls.pp line 864

public property TCustomEdit.EmulatedTextHintStatus : TEmulatedTextHintStatus
  read FEmulatedTextHintStatus;


EmulatedTextHintStatus is a read-only TEmulatedTextHintStatus property which contains the status value for an emulated TextHint display in the control. EmulatedTextHintStatus is used when a value has been assigned to the TextHint property and the widgetset does not natively implement the capability. The LCL emulates the TextHint display by assigning the value in TextHint to the Text for the control.

EmulatedTextHintStatus is updated in the ShowEmulatedTextHint and HideEmulatedTextHint methods.

See also



Status values for an emulated TextHint display in a control.



Default hint text shown when the Text property is empty and the control is not focused.



The text displayed and edited for the control.

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