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Copies the selected text in the control to the clipboard.


Source position: stdctrls.pp line 847

public procedure TCustomEdit.CopyToClipboard; virtual;


CopyToClipboard is a procedure used to copy the selected text in the control to the clipboard. CopyToClipboard is performed for selected text when the Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert key combination is handled for the edit control. Meta+C or Meta+Insert is used for macOS. No actions are performed when text is not selected in the control.

CopyToClipboard calls the Copy method in the widgetset class when a handle has been allocated for the control.

Use CutToClipboard to copy the selected text to the clipboard, and delete it from the text in the edit control.

Use PasteFromClipboard to insert the contents of the clipboard into the text for the edit control.

Use Undo to revert the last editing action performed in the control.

See also



Moves the selected text into the clipboard (removes it from the control).



Inserts text from the clipboard at the current position in the control.

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