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Indicates if the value in TextHint can be displayed in the edit control.


Source position: stdctrls.pp line 798

protected function TCustomEdit.CanShowEmulatedTextHint: Boolean; virtual;

Function result

True when the emulated text hint can be displayed.


CanShowEmulatedTextHint is a Boolean function which indicates if the value in TextHint can be emulated for the edit control. The return value is True when the following conditions are met:

CanShowEmulatedTextHint is used in the WMKillFocus method, and when the values in Text or TextHint are applied for the control.

Remark: In the current LCL implementation, TextHint display is emulated for all widgetsets except Win32/Win64 (since ComCtIVersionIE6) and QT5.

See also



The text displayed and edited for the control.



Default hint text shown when the Text property is empty and the control is not focused.



Checks whether the control has focus.


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