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Enables auto-selection of text when focused.


Source position: stdctrls.pp line 838

protected property TCustomEdit.AutoSelect : Boolean
  read FAutoSelect
  write FAutoSelect
  default True;


AutoSelect is a Boolean property which enables or disables auto-selection of text when the control receives focus. If True, the edit control will select all its text when it receives focus or when the Enter key is pressed. The default value for the property is True.

AutoSelect is used in the KeyUpAfterInterface method, and determines if the SelectAll method is called when editing is completed in the control. It is used in MouseUp to determine if SelectAll is called when the Left mouse button is clicked. It is also used in DoEnter to determine if SelectAll is called when the Enter key is pressed.

See also



Selects the entire text in the edit control.



Set to True when the text selection was made automatically.



Handles Key Up events forwarded from the LCL interface.



Handles mouse up events for the control.



Signals the OnEnter event handler, and selects the entire text when AutoSelect is True.

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