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Gets the font instance used for an emulated TextHint display.


Source position: stdctrls.pp line 1671

function CreateEmulatedTextHintFont(

  AWinControl: TWinControl


Function result

TFont instance used for the emulated TextHint.


CreateEmulatedTextHintFont is a TFont function which gets the font instance used to display an emulated TextHint in the control. It is retrieved by calling the CreateEmulatedTextHintFont method in the widgetset class. Widgetset classes use the font assigned to the control, but change the font color to clGrayText.

CreateEmulatedTextHintFont is called from FontChanged, and the private ShowEmulatedTextHint method.

See also



Handles changes to the font used in the control.



Default hint text shown when the Text property is empty and the control is not focused.

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