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TSplitter is a vertical or horizontal bar placed on a panel or form to separate sub-panels functionally.


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type TSplitter = class(TCustomSplitter)


  property Align: TAlign;


Specifies the aligned edge for the splitter within its Parent and relative to ResizeControl.

  property Anchors: TAnchors;


The set of anchor definitions for this control.

  property AutoSnap: Boolean;


AutoSnap automatically moves the splitter to the zero position when split size becomes smaller than the value in MinSize.

  property Beveled: Boolean;


Indicates whether the edges of the splitter bar are beveled.

  property Color: TGraphicsColor;


The background color of the control.

  property Constraints: TSizeConstraints;


Contains the minimum and maximum Width and Height for the control.

  property Cursor: TCursor;


The shape for the mouse pointer when the control is dragged.

  property DoubleBuffered: Boolean;


Allows to reduce flicker in the painting of the control.

  property Height: Integer;


The vertical size for the control.

  property MinSize: Integer;


Minimum size for either of the anchored controls on opposing sides of the splitter.

  property OnCanOffset: TCanOffsetEvent;


Event handler signalled to calculate the offset when the splitter is dragged, and to accept or reject the offset value.

  property OnCanResize: TCanResizeEvent;


Event handler signalled to determine if the splitter control can be resized / dragged / moved.

  property OnChangeBounds: TNotifyEvent;


Event handler signalled when the Bounds for the control have been changed.

  property OnMoved: TNotifyEvent;


Event handler signalled when the splitter has been dragged / moved.

  property OnMouseWheel: TMouseWheelEvent;


Event handler for mouse wheel turned.

  property OnMouseWheelDown: TMouseWheelUpDownEvent;


Event handler for downward movement of mouse wheel.

  property OnMouseWheelUp: TMouseWheelUpDownEvent;


Event handler for upward movement of the mouse wheel.

  property OnMouseWheelHorz: TMouseWheelEvent;


Event handler for horizontal movements of the mouse wheel.

  property OnMouseWheelLeft: TMouseWheelUpDownEvent;


Event handler signalled for left mouse wheel movements.

  property OnMouseWheelRight: TMouseWheelUpDownEvent;


Event handler signalled for right mouse wheel movements.

  property OnPaint: TNotifyEvent;


Event handler signalled to paint the control.

  property ParentColor: Boolean;


Use the Color from the Parent control, when enabled.

  property ParentDoubleBuffered: Boolean;


Value for the DoubleBuffered property in a Parent control.

  property ParentShowHint: Boolean;


If True, the value of ShowHint for the control will be the same as the one from the Parent. Default is True.

  property PopupMenu: TPopupMenu;


A context-sensitive menu that pops up when the right mouse button is clicked over this control.

  property ResizeAnchor: TAnchorKind;


Indicates the orientation and alignment for the splitter control.

  property ResizeStyle: TResizeStyle;


Display style used when the splitter control is moved.

  property ShowHint: Boolean;


Enables Hint display for the control.

  property Visible: Boolean;


Allows the control, and all of its children, to be displayed or hidden.

  property Width: Integer;


The horizontal size for the control.





TSplitter is a vertical or horizontal bar placed on a panel or form to separate sub-panels functionally.




TCustomSplitter is the base type for TSplitter.




The base class for windowed controls which paint themselves.




Implements a windowed control which can contain other child controls.




The base class for visible controls.







TSplitter is a vertical or horizontal bar that can be placed on a panel or form, to separate sub-panels functionally and allow re-sizing of the sub-panels.

The splitter extends for the full height (if vertical) or full width (if horizontal) of the parent control (form or panel) and is anchored to the edges; its position along the length or height of the parent is determined by the programmer or user by moving the whole control with the mouse, and its size can be adjusted using the sizing bars and with the ResizeAnchor property.

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