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TPage: One of the pages in a tabbed Notebook.


Source position: extctrls.pp line 46

type TPage = class(TCustomControl)


  class procedure WSRegisterClass; override;


  procedure SetParent(); override;


Sets the value for the Parent property.


  constructor Create(); override;


Constructor for the class instance.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destructor for the class instance.

  property PageIndex: Integer; [r]


Ordinal position for the page in its Notebook.


  property OnBeforeShow: TBeforeShowPageEvent; [rw]


Event handler signalled before the page is displayed.

  property BiDiMode: TBiDiMode;


Indicates whether text controls use in bi-directional reading.

  property ChildSizing: TControlChildSizing;


Parameters for child control arrangement and spacing.

  property Color: TGraphicsColor;


The background color of the control.

  property Left: Integer; [s]


The client coordinate with the left edge for the control.

  property Top: Integer; [s]


The client coordinate for the top edge of the control.

  property Width: Integer; [s]


The horizontal size for the control.

  property Height: Integer; [s]


The vertical size for the control.

  property OnContextPopup: TContextPopupEvent;


Invoked when a context-sensitive pop-up menu is requested.

  property OnEnter: TNotifyEvent;


Handler for control receiving the focus.

  property OnExit: TNotifyEvent;


Handler for control losing the focus; This is a good place for checking the finished user input.

  property OnMouseDown: TMouseEvent;


Event handler signalled when a mouse down event is handled for the control.

  property OnMouseEnter: TNotifyEvent;


Event handler signalled when the mouse pointer has entered the control.

  property OnMouseLeave: TNotifyEvent;


Event handler signalled when the mouse pointer has left the control.

  property OnMouseMove: TMouseMoveEvent;


Event handler for mouse movement within the control.

  property OnMouseUp: TMouseEvent;


Event handler signalled when a mouse up event is handled for the control.

  property OnMouseWheel: TMouseWheelEvent;


Event handler for mouse wheel turned.

  property OnMouseWheelDown: TMouseWheelUpDownEvent;


Event handler for downward movement of mouse wheel.

  property OnMouseWheelUp: TMouseWheelUpDownEvent;


Event handler for upward movement of the mouse wheel.

  property OnResize: TNotifyEvent;


Notification handler for a resize of the control.

  property ParentBiDiMode: Boolean;


Indicates whether the BiDiMode settings in the Parent control are used.

  property ParentShowHint: Boolean;


If True, the value of ShowHint for the control will be the same as the one from the Parent. Default is True.

  property PopupMenu: TPopupMenu;


A context-sensitive menu that pops up when the right mouse button is clicked over this control.

  property TabOrder: TTabOrder; [s]


Indicates the navigation order for the control when the user presses the Tab or Shift+Tab key.

  property TabStop: Boolean;


Allows the user to navigate to / from the control by pressing the Tab or Shift+Tab keys.

  property Visible: Boolean; [s]


Allows the control, and all of its children, to be displayed or hidden.





TPage: One of the pages in a tabbed Notebook.




The base class for windowed controls which paint themselves.




Implements a windowed control which can contain other child controls.




The base class for visible controls.







TPage is a TCustomControl descendant that implements a page displayed in a tabbed Notebook.

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