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Ordinal position for the active page in the notebook control.


Source position: extctrls.pp line 151

published property TNotebook.PageIndex : Integer
  read GetPageIndex
  write SetPageIndex
  default - 1;


PageIndex is an Integer property that indicates the ordinal position for the active page in the notebook control.

Remark: A value assigned to the property must must be in the range -1 to the number of defined Pages - 1. No actions are performed in the method when the new value for PageIndex is not in the required range.

Setting the value in the property causes the active page object to be hidden; it is hidden at run-time and design-time using the Visible and ControlStyle properties. The OnBeforeShow event handler in the newly selected page object is signalled (when assigned). The page object is displayed by updating its Visible, ControlStyle, and Align properties.

The default value for the property is -1, and indicates that a page is not currently selected or available.

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