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Width for a bevel on the panel in pixels.


Source position: extctrls.pp line 1134

public property TCustomPanel.BevelWidth : TBevelWidth
  read FBevelWidth
  write SetBevelWidth
  default 1;


BevelWidth is a TBevelWidth property which indicates the width for bevels draw around the panel in pixels. The default value for the property is 1.

Changing the value for the property causes a CM_BORDERCHANGED control message to be performed for the control.

BevelWidth is used when the Paint method is called to redraw the control. The value in BevelWidth is used to draw both the outer bevel (using the style in BevelOuter) and the inner bevel (using the style in BevelInner). Each bevel is drawn by calling the Frame3D method in Canvas with BevelWidth and BevelColor passed as arguments.

Remark: For the macOS Carbon widgetset, the values bvLowered and bvSpace are not supported for the BevelInner property.

See also



Paints the panel including the bevels and caption defined for the control.



Determines the appearance of the Inner Bevel for the panel (whether raised, lowered, etc.).



Determines the appearance of the Outer Bevel for the panel (whether raised, lowered, etc.).



Color used to draw bevels for the panel.



Width of the Border around the control; default is zero.

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