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Indicates if the image has a clear, non-opaque background.


Source position: extctrls.pp line 566

public property TCustomImage.Transparent : Boolean
  read FTransparent
  write SetTransparent
  default False;


Transparent is a Boolean property which indicates if the image uses a clear, non-opaque background. The value for the property is used in the PictureChanged method to set the transparency for the bitmap in Picture. Changing the value for the property causes PictureChanged to be called to update the image data assigned to Picture and to repaint the control.

The default value for the property is False.

Use AntialiasingMode to enable or disable use of the rendering technique. Use the OnPaintBackground event handler to render a custom background for the image.

See also



Contains the image displayed in the control.



Performs actions needed when the Picture property has been changed.



Indicates if anti-aliasing is used when rendering the image.



Event handler signalled to draw the background for the image.

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