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Contains the image displayed in the control.


Source position: extctrls.pp line 552

public property TCustomImage.Picture : TPicture
  read FPicture
  write SetPicture;


Picture is a TPicture property which contains the dimensions, format, and data for the image displayed in the control. Resources are allocated for Picture in the constructor; this includes use of the PictureChanged method as the OnChange event handler for the property.

Picture is used when the control needs to access its canvas for drawing operations. Drawing operations use the bitmap for the Picture when possible instead of the canvas for the form. It is also examined/updated when PictureChanged is called after values for properties like Proportional, Stretch, Centered, Transparent. and AntialiasingMode are changed.

See also



Implements a container for TGraphic and descendent classes.



OnChange - Event handler for any change in the picture.



Performs actions needed when the Picture property has been changed.



Canvas used to draw the image.

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