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TCustomCheckGroup is the base type for TCheckGroup.


Source position: extctrls.pp line 806

type TCustomCheckGroup = class(TCustomGroupBox)


  class procedure WSRegisterClass; override;


  procedure UpdateInternalObjectList;


Updates the control when the Items property is changed.

  procedure UpdateAll;


Updates both the Items and the number of controls per line.

  procedure SetItems();


Sets the value for the Items property.

  procedure SetColumns();


Sets the value for the Columns property.

  procedure DefineProperties(); override;


DefineProperties - overrides the method inherited from TComponent, defines the top, left properties.

  procedure ReadData();


Reads LCL component streaming data from a stream.

  procedure WriteData();


Writes LCL component streaming data to a stream.

  procedure Loaded; override;


Performs actions needed when the component has finished loading from the LCL component streaming mechanism.

  procedure DoOnResize; override;


Signals OnResize event handlers for the control.


  constructor Create(); override;


Constructor for the class instance.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destructor for the class instance.

  procedure FlipChildren(); override;


Flips child controls horizontally.

  function Rows;


Number of rows need to display Items (check boxes ) defined in the control.

  property AutoFill: Boolean; [rw]


Indicates if check boxes are resized to fill the available space in the control.

  property Items: TStrings; [rw]


String list with the captions for the check boxes in the grouped edit control.

  property Checked []: Boolean; [rw]


Whether an individual entry in the list is Checked.

  property CheckEnabled []: Boolean; [rw]


CheckEnabled - whether a given (indexed) entry in the list is allowed to be checked.

  property Columns: Integer; [rw]


Columns is the number of columns in which the Items (check boxes) are arranged.

  property ColumnLayout: TColumnLayout; [rw]


ColumnLayout - HorizontalThenVertical or vice versa.

  property OnItemClick: TCheckGroupClicked; [rw]


OnItemClick - event handler signalled when the mouse is clicked on one of the Items in the control.





TCustomCheckGroup is the base type for TCheckGroup.




The base class for TGroupBox, TRadioGroup and TCheckGroup.




Implements a windowed control which can contain other child controls.




The base class for visible controls.







TCustomCheckGroup is the base type for TCheckGroup. This class defines Items, where the captions for individual check boxes are stored, Rows and Columns for arranging the check boxes, and ColumnLayout to determine whether the data are arranged down the columns first, or across the rows first.

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The base class for TGroupBox, TRadioGroup and TCheckGroup.

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