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TCheckGroup is a group of Check Boxes physically and logically grouped together on a form.


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type TCheckGroup = class(TCustomCheckGroup)


  property Align: TAlign;


Specifies the placement of the control on its Parent control.

  property Anchors: TAnchors;


The set of anchor definitions for this control.

  property AutoFill: Boolean;


Indicates if check boxes are resized to fill the available space in the control.

  property AutoSize: Boolean;


Allows automatic adjustment of the size for the control, according to its content.

  property BiDiMode: TBiDiMode;


Indicates whether text controls use in bi-directional reading.

  property BorderSpacing: TControlBorderSpacing;


Determines the inner and outer border spacing for this control.

  property Caption: TCaption;


String which appears at the top of the grouped edit control.

  property ChildSizing: TControlChildSizing;


Parameters for child control arrangement and spacing.

  property ClientHeight: Integer;


The height for the client area on the control.

  property ClientWidth: Integer;


The width of the client area for the control.

  property Color: TGraphicsColor;


The background color of the control.

  property ColumnLayout: TColumnLayout;


ColumnLayout - HorizontalThenVertical or vice versa.

  property Columns: Integer;


Columns is the number of columns in which the Items (check boxes) are arranged.

  property Constraints: TSizeConstraints;


Contains the minimum and maximum Width and Height for the control.

  property DoubleBuffered: Boolean;


Allows to reduce flicker in the painting of the control.

  property DragCursor: TCursor;


The cursor shape shown while the control is dragged.

  property DragMode: TDragMode;


Allows the user to drag the control.

  property Enabled: Boolean;


Determines whether the control responds to mouse or keyboard input.

  property Font: TFont;


The font to be used for text display in this control.

  property Items: TStrings;


Items - a string list containing the captions of the check boxes.

  property OnChangeBounds: TNotifyEvent;


Event handler signalled when the Bounds for the control have been changed.

  property OnClick: TNotifyEvent;


Notification handler for mouse clicks.

  property OnDblClick: TNotifyEvent;


Event Handler for double mouse clicks.

  property OnDragDrop: TDragDropEvent;


This handler determines the action on an drop onto this control, in a drag-drop operation.

  property OnDragOver: TDragOverEvent;


Event handler for a control being dragged over this control.

  property OnEndDrag: TEndDragEvent;


Notification handler for the end of a drag operation.

  property OnEnter: TNotifyEvent;


Handler for control receiving the focus.

  property OnExit: TNotifyEvent;


Handler for control losing the focus; This is a good place for checking the finished user input.

  property OnItemClick: TCheckGroupClicked;


OnItemClick - event handler signalled when the mouse is clicked on one of the Items in the control.

  property OnKeyDown: TKeyEvent;


Handler for keyboard key pressed.

  property OnKeyPress: TKeyPressEvent;


Handler for a character entered by the user.

  property OnKeyUp: TKeyEvent;


Event handler signalled when a key up event has occurred for the control.

  property OnMouseDown: TMouseEvent;


Event handler signalled when a mouse down event is handled for the control.

  property OnMouseEnter: TNotifyEvent;


Event handler signalled when the mouse pointer has entered the control.

  property OnMouseLeave: TNotifyEvent;


Event handler signalled when the mouse pointer has left the control.

  property OnMouseMove: TMouseMoveEvent;


Event handler for mouse movement within the control.

  property OnMouseUp: TMouseEvent;


Event handler signalled when a mouse up event is handled for the control.

  property OnMouseWheel: TMouseWheelEvent;


Event handler for mouse wheel turned.

  property OnMouseWheelDown: TMouseWheelUpDownEvent;


Event handler for downward movement of mouse wheel.

  property OnMouseWheelUp: TMouseWheelUpDownEvent;


Event handler for upward movement of the mouse wheel.

  property OnResize: TNotifyEvent;


Notification handler for a resize of the control.

  property OnStartDrag: TStartDragEvent;


Event handler for the start of a dragging operation.

  property OnUTF8KeyPress: TUTF8KeyPressEvent;


Handler for a character entered by the user.

  property ParentBackground: Boolean;


Indicates if the control uses the background for its Parent control.

  property ParentBiDiMode: Boolean;


Indicates whether the BiDiMode settings in the Parent control are used.

  property ParentFont: Boolean;


If True, the Font of the control will be the same as the one from the Parent. Default is True.

  property ParentColor: Boolean;


Use the Color from the Parent control, when enabled.

  property ParentDoubleBuffered: Boolean;


Value for the DoubleBuffered property in a Parent control.

  property ParentShowHint: Boolean;


If True, the value of ShowHint for the control will be the same as the one from the Parent. Default is True.

  property PopupMenu: TPopupMenu;


A context-sensitive menu that pops up when the right mouse button is clicked over this control.

  property ShowHint: Boolean;


Enables Hint display for the control.

  property TabOrder: TTabOrder;


Indicates the navigation order for the control when the user presses the Tab or Shift+Tab key.

  property TabStop: Boolean;


Allows the user to navigate to / from the control by pressing the Tab or Shift+Tab keys.

  property Visible: Boolean;


Allows the control, and all of its children, to be displayed or hidden.





TCheckGroup is a group of Check Boxes physically and logically grouped together on a form.




TCustomCheckGroup is the base type for TCheckGroup.




The base class for TGroupBox, TRadioGroup and TCheckGroup.




Implements a windowed control which can contain other child controls.




The base class for visible controls.







TCheckGroup is a group of Check Boxes physically and logically grouped together on a form.

To use this control, place it in the required position on the form, then either right-click on the control to see the pop-up CheckGroup editor, or in the Object Inspector select Items and click on the ellipsis (...) to open the string editor. In either case, type in the captions to accompany each check box, then close the string or CheckGroup editor and you will see a series of boxes with their captions displayed beside them.

Inherits properties from TCustomCheckGroup and TCustomGroupBox.

See also



TRadioGroup is a group of related but mutually exclusive radio buttons, requiring the user to select one of a set of alternatives.

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