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Set type used to store values from the TBandPaintOption enumeration.


Source position: extctrls.pp line 1439

type TBandPaintOptions = set of (



Band is drawn with a grabber or gripper.



Band is drawn with a frame around the outer edges.



Band is drawn using a gradient in the background color.



Not used internally, but available to the OnBandPaint event in TControlBar.



TBandPaintOptions is the type passed as an argument in a TBandPaintEvent event handler. Values in the set determine the drawing style used to display a band on a TControlBar instance.

See also



Represents the paint options enabled when drawing a TControlBar.



Specifies an event handler used to perform actions needed when a band in TCustomControlBar is painted.



Signals the OnBandPaint event handler using the specified arguments.



Draws the control with its image, decorations, and visible bands.

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