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State flags of TWinControl.


Source position: controls.pp line 1951

type TWinControlFlag = (



Client rectangle has been invalidated and needs to be updated.



The Color property in s control has been changed.



Set when the font was changed before handle creation.



Set during DoAllAutosize.



Set when the AlignControls method is called.



Set in the method Paint before the LM_ERASEBKGND message is performed.



Set while constructing the handle of this control.



Set while initializing during handle creation.



Set while constructing the handles of the children.



Set inside RealizeBoundsRecursive.



Set before bounds are sent to the widget; used to suppress subsequent size messages sent by the widget.



Set before a visible control and its children are updated during auto-sizing.



Set when a control is visible and not obscured on its parent.



Set when the adjusted ClientRect is valid.



Set when the LCL interface has already called SetBounds during size and move operations. Prevents a loop.



Only used for TCustomPairSplitter / TPairSplitter.



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