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Value for the DoubleBuffered property in a Parent control.


Source position: controls.pp line 2292

public property TWinControl.ParentDoubleBuffered : Boolean
  read FParentDoubleBuffered
  write SetParentDoubleBuffered
  default True;


ParentDoubleBuffered is a Boolean property which indicates the value for the DoubleBuffered property in the Parent control. The default value for the property is True. Changing the value for the property causes a CM_PARENTDOUBLEBUFFEREDCHANGED message to be performed (for the control) when Parent has been assigned.

To disable double buffering for a single control, make sure both DoubleBuffered and ParentDoubleBuffered are set to False.

Double buffering is a technique used to reduce screen flicker when controls are redrawn. It uses an additional off-screen buffer to perform drawing operations, and transfers the content to the on-screen buffer when completed.

DoubleBuffered and ParentDoubleBuffered are implemented for the Win32 platform/widgetset. It is implemented for TWinControl (and descendants) and TApplication. In TApplication, the setting is applied to all forms and controls when assigned before the forms and controls are created.

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Allows to reduce flicker in the painting of the control.



The control within which the control is shown.

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