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Indicates if the control is changing its size after the BeginUpdateBounds method has been called.


Source position: controls.pp line 2278

public property TWinControl.IsResizing : Boolean
  read GetIsResizing;


IsResizing is a read-only Boolean property which indicates if SetBounds has been called to resize the control, but the action has not been completed. An internal bounds lock counter is used to track the progress of a resize operation. It is incremented when BeginUpdateBounds is called and decremented in the EndUpdateBounds method. The property value is True when the internal bounds lock counter has a non-zero value.

IsResizing is used when a designer surface in the Typhon IDE tries to select one of its components. It prevents the selection if the SetBounds operation is still in progress (IsResizing is True).

See also



Starts an update to the Bounds property; disables SetBounds by incrementing BoundsLockCount.



Ends an update to the Bounds property; decrements BoundsLockCount and eventually calls SetBounds.



Sets the control bounds and adjusts child and docked controls.



Sets the bounds (Left, Top, Width, Height) of the control.

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