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The docking layout manager for this control.


Source position: controls.pp line 2273

public property TWinControl.DockManager : TDockManager
  read FDockManager
  write SetDockManager;


A DockSite can be managed (using a DockManager), or unmanaged (positioning docked controls in the event handlers). The DockManager determines the placement for docked controls by setting DropOnControl and DropAlign before the drop, and by resizing and positioning the control when it's dropped.

A DockManager is used only when UseDockManager is set to True. Setting UseDockManager to True creates the DockManager using the DefaultDockManagerClass for this DockSite, if not previously assigned.

An unmanaged DockSite, without a DockManager, can handle the placement of dropped controls in the OnDockOver and OnDockDrop event handlers.

See also



Determines whether a DockManager is used for this DockSite.



Allows controls to be drag-dock-ed into this control.



Notification handler for the drop of a control to be docked.



Event handler for moves of a control over this docksite; determines acceptance or rejection of an possible drop.



The layout manager for a docksite.

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