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The Brush used to paint the background for the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 2264

public property TWinControl.Brush : TBrush
  read GetBrush;


Brush is a read-only TBrush property which provides the tool used to paint the interior of the control. The value in Brush is allocated and configured in the CreateBrush method, called when the value for the property is read but has not been assigned.

The Color property in Brush is updated when a new value is assigned to the Color property in the control.

Brush is used in the EraseBackground method and provides the Handle used to draw the background rectangle for the control.

See also



Creates the Brush, if not already created.



Fills the display rectangle for the control with the color and pattern in Brush.



The background color of the control.



The Brush to be used to Paint on the current Canvas.

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