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Width of the Border around the control; default is zero.


Source position: controls.pp line 2262

public property TWinControl.BorderWidth : TBorderWidth
  read FBorderWidth
  write SetBorderWidth
  default 0;


BorderWidth is a TBorderWidth property which contains the size for a border drawn on the control. The default value for the property is 0 (zero). Changing the value for the property causes a CM_BORDERCHANGED control message to be sent to the processing loop for the control.

BorderWidth is significant when BorderStyle is set to bsSingle. Descendent classes, which allow their borders to be drawn using a raised or lowered appearance, may use the property value when the control is drawn. It indicates the amount of space to reserve for the borders in the bounds rectangle for the control.

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Indicates the border style displayed around the control.

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